Dont Try To Cold Turkey...

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Most people know what will happen if you cold turkey this drug, many have probably experienced thinking they can handle it. I've tried to cold turkey it 2 times, I don't know why I did but I think I was just tired of taking pills. Anyways I gave up after a week, here were some of the side effects I felt on around the 4th -5th day.

- EXTREME PARANOIA (I felt like everyone was looking at me and was talking to me when they wern't)

- Panic Attacks

- Sweating (Hot & Cold)

- Mood Swings

- Lack of energy

- Loss of appetite

- Nausea

- Insomnia

Summary: Don't try to cold turkey Mirtazapine.

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    So basically you just came on here to share you negative side effects.. why? Everyone is different. Yes the side effects from coming off this drug suck to say the least but there are A LOT of people who do quit this drug after being on it for years with minimal to no side effects whatsoever. All conversations like this do is scare people like me who has been on 30mg for 6 years and came off of it in 5 days with no withdrawal symptoms. YES some people experience the worst but some DON'T so anyone reading this who does want to come off of it but is scared because they read all this negative s**t. Just know everyone's different and if it was a walk in the park (unlike this person) they would not post about it. ALL YOU HEAR IS NEGATIVE STUFF HERE. Have faith in yourself

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      Thank you!!!! All this negativity is pointless only to scare people from even trying! I came off 15mg that I was on for 11 years, and had no problems but a little sleep trouble. 
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      Yes that is exactly what I came here to do. I came to share my negative, if someone wants to cold turkey it thats up to them i'm simply sharing my experience no need to get so defensive lmao.

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    Hi kevin - yes going cold turkey with any kind of drug established in your system will have multiple side effects as your body adjusts to the removal of a staple medication. My question is, what happens when you crash back to the previous state requiring you to take the meds in the first place? Ad's elevate the mood but they do not treat any issues/traumas etc that caused the depression in the first place. If the depression is the result of inhibited serotonin circuitry, then the meds are necessary to keep that balance. Have you consulted the doc re: quitting mirt? Have you had any therapy with your meds?

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      Will you be tapering off in the future, Kevin?  May I ask why you were put on mirt to begin with, emotional or insomnia/weight gain?  Some people are very lucky cold turkeying without a problem but I find it silly to say don't say anything about cold turkey quits being bad because it will scare people.  Hey, it CAN be bad and some might be spared some suffering if they are warned, and that the better approach is to do a slow taper.  One can always start tapering and increase the size of cuts as tolerated.  I've known many who said they cold turkey'd without a problem THE FIRST TIME but had trouble on future quits.  Question is, why did they go back on to begin with?

      Withdrawal looks different for different people.  Some may have no physical symptoms in the weeks after a cold turkey but develop anxiety and depression so bad months out that they end up back on the drug.  Everyone declares this a relapse and proof that the person needed the med, but the fact is that people who were put on mirt for reasons such as insomnia and weight gain ALSO experience anxiety and depression in mirt withdrawal!

      So, if you try again, look up on here about tapering mirtazapine.  There are many who have taken this path successfully.  I am currently down to 2 mg and the taper has gone well.

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      Yes I will tapper, this wasnt an intended really I just got sick of taking my pills everyday so I got stubborn and just stopped. Im back to taking it daily and will continue I will definitely tapper off when it comes to stopping this medication.
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    Hi Kevin

    I wouldnt recommend anyone go cold turkey on this drug either.  It’s a very nasty drug that has not been trialled sufficiently

    I went cold turkey from mirtazapine in May 2017.  That was 16 months ago.  And I’m still free of it.  I never went back on it.  

    The scary s**t  really is the doctors opinions regarding this drug.  I got told it was a new AD that had no side effects and was easy to stop.  That’s the drug companies telling the doctors what to say to patients.

    The scary s**t is the doctors attitude and lack of support when you have been told this drug is easy to stop and then you discover its withdrawals.  Withdrawals I add which are denied by many doctors and clinicians.  The evidence as reported here would suggest otherwise.

    I believe there is a place for ADs and they do work for many.  They also don’t work for many and the medical professionals should not be using them as cure alls.

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      Exactly, it wasnt to scare people I was simply just sharing my experience. Unfortunately it wasnt a positive one. This medication worked the best out of tons of others i've tried im pretty sure quitting when it comes will be easier as long as I tapper.

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