Don't rush in to having Treatment that you may not need!

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A bit of advice -  for what it’s worth

It’s over 7 years since I had the fright of my life when the biopsy I had came back as Gleason 3:3 following an elevated PSA – 5.7 and then 7 in the previous 2 months.

But I was only 49 years old and knew nothing about Prostate Cancer and immediately thought I was going to die within a year!!!  So I was advised to have either Brachytherapy or have it removed despite the very serious side-effects that would result.

So I did some research and having done so it immediately became quite clear that many, many men opt for these procedures when they could and should have remained on Active Surveillance. It still makes me angry now thinking about the appointments I had with Doctors saying that the Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting advised to have the condition treated. It really is nothing short of a scandal how many have treatment when they either don't need it or don't need it yet.

There are numerous studies out there to show that the risk of dying from Prostate Cancer – especially someone my age are just the same whether you have radical treatment or not. Obviously this isn’t the same for everyone and people have different circumstances. As a mental health nurse I can quite easily cognitively deal with the fact I have cancer,  but of course this isn’t the case for some who just “want it out”.

My PSA last month was 2.2 and hasn’t been above 3 for over 3 years.

So if you’re in a position that is similar to mine – don’t rush into it – there must be so many men out there who have had radical surgery who really didn’t need to, and I can’t imagine how some of them feel.

Yes there must be many instances when this does need to happen, but bear in mind there’s many instances that it doesn’t.

Best of luck everyone


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    Sailor Sam,

    I'm glad that you made the right decision and didn't listen to the salesman. There are a lot of doctors out there looking into making money  for themselves. They don't care about your quality of life, they only care about their wealth. Then there are the good doctors you care about you, the patient. We all have to be careful on the doctors we choose. Find the qualified specialist and they have different opinions then the doctors looking out for the dollars.

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      VERY true Davey22.  I am a caregiver myself.  I was a wife at one time..but I remember doctors when they were doctors.  Now they are savages.  And you're right.  All about the money.  It breaks my heart every time we go to see my husband's oncologist.  The "feeling" I get is, "OK, here's what you want to hear, check out up at the front desk, see you next time."  Hey Dude, I know you're not God and you can't take away my husban's cancer, but PLEASE don't LIE to me.  That is why, I as a caregiver look deep into anybody's eyes anymore. I looked into my Father's doctor's eyes when he was at Sloan Kettering and I KNEW in my heart he didn't care.  It was about the $$. In fact, after my Father had oral surgery and of course was experiencing difficulty eating let alone talking and my Father asked his Dr (expert), "I feel like a freak because I can't talk anymore and his Dr. said to him, "Henry, then keep your mouth shut."  That pain is still in my heart to this day.  And now my husband has prostate cancer and I'm finding his doctor's are the same way up here in Reno.  

      Let us caregivers (once wives) cry sometimes because we're the ones that have to deal with STUPID!.  And like I tell my husband, "I can only do so much.  "I" can't take away your cancer.

      Godspeed Davey22.  That's all I can say.

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    100% agree Mark,     I was also 3+3 but older than you.  PSA went up to 10 and two urologists recommended radiotherapy.    I refused to accept and went to see one of the top urologists in the UK Professor Eden, and he advised AS which I have been on now for 4 years.  PSA now up to 11 but happy to continue on AS for the foreseeable future 

    cheers Keith 

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      That's great to hear Keith. Sometimes it's worth it to keep rolling that dice and if things start to go pear shape, there's still time to something about it.

      best wishes.

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       Agreed Sailor Sam.  Always get at least two opinions as it is amazing how the advice varies.  I  fortunately can afford to take private advice and I tend to consult those with the most experience such as Professor Eden.  Cheers Keith 
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    Glad to hear your PSA is coming down.  Same with my husband who would prefer to halt any further treatments.   Of course it depends on an individuals perception but having looked at all the suggestions available to him  he has decided to wait and see and his last PSA was 6.48 having come down from 11, the lowest in 2 years since he started on the roller coaster ride of its fluctuations and being above normal range.  He also knows he has an enlarged prostate which probably causes PSA increase but is being regularly monitored for PSA levels instead. He has agreed with the consultant this is how he wants to proceed.
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    Thanks for this. Could people please advise what you think of the PSA test as a cancer indicator, given the new book by its discoverer?  Earlier this month, my PSA was 13 but my uro said not to be concerned because I had a cath put in and was on antibiotics.  What's your history with PSA scores?

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