Don't know what to do...Is it really scabies?

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My Dr. said I had scabies...My Dermotologist says I have Eczema, and I asked him to do a scrap, he said it was a waste of time. Help...

I get HUGH welts on my body, that are very itchy, along with other small spots. My head is full of pimple like bumps and now my lips are swollen. Is this really Scabies? I've been treated with the Permethrins cream .5 several time. Dermotologist treated me with, lotion and steroid cream. Any advise out there? 

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    I'm going through the same symptoms as you are, although I have not experienced the swollen lips.  And my hands and fingers are exceptionally itchy, and I've lost most of the sensitivity in my finger tips.

    However, I was fortunate to have an Allergist who took a biopsy and confirmed that I DO NOT have scabies.  

    But her [the Allergist] response was very slow.  And in the interim, I had the Permethrin 0.5% for the body, and the 0.1% for the scalp.  Neither had any effect.  And the Allergist and family doctor agree...had I have had the scabies, the Permethrin treatment would have had definite results in at least suspending the scabies activity and itching.

    I have now been referred to a Dermatologist.  And this was "the Catch 22" for me.  I live in a part of Canada where doctors are educated (London, Ontario).  But to see a dermatologist in LESS THAN ONE YEAR on an  "URGENT CARE REQUIRED" referral, I've had to drive to Guelph (a little over an hours drive away) to have an appointment within one week.  (London's dermatologists could only see me NEXT MAY!(

    My opinion is that your doctor SHOULD be willing to at least do a "scrape test" to confirm.  As I understand it, this test is definitive.  They can look at the scrapings under a microscope and actually see the scabies bugs and eggs - if they're present.  Try going to your local hospital for the test if the doctors refuse.

    Treating yourself for scabies when you're not certain that THAT is what you have will just frustrate you to no end.  And you absolutely need to  get on top of your itching.  My doctors have prescribed anti-histamines (Reactine 20 mg x 2 daily and Cimettidine 300 mg x 2 daily), and Olanzapine (5 mg at bedtime) to help me sleep.  Without the latter, I was staying awake most of the night scratching. Often this drug is prescribed for people with psychotic disorders, but this was not the case with has a beneficial side effect for itchiness.  I also have been prescribed a menthol cream for itchy spots - Fluocinonide (Lyderm) with 1/4% Menthol....applied to itchy spots as often as needed.

    Good luck on tracking down your malady.  I hope it's NOT SCABIES for you as well!

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      Thank you for your input. smile 

      This has been going on since May 25,2015. It is now June, 27th, 2015. I did 5 Permethrin treatments. I am at my wits end.


       I did take the salt bath and oh my gosh...the spots came out much worse.

      I'm still very itchy. But am going to try the salt scrub and another salt bath tomorrow. I guess a salt sauve has helped others. I may try that too. 

      I am open for any suggestions. 


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    My rash started in the last week of Jan 2015, and I've seen 14 doctors so far.  (6 of those were "doctor teams"...3 each.) I'm getting lots of advice from friends, one of whom teaches Body Sciences at the local college and has written a book for her field.)

    Basically, what I'm being told is this rash I have is an attack on the immune system.  I've had several blood tests done since January, and all are coming up normal SO FAR.  The latest blood tests requested a couple of weeks ago by my dermatologist are focusing on the thyroid, and unlike all the other blood work that's been done, these tests cost me $115 - eight vials.

    Do you live in Canada, Sue, or elsewhere?  I ask this in a very general sense to better understand what health care and $$$ assist plans might be available to you.  The wait time for dermatologists here where I live is astronomical.

    You mention taking numerous Permethrin treatments.  Have these had any sort of positive effect? Apparently scabies is quite common is senior's homes, and since they can't use Permethrin as readily on mobility challenged people, they use an oral medication called Ivermectin.  Here's a link where you can read up on it.  It's also prescribed for those with obstinate Scabies problems.

    But if you can get that "scrape test" done, I feel it would give you a much more self-assured sense of what you're dealing with.  If it's scabies, so be it.  But if it's not, you'll be "kicking yourself" for spending this time treating the wrong disease. I mean this in the lindest way.  I spent about 2 month on the "scabies" wagon, even vacated my house for 2 weeks, did all the "clothes changing" procedures demanded with the Permethrin treatments, and THEN found out it wasn't scabies.

    Once again, I wish you all the best, and a speedy success with clearly identiying what it is thats "bugging" "bad humour"!

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    Scratching bites/lumps/welts/red marks makes the skin "tough&thick" as it heals itself. As a result the 2nd & 3rd tubes of premetherin aren't getting to the lower layers where the scabies/mite have burrowed because the skin is thick.

