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Prostate Cancer

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  • david41094 3

    Very pleased with outcome

    I had my first annual review yesterday after deciding on EBRT plus hormone therapy for a 4+4 diagnosis. I must say that the side effects have been minimal - very few problems with incontinence and some ED that is resolved with Viagra - which is not always needed. My PSA has come down in the first

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  • Deeks33656 2

    ED after RP

    Hi Guys I'm 16 months after my Operation/surgery. Can't raise anything down below in a natural way. My surgeon told me he managed to spare Nerves on one side. Thinking of using argenine suplements to get things going. I'd try anything. I Do use the Vacuum pump but would rather try other options. I'

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  • ayman78787 2

    PSA level after prostatectomy

    What is the expected PSA level after prostatectomy? What is expected when you measure it during your bi-yearly and yearly regular PSA checks? I had my RP 2 months ago (March 24th) and my blood test yesterday shows PSA of 0.03. Doctor is happy and wants another test in 6 weeks from now.

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  • anthony37993 1

    CyberKnife vs EBRT

    Hello I was diagnoised with prostate cancer in February after an MRI and a biopsy (Gleason 4+4m but bone scan negative, so confined to the prostate for the moment). My oncologist has put me on Zoladex hormone therapy, prior to 38 planned EBRT sessions in the autumn. Recently, a doctor friend told

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  • john80670 4

    prostate biopsy

    Do i need a prostate biopsy to tell me if i have cnacer ? hospital said that's the only way to know.

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  • ayman78787 2

    Regular sex after radical prostatectomy - when?

    I had RP on March 24th, 2017. Had lymphocele, followed by serious infection 4 weeks later, dealt with however painful, and seeing doctor today for control and hopefully clearance. Due to this complication, and even though my doctor believes I should be able to have normal sex (maybe with viagra

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  • heymunch 2


    I just received a PSA of 2.3. It was .9 last year at this time. The doctor will take another one in 6 weeks. Should I be worried?

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  • john80670 4

    multiparametric mri

    Hi just had a PSA test which come back 3.5 normal but doctor is sending me for a multiparametric mri and see the specialist at hospital because he said when he felt my prostate the grove was not there it felt congealed or something like that but now really worried.

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  • rick75354 2

    Post radical prostatectomy recovery

    I had my prostate removed on Sept. 21, (I am writing this on Nov. 21), so it has been 2 months. My catheter did not want to come out at first, so it was in for just under 4 weeks. I was wondering how long it takes for bladder control to cease being a problem. Right now I am getting by using Depends guards,...

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  • tanyacal111 1

    Prostate cancer

    My husband had his prostate removed four years ago and the cancer had got out of the Capsule by 1 mm. Every blood test since has come back with a zero PSA reading however the last one has risen to 0. 02. The urologist has said they can sometimes be a fluctuation in the PSA and to wait six months

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  • allen7168 2

    Should I have biopsy

    In us. My number at 12 after 3 weeks on pill help me pee went to 10 but doc wants to do biopsy. Two people I know took flake seed oil other natural stuff n PSA went down. I put off biopsy 6 weeks to try natural route. kaiser wants do biopsy in two weeks should I wait. My numbers were at 1.5 but

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  • john80670 4

    PSA Test

    HI everyone just wanted to ask about PSA test had my first one today and back to see doctor tomoz for results, doctor said my prostate was enlarged once he checked after months of telling doctors i was getting up all night. I am 56 i feel fine was told last year after ct scan i have emphysema

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  • Roger2Dodger 3
  • ayman78787 2

    Lymphocele after prostatectomy

    I had prostatectomy 4 weeks ago. All seemed to be fine except 1 week after removing catether and leaving hospital, I started having terrible thigh, hip and sciatic nerve pains each time I walked hardly 10 min. My doctor drained some fluid from the pelvic area, says it's a lymphocele and sent me

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  • terryw 3

    Should I have a prostate biopsy?

    Introduction I’m 70 and have a PSA which was at 4.6 when I was 66, and while it has been regularly monitored over the past 18 months or so has been moving up and down between 6 and 7.  My doctor thought that I should be referred and I have had two hpital appointments, but I have so far decided

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  • Roger2Dodger 3

    PSA After EBRT Radiation

    I finished 43 fractions of EBRT radiation on March, 31 2017 . I am due to for a visit to my urologist April 15, 2017 for a PSA reading. Question: Would  not the first PSA reading be meaningless, except in establishing a baseline for furure readings? The different types of radiation therapy don’t

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  • richard98806 2

    3 weeks post op

    3 weeks post op.  feeling well.  how long can I expect to need to wear pads to help with leakage? I still have about once a day red blood "threads' in my urine (very minimal) and an occaissional darker spots. how long will this last?

