Does your gut health affect your heart rate??

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I have had several episodes of tachycardia,(supposedly sinus tachy, although im not sure the 30 day monitor caught an actual episode).  Each and every time I feel they were caused by overeating/drinking or stomach upset.  I have read some articles about the vagus nerve and how the state of your stomach can affect your heart rate.  I have always had bad indigestion(burping) and last year was diagnosed with LPR and gastritis.  During this time i had several frightening episode of tachycardia, each time i had horrible indigestion, burping, etc.  It seems to come on suddenly and can wake me out of a sound sleep.  I've done the ice water and valsalvar maneuvers and they have helped.  Im just wondering if by healing my gut if I can reduce the episodes.  I've noticed some gastritis sympotms lately and last night had an episode and my stomach was gurgling like crazy and gastritis hot.  Would love to hear some input of experiences people have had with this.  Thanks so much !!

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    For me, spicy foods definitely trigger my SVT!
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    We have similar circumstances.

    when you have poor digestion and subsequently poor nutrient absorption you can run low on potassium, which is required for you your body's bioelectrical system.

    A heart rhythm issue is potentially a good indication you're running low on potassium but of course a blood test will tell you for sure (get one done when you have the heart issue - i can induce mine).

    I've tried potassium supplements but they don't work as well as real food.  A banana a day works well for me. It will have many other nutrients our body needs.  Coconut water is good too (the Americans used coconut water in Vietnam when they ran out of blood plasma).  I take both daily and if i have an episode of tachycardia – which I seldom do these days - i eat half a banana to resolve it.

    the banana is also good for your stomach acid issue since they are alkaline and high fibre.  I use organic bananas since i find they work much better than the regular ones.

    find your triggers for tachycardia and eliminate those.  Mine are:

    1. stimulants such as caffeine, which relaxes the stomach sphincters and lets stomach acid leak out at both ends causing many issues and also depletes the body of minerals (including potassium i believe)

    2. alcohol, which is also a stomach acid antagonist, depletes the body of minerals, and interferes with the body's bioelectrical system

    3. a range of herbs and supplements e.g. St. John's Wort, Coenzyme Q10

    Hope that helps,


    Ps. There's lots of other people on this forum who have mentioned low potassium and tachycardia / irregular heart beat… look at their posts too and research poor digestion as a root cause for your heart trouble 

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    Hi. So i also have svt and for the most part it's under control with help of beta blocker. I went on this forum for some reassurance as well, because I am not able to eat anything and my stomach is gurgling and I'm gassy and bloated and constantly belching to relieve it. I'm dealing with this l as I'm typing this. Sometimes it gets to the point of breathlessness and then anxiety attack I can usually keep myself from letting it go to panic because I've been dealing with this a lot lately. My Svt has been truamatic and stressful and caused anxiety. I know anxiety can cause a lot of stomach problems but I feel like I have gut problems which is causing my anxiety and svt episodes. I take enzymes and probiotics which has helped somewhat. I have cut out dairy which makes it worse I don't eat spicy foods, caffeine no alcohol etc. I've had a lot of testing done and I don't believe I'm low on potassium. Anyway I can't answer your questions but I definetly can relate to you. I'm still trying to figure it out and if I find a solution I will share it. I know magnesium, potassium, b12 , probiotics and enzymes all help so maybe that's a start for a little relief.

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      have you had a gastroscopy done? If not, get one.  After getting one i found out i have a sliding haitus hernia (my stomach distends into my oesophagus) which exasperates my hereditary weak stomach sphincter situation.


      my bother and dad have the sphincter issue.

      i cant under estimate how beneficial exercise is. Sitting for long periods is especially horrendous for folks with heart and digestive disorders.

      only take PPIs for short periods, to resolve internal trauma. Long term, they interfere with mineral absorbtion.

      Consider taking Tyrosine.  It will help your body manufacture more of the right neurotransmitters you're probably low on. Careful at first though because it can affect heart rhythm. Start with 250mg and build up to 500mg on an empty stomach. This amino is highly effective. Strongly consider it.

      watch the magnesium- it triggers heart episodes in me. Get your minerals from natural sources. Personally i think probiotics are not worth the money but digestive enzymes are, they ease the burden on your weak digestive system.  However you should avoid difficult to digest foods such as brown rice and beetroot and oatmeal.

      last of all i would consider Chinese medicine to supplement your Western. After 5,000 years they've got a lot things right we're only just discovering now... they will help with what you can and can't eat.

      take care,


      ps. To elaborate on what i said above:

      Minimise your junk food intake especially those high in the bad fats, cut out sugar – sugar is not your friend, eat lots of nutrient rich vegetables especially organic ones, eat whole foods i.e. real food not man-made “processed” rubbish, eat small frequent meals, chew your food properly, cut your meat consumption down (fish is ok), drink only water (even chamomile tea induces heart rhythm and digestion issues for me), don't eat at least 3 hours before bed.

      If you overcompensate like this you can have a good quality of life.  If you don't then you need to rely on medical science (beta blockers, pace maker, defibrillator, etc.). 

      Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the given link with a link to the equivalent article on our site.

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