Don't trip during TKR recovery...

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On Saturday I felt pretty good, 57, 20 weeks post op Bilateral TKR. I went shopping for several hours with my daughter. I was walking without a limp at a fairly normal pace! My daughter said to me, Mom your doing great, just don't be overly confident. It was a great day! The next morning I was leaving the house to go for a walk, when my left ankle turned under and I heard a snapping noise! Thankfully, I didn't fall. I did, however sprain my ankel. Painful! Went and had an x-Ray, no fx just a sprain. Ok, I can handle this, which I am. My left knee, since my mishap seems to have lost a month of recovery. Was feeling so good. Just found it interesting how the ankel mishap has really affected my knee, even though I didn't fall on it at all. I know it will get better, but annoying and unnecessary. So be careful! This recovery is a roller coaster all on its own, we don't need to add in any more bumps!

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    Ouch!! That's adding insult to injury!!

    You are SO right about recovery being a roller coaster ride!!

    Hope you recover and no more sprains!!! Take care!!

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    You can't be too careful as things really happen in a hurry a d it always seems to be something different. I put the foot of the bad leg on the floor to get out of bed this morning and started to stand up. The knee hyperextended just enough to scare the hell out of me. It hurt a little bit but nothing compared to the shock of having your knee bend the wrong way when you are still half asleep. Sure increased my need to get to the bathroom in a hurry.
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      Hi Oldfatguy1,

      I know that feeling only too well...waking up when bending my knee, in a way that it doesn't like. Finally after 20 weeks, that's not happening anymore. I am able to sleep through the night! That is amazing! I hope you are progressing nicely. I know who have been through so much! I have really appreciated your posts during my recovery. Your positive attitude continues to inspire me!

      Thanks Joyce

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      Thanks.....all s÷e to be going well. Bend was 82 this morning so I've picked up 20 in less than 2 weeks. Dr doesn't want any real ptessur till I hit 90 naturally. Straight is 3. Still not getting much sleep, which is to be expected @ 5 weeks. Because of the width of the incision I have a little seepage which with my history of staph I really have to watch. The number of surgeries on the knee had left a rather wide incision and and they have to le green it a bit each time. The total scar is about 10 " long and all but 1 1/2" is sealed. I walked about 1/3 of a mile this mod ing and was e hausted. High humidity and summer heat took a toll. I'm still using a cane nearly all the time and not about ready to go solo. Continued steady recovery to you. It seems so short of time past when things were a o uncomfotable for you. Take care and be careful
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      I had this hyperextended experience when out last weekend. If I hadn't been holding hubby's hand I'd have been flat on my face. It frightened me that much I ended up crying in the street whilst walking back to the car, I felt such an idiot. My good (unoperated) knee (do I have a good knee I ask myself!!) is now "twanging" so I seem afraid to put either leg down properly, resulting in my back feeling very stiff. I know I walk "tensed up" and so long to walk normally without thinking about it. I do walk heel, toe, heel, toe, its like a mantra I say to myself all the time. Do you have any other tips - I ask because every time I go on this forum you're always there offering wise words! Thank you.
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      Just remember it's heal toe bend. If you aren't bending the knee you are just promoting stiff legged walking. The only way I have ever been able to do it is slow down the entire process and talk my self into thinking y he bend. The minute I start hurrying, I'm back to a stiff legged rush.
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      wow you are progressing fantastic to be at 82at 5wks is so impressive and 3 in straightening brillant !!! especially when you were in an imobilizer  for a few wks so pleased for you .and out walking in such heat you truely are an insperation  to us all       now as for the heat where you are im seriously jealous we are here in the emerald isle with temp so low its wet on and off all summer (if you could call it that) its a misserable summer here im definatley going to have to go somewhere for heat maybe the cannaries in oct -nov to help with winter blues
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      Thank you, I knew you'd have an answer!.  I might just ship you over here to be my personal counsellor/trainer (I live in a bungalow so you'd have no stairs to deal with!). Where would we all be without you - bless you!  If you charged for all the sound advice you offer everyone on this forum you'd be an extremely rich man.

      Hope your good progress continues.

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      I live in a definite 4 season world and really enjoy all of them. Enjoy winter a lot more since I'm retired and don't have to be out on the bad roads anymore.
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    So glad your semi OK get back to working out!
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      Hi Kirk,

      Sounds like you are making great progress. Just keep your eye on the prize on this roller coaster! You will get there!

      Take care


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    Just when you think it's safe to go back in the water...gotta watch out for those dog toys and legos. Glad it wasn't anything worse andhope youare back out and about soon.
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    your so right im so carefull ive had bi lateral done as well im always worried about that and the fact i wouldnt be able to pick myself up  its all a bit scary though im much better on my feet now
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    So sorry to hear about your ankle!

    That could be any of us, you know! Falling down takes on a whole new seriousness after you have had surgery!!!

    What I am realizing is this: EVERY PART of our body is connected! What happens to one part can and will affect other parts!

    This seems like a simple concept, but we humans don't seem to "get it" until we have an injury or a fall.

    Wishing you much success as you deal with your ankle issues!

    Be kind to yourself, and also be PATIENT!

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