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  • ethack10 2

    High PSA

    So, I was at lunch the other day having a couple of beers when I remembered I had a doctors appt that afternoon for my semi-anual physical, which included blood work.  (I am on TRT, hence the 6 month thing.)  So I decided to still go as I still had a few hours and hadn't had but a couple of drinks. ...

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  • steve82587 2
  • steve82587 2
  • titi8234 2

    Xofigo (

    Hi has any one had experience with this drug ? my dads doctore is suggesting it for him he is 84 with metastis prostate cancer.  also they said that medicaid does not pay for this so I am devestated any way I can get help ? Please let me know your thoguths , Thank you

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  • dbcriss 2

    ED after prostetectomy

    It's been four months since a radical prostetectomy.  Bladder control is finally doing well; not perfect, but not a big issue anymore.  Does ED get less with time, too?

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  • pete83591 2

    Had PSA result of 74 - Should I be worried?

    After some advice please as googled my results and what I've read just frightens me. I'm 41 years old and went in to get my bloods checked and Doctor called me same day to say that my PSA was I went back and he checked my prosate and said it felt normal and that I need to go back in 10 days

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  • DoubleDee 2

    11 days out after Radical Prostatectomy

    I recently went through robotic assisted Prostatectomy surgery after being diagnosed with Stage B Prostate cancer, gleason score of 8.  7 of my cores displayed gleason scores between 6 and 8.  Doctor stated it appeared contained, but was a fairly agressive type of cancer, and explained the 4

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  • chris13067 2

    Just had first raised PSA test. Very raised and a bit worried

    Hi all. Early days I know but I've just had the result of my first PSA test, performed under a routine health screen through my work scheme. I am generally in very good health and am fairly active. (Aged 54) Over the last few years I urinate more frequently than I used to but haven't noticed any

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  • rolf61809 2

    pirads 3 in the indeterminate Zone

    7 months ago I had a 3T MRI which showed pi-rads score three in the indeterminate Zone. my first urologist wanted to do a normal prostate biopsy and not a fusion one. my second opinion urologist at the Cleveland Clinic said a fusion biopsy was indicated but it had been long enough that he wanted to

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  • jwrhn1951 3

    PI RADS score of 4

    I recently had a 3T MRI and the score was 4. There is a 6mm lesion on the left apex. Of  course they are pushing for a biopsy but I'm not going to have one due to my other health issues. Does anyone have any good statistics on what percentage of subsequesnt biopsies are positive for PCA with a

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  • geoff90305 4

    PSA Velocity over 4 months since UTI

    I am 67, and been having PSA tests for the last 12 years. I have no symptoms what so ever with water works, other than a slow stream from birth defect with a uretra stricture. My PSA has always been averaging 2.4. This year, before my annual blood test due, I got a bad UTI, shakes, shivers, temp 103,...

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  • jim82866 2

    Groin and thigh pain following radical prostatectomy

    Does anyone suffer with the same severe low back, thigh and groin pain as I have been for the past seventeen months following my radical prostatectomy. I am fine for the first twenty minutes of walking or general activity before the pains starts and increases in intensity if I don't stop.  I have

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  • aditya27546 1

    Prostate cancer whatsapp group

    Hi , very recently my dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and I have done multiple tests and gained immense knowledge on this share our treatment plans and other option options available. please msg me on below number for addition to whatsapp group +65 9081 7015 thanks

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  • Roger2Dodger 3

    EBRT - (external beam radiation therapy)

    I just finished 43 treatments of EBRT, side effects were managable, thanks to my oncologist. Some at times , were not very pleasant. It goes with the territory, and you just deal with them. Now comes 6 weeks of healing, along with more side effects, (my Oncologist tells me). I am a 76 year old

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  • steve82587 2

    blood in catheter

    8 days in and now bright red blood in catheter its not too much of a set back, suppose to talk to someone today, anyone else been thru >

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  • srp022366 2

    Post Surgery Pain???

    I am a 51 year old that is three weeks post robotic surgery. My catheter was in for 10 days post surgery. I am still have intermitent pain in my penis (most in the head). I would say this happens 15-20 a day. Sometimes only for 15-30 seconds, other times for 1-2 minutes. After my first

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  • steve82587 2
  • AFpj 2

    Just been diagnosed with prostrate cancer

    I am 50 yr old reasonably fit and healthy or at least I thought I was. My blood test revealed PSA level @ 6.2 which later reduced to 5.8 on my second test , I was sent for a biopsy where the doc told me my prostrate felt enlarged but didn't feel abnormal , unfortunately my results later revealed I

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