Don’t know what’s going on with my left leg :(

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Long story short: a few years ago I got knee pain after doing lots of cardio everyday for a few months(2013), pain has come back every time after pushing myself too hard but would go away after rest. Doctor said it’s just an overuse injury but I’ve never had an MRI or anything to see what’s actually wrong with my knees.

A month ago I tried doing some leg exercises (very mild ones with no weights) and the pain started again and it got worse at work (I have a really physical job - 8/9 hours on my feet, walking around). I took 5 days off and went back for 2 weeks still in pain. Took another 16 days off and there was no more pain at rest and a bit of pain after walking for a long time that would go away after an hour of rest.

I went back to work on Monday and now my knees are a bit painful, but I’ve also got some new injury that I have no idea what it could possibly be. I get pain when I walk or press behind my left knee (towards the left side and the pain goes down my calf about a quarter). It’s as if I had a bruise but there’s nothing there. My foot is also a bit swollen and painful especially at touch somewhere near the calcaneo fibular ligament. It’s hard to explain what it could be. My left foot feels a bit numb as well which did happen in the past when I went to work in pain.

I phoned the doctors but they can’t see me until the 8th of May and I’m honestly scared to go back to work in case I might injure my leg even more. I’m not looking for medical advice, but I hope someone has a good piece of advice for me and maybe there’s someone out there who went through this at some point.

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    Hi Maria ,

    Have you considered seeing a good PT?    If you can find a good PT, they should be able to do an initial Eval and communicate their findings.

    Ask around and try to find someone really experienced .

    Also, look at your shoes' soles.

    If they are worn, they can cause inward or outward foot tilting which can alter your knee angles.

    If your feet pronate or supinate 

    (Tilt inwards or outwards) this can cause your knee meniscus to possibly act up.

    The body is sometimes called a "kinetic chain."   If one area is misaligned, it can cause effects to other areas .

    An experienced physical therapist can evaluate you and document their findings.

    They can also suggest exercises , AND things to avoid.

    Ask for the PTs notes so you can provide them to the doc when you are able to see them.

    Also, please try to find a good ortho doc.   Ask around and look at ratings/reviews.

    In many states you do not need an RX to see a PT.  If you need one, ask your primary care doc for an RX for PT Eval.

    I am partial towards doctors of PT (DPT) versus PT with masters degree BUT there are great PTs who went thru school to become a PT when DPT requirement was not in place.

    DPT program requires students to do a TON of anatomy and they really know the body better than many docs.

    I hope  This helps and wish you the best .


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      Hi! Thank you for taking your time to reply to my post. Unfortunately, a PT would be way too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. I did see one when my pain started a month ago and she said I had patellofemoral syndrome and gave me some exercises that caused even more pain so it was a complete waste of money rolleyes I don’t want the same thing to happen again so PT is a big no as for now.
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      Sorry to hear that Maria.

      Did you look at your shoes to see if they have wear on the inside or outside edge?

      Patella femoral syndrome  can happen when your knee cap is not tracking in a groove in the bone below it (femor).

      This can also happen if your IT bands are too tight.   There are many muscles which can effect the tracking of the patella .

      Use YouTube and look up 


      Also, talk to the office manager at a well recommended PT office and see if they will allow you to get treated as a "self-pay patient" 

      It is very common to have pain & soreness after seeing a PT since they met VW your body around in to different positions it is not used to.

      I think I am out of ideas.

      Best wishes,


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      Thank you very much for everything! For now I think I’ll just rest and wait to see my doctor. Maybe she can refer me to a PT. Thank you again!
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      Hi Maria isn't it rubbish when we have pain and can't describe it sufficiently and even our doctors are less than useless, are you UK if so PT is ok on the NHS and you just have to ask your GP to refer you

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      Yeah I’m in the U.K. I guess I have no choice, I’ll have to beg them cause they won’t refer me if I won’t 

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