    To lessen the number of mites, take a "lice comb". This is a steel comb or similar where the teeth of the comb are very close together. Lean your head over a bath tub or bathroom sink. I hope this is "white" so you can see what comes out of your hair/scalp. Run through your scalp/hair. Don't dig into your scalp. Just run it like you're combing your hair..but over into the sink/bathtub.

    For your lips: Whats the dermatologist recommend?

     So far, whats worked for me:

    Olive oil makes mites come out (they don't like it)

    It doesn't kill them, but you can get some out, as much as possible.

    (Mine were not on my face, but Olive Oil is edible if it gets into your lips)

    I use clear sticky/adhesive tape to collect them & seal them in.

    and show other people what I'm talking about.


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      Thanks for the info. But how do you use the olive oil? do you use it in the shower and how do you use the tape?  I thought that when viewing the mites, you must have a microscope of 45 power or higher...Please advise..Thanks smile


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    Thanks for the information. As far as being able to see the mites, I didn't think you could see them without a scope at least with a 45 power or higher.  

    How do you apply the olive oil?  Do you apply it after a shower or as a shower? Please thanks

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      1.With seeing the mites. I've used my cellphone/mobile phone. If I see a black pepper-like dot (either put it on the sticky adhesive tape) to photograph. I'd zoom in on the photograph (assuming its really clear and my hand hasn't created a blurred image). Photograph it several times at different distances to figure out what level your phone camera is good at taking a clear photo. You'll see a oval shaped (sometimes pointy at one end, round on the other) with a long hair-like tail. (3x longer than the body). other times it can be red, Majority of times, its black.

      2.For the Olive Oil, before taking a shower, your checklist includes:

      2a.60mls Olive Oil (like tequila shot amount) in a little bowl

      2b.bring a pen-light (if you have a dim bathroom light & see it better)

      2c.Wear eye glasses? bring them too.

      2d.Sticky adhesive tape

      2e.Plastic bag for throwing away anything (the sticky tape or excess oil)

      With the Olive Oil, dip 2 fingers in & just sit in the bathub/shower & spread it over my body, & wait till little black dots appear near any bite marks. When they appear, I used sticky adhesive tape, dab it & they stick immediately to the tape. If its only for your face, be mindful and dab THE Olive Oil only on the spot where you think you have a mite. Not all over your face. Olive Oil is thick & can clog your pores to create pimples, if you dont wash it off.

      When no new black dots appear, then I jump in the shower and wash using soap & anything, to get rid of the oil and everything with it.

      Towel dry, then rexamine yourself again for any new black pepper-like dots and put those your sticky tape, too.

      When you're settled, apply any ointment or medication.

      3.For your scalp/hair, I'm not quite sure about olive oil because its thick.

      and to get it out of your hair... you're going to need lots of shampoo.

      I'll leave that up to you.

      The alternative is, Lice shampoo from the drugstore/chemist or the supermarket (if your local branch has it).

      Then use the lice comb. Run it through your scalp/hair. Don't dig into your scalp. Just run it like you're combing your hair..but over into the sink/bathtub.

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      I dont know much abt Mineral Oil aside from Johnsons Baby Oil ( which had a fragrance) Mineral Oil in its normal form has no smell. I'm also not sure what happens if you swallow it (if you use it in your mouth area). According to other scabies comments, Mites dont like Mineral Oil.

      If you have it, I guess, dont overdo it? (I don't know how thick it is)

      At the same time, make sure you wash everything off so it doesnt clog your pores and cause pimples.

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      Thanks eric1388...

      Mineral can be ingested as a stool softener.

      I did do the oil and I saw nothing at all. Used super sticky tape. Nothing there either. Does this mean the bugs may be gone? 

      I still have itchy break outs though. 

      So frustrated sad


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      Hello again eric1388,

       So, have you ever heard of the bites and rashes just disappearing within hours? 

       curious as to know if you have ever heard of this. 

      I read where someone had said that their rash and bites vanished.


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      Really? Don't get  my hopes up (that really makes me sound sad) hehe

      Ok. Here's a weird one. My father-in-law found my idea weird but it has it merits when I showed him.

      (Fear of being ridiculed?Yes)..well!! it is

      I did this a couple of days ago (and again tonight).

      1.I've taken my tablets (Stromectol) & applied Premetherine/Menthol mixture (I didn't see much improvement.)

      Result: Not sure of effectiveness, are they immune?

      2.I applied the mixture of Aqua-based Vaseline with 10%SalicylicAcid

      and it takes the tougher skin off. With fresh skin, Premetherine/Menthol mixture is absorbed more efficiently.

      Result:It does what its supposed to, strip off tough skin

      3.My 4yr old little girl now has a bite & the following night,

      she's has 2 more around her shoulder blade area. (so annoyed!)

