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Does anyone out there take Domperidone for a slow empting stomch? I couldn't understand why I would eat 4 spoons of food, then I'd be full and in pain. So my GI specialist had me go for a gastric emptying study, after 4 hrs my stomach only emptied 17% of the food they gave me! which was 2 scambled egg whites 2 slices of toast gluten free and 1 cup od water. I was in so much pain since that was when I was in my real chronic stage. So my dr ordered this medication for me, she believed it could be from my low thyroid or my chemo treatment very harmful to the stomach lining 3 yrs ago, or from the use of Ibuprofen I was taking for my back pain. Give me your experiences and did it help you, I started taking August 18th, 3 x day before meals.

i sure can tell the difference, cause I'm hungry all the time, but my diet is still very strict.

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    Go to the MHRA site and search for Domperidone as restrictions haverecently been placed on the prescribing of it except for nausea and vomiting due to risks of cardiac side effects particularly in people over 60. 
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      Yes, I know the risks factors, my dr told me, but I had no choice, stomach only empied only 17% of my meal after 4 hrs, average stomach empties out in 2 hrs. I lost over 30 lbs. was full after first meal. I wanted to know if anyone had good results with it. I live in US, so my dr sent my script to Canada.
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    I had gastroparesis in 2010, and my doc also prescribed me with domperidone. It helped speeding up the digestion. Depending on what I ate, I adjusted my dosage and tried only take it when needed.

    Before I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, I was prescribed antacids, zantacs, nexiums and my condition got worse and worse to the point that I felt full after 2 spoons of food & very nauseous. I then realized that those blocking acid medications actually were slowing down my digestion (which was already slow!). It makes sense tho, since acid is required for digestion, less acid could give us more indigestion! So if you don't have any reflux/gerd problem and taking any blocking acid medication, I suggest you try to wean them off (don't go cold turkey tho!)

    Also, look up for book "Living well with gastroparesis" by Crystal Saltrelli. She wrote many information that I think very useful e.g. how to manage your diet, etc.

    I also took iberogast which I think was quite helping.

    My gastroparesis resolved by itself after 2 years. I never know the cause. I sincerely hope that your condition will resolve too. Good luck Irene! Hope you feel better smile

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      Thank you for for your suggestions, I do take a acid suppressor, my endoscopy showed I had severe gas, but before breakfast, I take a cup of homemade ginger and lemon tea, to restore naturnal acids to speed up my digestion naturally. Do you live in US?
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      Did you take your pill 15 mins before meals? That what I do. I also take digestive enzenges my Nathropath gave me. I don't want to stop my PPI until I feel no pain from the acids eating at my stomach lining. I take a lot of herbs and supplements recommend by NP dr. I am gluten and dairy free for now, did you dr tell you to wean off Domperidone or did you do it yourself. I've only been using it for2 months. Get it through United Kingdom, US took it of the market. I heard women use it to breast freed there babies.
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      Vicky, are you eating a normal diet, are you able to disgust most foods, I miss my tossed salads I use to put everything in it, nuts, fruits you name it. Do you drink coffee. I bought 100 % acid free decaf coffee all organic, but I'm afraid to drink it due to a flare up. I use to drink one cup reg coffee a day and never had a problem, prior to my gastritis disease. It changed my whole life. I traveled everywhere, and I enjoyed it, I miss it so much.

      when I take a Ativan anti aniexty med it makes me forget about the life I use to have, I live in CT, and it's so cold here, I can't stand it, that's why I would go to Florida in the winter, but that's changed now. That's why I asked you how long was it before you felt a little normal with the gastroparesis, so I could at least think about a trip.

      i am able to eat Greek yogurt, hard cheeses and frozen yogurt all organics without any additives. But no milk for me, prior to gastritis, ivied on milk drank it all the time. 

      Thanks for you input.

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      Vicky, hate to be a pain, I'm having trouble gaining and keeping my weight on. I'm eating a very good diet, but I noticed there very little fat in what I eat, cause they say fat irritates gastritis. I know you are well now, but what did you do when you were ill. I walk a lot everyday to stay busy, and I think I may be exercising to much, but I hate to sit around.

      please let me know, you are so knowledgable.

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