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hi guys, my names nadim but i like to go by brody, i’m 18 years old and i’m severely over weight. for about a month and a half now i’ve had really bad “anxiety” so all the doctors say. i’ve been to the hospital about 14 times and my dr 3 times. they all say everything is anxiety and my heart and head are ok. i don’t believe them. my symptoms include dizziness constant, chest pain, trouble seeing, headaches, back pain, weakness, feeling that my hearts gonna explode or stop, my body’s hot, sweating, trouble breathing, can’t concentrate, twicthing, spasms  and more but i can’t think right now. i’ve had maybe 12 ekgs, 2 cat scans of my chest, 2 of my head and i went to the neurologist today and he did the regular check up cuz it’s my first time and said he doesn’t think anything is severely wrong and it’s nothing to worry about. but still set me up for a brain wave test. which worries me. i’m also going to the cardiologist on monday, (it’s thursday) but i’m scared cuz i feel like i won’t make it, i get scared everyday cuz i feel these symptoms 24/7 and it feels like their saying something’s new everyday. i can’t tell myself everything’s okay with. because i feel these things constantly. i’m scared to get up, go to the store, to the mall with my friends. i always think my body’s just gunna drop dead or my heart will explode or i’ll go into cardiac arrest, or have a brain anyiersm (i think i spelt that wrong) i’m putting my family through such hell but it’s like i don’t know what to do anymore, i just want my old life back. i don’t know if it’s cuz i’m overweight, that i worry so much about this, but it’s so real, my vision has been affected so bad. the chest pains hurts mainly under my man boob, i can barely sleep at night cuz i’m scared i’m gonna die in my sleep, plus every time i do go to sleep i jolt up cuz it feels like my hearts gunna stop. i’ve been barely eating, showering or anything cuz i’m scared my body’s just gunna give out. i don’t know what to do anymore, i know i have anxiety but this just doesn’t feel like anxiety, it feels like something so physical 24/7 all i do is cry and force my grandma to take me to the hospital. if anyone can just please help me, i’d really appreciate it 😭

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    Hi if you have had all the medical tests and nothing is found then nothing physically is wrong with you.  Severe anxiety can indeed have all the bodily effects you are experiencing and health anxiety can be very disabling.  

    Are you on any anxiety meds and/or having any counselling?  If not then I would seek these as they could help you.  x

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      hi smile yes i’m on prozac, buspar , klonopin and trazadone. they seem to work for a few hours, but then i get the feelings still, i’m also suffering from what i think is a pulled muscle in my upper back which i think causes the chest pain, but it still scares me, because i’m always dizzy, my eyes are super blurry, i’m just trying to accept the fact that it’s all anxiety but the pains and feelings are all so physically there.
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    Oh my goodness you are on a lot of meds.  Are they all really necessary?  Maybe your doctor/counsellor can see their way to cutting one or two of them out or at least down a bit.  The feelings you are having could also be at least in part due to side effects of the meds.

    I would ask for a meds review.  x

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    Hi Brody, I understand fully what you're going through. I fit your challenges to a tee. And yes, it's health anxiety. I've been trying to manage it without medication and have some good days and not so good days. Ive tried a few meds but don't like the side effects. Ultimately its a battlefield of the mind and most gps don't have the patience to treat with this. What's been helping me cope is prayer through God's unfailing love and direct positive thoughts to replace the negative health thoughts. This anxiety is unbelievable to many but real to alot of us. The name does not do justice to the colossal amount of suffering one feels. Im determined to be rid of this and am committed to continue in prayer fir this. But don't stop trying to seek help. This forum is just a start. Hope you are able to find a solution soon.

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    I completely understand what you’re going through. My health anxiety started when I was 22. I, like you, started to have chest pains. I convinced myself I was sure to have a heart attack really soon. I had multiple EKGs, CT scans, blood work, and eventually (at 26) my primary doctor ordered a stress test. After literally making myself miserable for years over these chest pains, the test came back perfect. Zero blockages in my arteries, therefore, no heart attack. I’m 27 now and still here so I guess I should’ve listened to the doctors. I was literally just like you. Didn’t want to leave the house or do anything, just laid around waiting to die. I promise your chest is probably 100% fine. I’m overweight too and I think that gives us a little extra fear. Always here if you need to chat. ❤️

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    Ok you’ve had a load of tests which can’t find anything wrong with you.

    I lot of your symptoms could easily be due to you being overweight. I’m not medically trained so I can’t advise you.

    What I can say from personal experience, is that you have to help yourself. I don’t know about your diet, but suspect you’re not eating healthily or exercising.

    Why not try and lose weight at home. You don’t need to go to a gym, although that would help. If you don’t feel like eating, make some healthy smoothies. You may well be low in certain vitamins which will contribute to your poor health.

    You have two choices, you are only 18 with your whole life ahead of you. Do you want to carry on like this, cause it will only get worse.

    Or do something positive, take some action to help yourself. It won’t be easy, but then nothing worthwhile is. You need to get a life, and sorry to be blunt, but at 18 why on Earth are you forcing your grandma to take you to hospital?

    I suffer from anxiety and it can make you feel you have something seriously wrong. Learn to accept you’ve got anxiety, you’re not going to die from it.

    I guarantee that by doing something positive, it doesn’t have to be major, little steps, you will notice a difference and that will help your anxiety

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