      I dabbed Premetherine/Menthol & a patch of cellulose packing tape, to surround the bite & prevent the mixture from rubbing off on to her clothes. Result: less inflamed bite marks. But still there. takes a week to fade

      4.Here's the wierd one. Killing them with tablets & and ointments isnt getting rid of them fast enough. I dab Toothpaste Gel over each bite

      & a patch of cellulose packing tape. over each one. Here's why:

      4a.Toothpaste has a high concentration of Menthol.

         Mites don't like menthol

      4b.Toothpaste or Tooth Gel is sticky enough to hold them when they get want to get out of their burrow (in your skin)

      4c.Cellulose/Clear packing tape is visible to see whats happening w/o taking anything it off.

      4d.It sticks to your skin enough & can peel off easily

        & doesnt asorb the mixture like a band aid absorbs moisture

         (I didnt use Leukoplast or any bandage tape as it'll rip off your skin&hairs too)

      4e.If you want to scratch, you can & you wont dig into your skin

      4f.If mites/scabies get out; after the Toothpaste/Gel dries, they get stuck in the Cellulose Packing Tape

      With Cellulose Clear packing tape, You can see if anything gets stuck. & in my case it had a couple of mites stuck on one strip (they got pretty far from the center of their bite but still got caught) hence why I used 4inch wide packing tape. & I had 2nd & 3rd tape strip with a mite on each.

      (I had 5 bites a few days ago (its decreased from more than 130) & now those 5 bites have increased to 30 bites.

      I've done the Olive Oil rub all over the affected areas, I then took a shower & soaped all the oil off. Towel dried & dabbed Tooth Gel over every bite & stuck a patch of Cellulose Clear Tape over each. Carefully put on clothes so that none of the tape comes off.

      The next morning, take each off and see if anything gets caught.

      The mites I have, are active at 4-5.30am in the morning

      Shower off all the toothpaste, for your skin to breathe freely again.


      NOTE:  Toothpaste/Tooth Gel dries out because  the menthol does the job. If your skin gets irritated from a the concentration of toothpaste, You can mix it to make it weaker (25%water). but takes longer to dry & the tape wont stick (because of water). The alternative is let the mixture sit a little long till it gets pastey, then dab.

       Be careful of the edges of the Cellulose Clear Packing Tape. If you positioned it along the fold of your skin it can chaff. run the Tape 90°/ perpendicular to how your skin folds/creases.

      having tape stuck to you can be annoying. Hold out til the next morning

      if you try my method.

      You can do it at night & nobody sees or questions you.

      So, how do bites & rashes disappear in hours?


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      Well, I was misdiagnosed. I couldn't stand the breakouts any more, so I went to a doctor, not a FNP or NP...I was diagnosed with Hives. One dose of his script and all of my hives are gone. No sign of one and no itch. 

      My itch wasn't like what I had read with all the blogs.  I am so happy. No more daily bed changes, ect.  

      I found it strange that my spots/welts would come and go...that is why I went to Doctor. 

      Maybe you should get checked again. 

      Thanks for all your input...and good luck 

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    Congratulations! (Keep Zyrtec/Claratyne in your medicine cabinet..hehe)

    New solution for everyone to read (& future reference).

    1.Move your bed away from the wall.

    Mites crawl along the corners & jump to your bed, pillows & mattress.

    Result: No mites jumping on my face at night. No new bites on my daughter.

    2.Mixture of isopropryl alcohol w/ vinegar (50/50)

    Spray on corners of wall, carpet, bed corners, mattress seams. Alcohol kills them, vinegar smell annoys them. Spray 5 days straight. Vacuum.

    Result: No mites jumping on bed.

    3.Immerse linen, pilllow protectors, pillow cases, bed sheets in boiled water,let it cool down (to a Temp that you can put your hand in). Spin dry.

    For added results, put in the dryer for 30mins to 45mins to kill everything on it. Since boiling linen I haven't changed pillows & linen (past 3days)

    Result: No mites on pillow or jumping on bed.

    4.Toothpaste on bite marks. I put a little toothpaste on bites & use cellulose tape as a band aid to stop it from rubbing on to my clothes. The tape catches mites which crawl out because the dont like the menthol in toothpaste/gel, and they stick to the tape.

    Result: Find some tape strips with mites stuck on to them. Seal them in

    5.Swimming. I started swimming (in winter). Winter in Australia is July to September. I jump into a heated outdoor chlorine pool (stay minimum 30 mins). I rub every bite mark. (I stretch, swim a few laps, bob up & down.)

    Chlorine seems to irritate them & kill them or leave me. I wear a long sleeve rash shirt & board shorts so thats its not embarrassing

    Result: Old bites healing. Significantly less bites.

    No more expensive medicine & ineffective doctors.

    This my light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck everyone

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