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For the past 7 years I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks. I started drinking cause it was the only way to cope. Now I drink pretty much every single day. It's gotten worse and alcoholics run through my family. I'm getting to the point where I'm so depressed about it and don't know what to do anymore. I've been sick for 6 months with a sinus infection have gotten surgery for it and about to get another. Work is getting hard to do and so is just getting out of the house and dealing with everyday life. I don't want to drink as much as I do anymore but I don't know how to stop it either. It gives me anxiety thinking about it.

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    I'm sure this sinus infection stuff isn't helping your anxiety. sad

    I had a sinus infection last week and what cured it (because I didn't want to go to the Dr) was melted 1/2 teaspoon of cocunut oil..some salt..and a little bottled water mixed together (bottled water because there is bacteria in tap water).

    Then I snorted it 2x a day for 2 days...sinus infection gone. Pretty serious if you had to have SURGERY for a sinus infection WOW.

    Alcohol helps anxiety temporarily but then it makes it 10x worse the next morning or the next day until you drink again to feel better.

    If you can manage to go 3-5 days without drinking I think you would see a significant decrease in your anxiety. 

    If you want to continue drinking there is a method people use on this website that seems to be successful for them if they can tolerate the medication.

    You take a medication and that medication enables you to drink without getting sick..but lessens your desire to drink TOO much. Research the Sinclair Method.

    There is no way to stop the cycle unless you either stop drinking all together or you use the Sinclair method to lessen your drinking. 

    I wish there was a pill I could say to take (or take myself) that takes away anxiety AND lets you drink your brains out. 

    But, if we want to continue to drink we are going to continue to have ongoing consequences...such as impacting our careers, health and family sad

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    I so feel for you as I was in this position and have been for a long time!  At the moment, due to being in hospital with broken ribs - not drink related!  It kept me off the drink, but as with you I find it so hard especially as I get very depressed and anxious like you - under GP for this and on anti-depressants which you cannot drink with but did not stop me last time, but they won't work if you do!!!

    What have you tried to get off the drink, any groups, see GP regularly, do you work, I work from home with my cake business, but at the moment I have no money so there is no going down the shop. I do not own a CR card as used to used that and order a take away just to get the wine! Sure you know this one.

    It can make me really sick e.g I can be sick 3- times a day when it starts. I am guessing the sinuses prob is from drinking, as that is one route it can take you, mine is my eyes at times!  

    Worst thing you can do as has been said to me is lock yourself away, but easier said than done eh! But try to get out or do something to keep you busy. Pancking when thinking about managing without a drink is a hard thing, but you need to think do you want to be like this for the rest of your life, recently my wake up call was a friends brother in law, it is too late for him the liver has gone and he keeps having to go into hospital to drain his stomach etc etc think on that one did help me for quite a bit, then had a blip but at the moment managing.

    take one day at a time, I am not sure where you are based, if you were round the corner I would give you a ring! xx

    Think long and hard, when you have not had a drink that is or only one or two, what do you want out of life and have you had any counselling, I am just about to start and not allowed to drink to get it, but its for things that have happened in my life which have led me to drink and I have plenthy of that!  So think is there anythjing (s) that have led you to this throughout your life or recently?

    Bless you let's keep each other going. try to stop and keep messaging me xx

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      Kathy thank you so much for the message. I haven't done any counseling. I went through a bad brake up 7 years ago and started drinking after that. Going out with friends what not, but I found an amazing man that I've been with for almost 7 years. We are about to get married in June.

      The anxiety and panic is really hard to deal with without a drink. Some days I can have just a couple and be fine. Some days I don't need any. (These are days I'm just at home) I work in a restaurant so it's hard to not have a drink. It's funny cause I had a roommate who is an alcoholic and has been sober almost 3 years now. I often tell myself if he can do it so can you. I do really need to detox my body. I just feel blah inside.

      You are absolutely right about one day at a time. And I know one day I can get there. It scares me though. I go right back to thinking I don't want to have a panic attack. Your kind words will help me today.

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    You are welcome Sara and glad you have found someone special and that they are standing by you. Some AA groups let you take your partner so have a look around where you are. I have not been for ages and need to go back but want to get Xmas out of the way as hate it as my twins would have been 6 now,lost 5 altogether so I don't like xmas as its all family and kids and we are usually on our own or if somewhere only ones without kids! So I will struggle with the drink but am aiming to stay off it, there is some in the house now, only a bit but having to prove to my hubby that I will not touch it even though there or I won;t be here to live soon. He loves me but has had enough of this as done it for years on and off.  People dont understand it is an illness. I got counselling via my GP who referred me just waiting on new appointment as could not do the others and this one is different anyway.

    Do keep talking to me we can keep each other going! Kathy xx Are you in the North, South or Midlands?  x

    PS I was told not to work in a bar or restaurant as does not help your condition so if you can look for something else post Xmas I would aim to do that too! xx

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      Awe Kathy I am so sorry. We can support each other. I'm in the south, you? I do need to seek counseling. I use to go when I was a teenager and stopped. I would love to find a new job but restaurants is all I know. We want to start a family soon and are planning on moving back to the Midwest (where I'm from) after the wedding. I think once I move and get settled things will get better.

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      Midwest where is that? Well if you want to start a family having gone via IVF and donor and still have 2 embies left but cannot afford to go back unless win lottery and need mega expensive treatment to try to keep them as have killer cells, take it from me the drink will not help you so when you go for the bottle try to keep that in mind ok xx yes sort the counsellng would be good, hope it is for me as not feeling the best right now at all!

      I am from the Midlands, UK x

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      I thought you might be there, well hello Mexico (where I had my honeymoon) and good luck for the move back to the USA!  Keep in touch though ok as much as you want xx If on FB try to link with me or my cake page Kake O Liscious


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    Hi Sara,

    That's the same way I cope as well and I've got to say it does backfire. A sinus infection requiring surgery? How bad was it? I've recently had sinus problem stoo but i figured it was either cause I was allergic or because the alcohol was causing flu-like symptoms, it usually settles when I don't drink but starts back up when I do. I also sneeze when I drink figured I might be allergic to something in the vodka or may be a sign of intolerance.

    Going cold turkey is the worst thing you could do for yourself so I'd make a plan for myself and try to cut down everyday. I had smoked for 45 years and finally quit without the help of any medications or patches, well patches only a couple days but it isn't good for the body so. Anyways you should keep strong and if you believe in yourself then you can get through it. By the end of the day even with depression you being healthy is what's most important by cutting down.window.post_1481136203920_20 = function(win,msg){



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      Brilliant response Jason, yes don't just go cold turkey GP said that to me bring it down gradually as it can cause fits if you have been drinking a long time. Jason i get the sneezes too more when I come of the drink. At the mo it is lack of sleep and hairspray etc LOL!  xx

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    Sinus infection is awful and two very sorry

    Have you considered discussing this with your physician? Other methods of coping are available...counseling, medication, friendship, support groups.

    Anxiety happens to all of us, not just you. Here you will meet many wonderful people who will reach out to you, will support you, and will understand how difficult it can sometimes be to turn away from alcohol.

    You have taken the first step, good for you. I hope your next surgery will finally clear your sinus of all infection.

    warm hugs

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