Dosage go up or down?

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Any advice on upping or lowering dosage from your experiences?

0n 25 mg and will be on CIT 6 months this week, but having bad anxiety after feeling pretty good last week.

WISH I knew how to just go with the anxious feelings, but mastering it IS hard for me.

WHEN anxiety rears its ugly head after being calm, I start thinking maybe CIT WONT work☹

I don't want to switch and start all over on a new med, I CAME off PAXIL in JULY and went right to CIT 20 mg,? SEPT WENT to 25 mg of CIT

I WASNT having anxiety in the mornings... now its all back


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    I would stick it out on the 25. If you were good last week, the Cit is still adjusting. Ive been advised that morning anxiety is ladt to go. Also, every yime you change dosage, you will likely experience all the sude effects all over. Hope this helps

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      Thank you for your response, I APPRECIATE IT.

      IT looks like I upped my dose from 20 mg to 25, in OCT , not sure if I'm still adjusting to the 5 mg increase

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      Possibly. katecogs is always very helpful on this forum. She has helped me tremendously. Search her up and shoot her a message. She doesnt mind at all to help and also very knowledgeable

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    HI Lori

    ITS a very slow journey to recovery on these meds and patience and persistence is the key.

    Whenever you increase or decrease these tablets you will have a reaction. Stay with the 25mg until you settle again.

    I managed on 20mg max but took six months to be symptom free then stayed on it for three years. WHILE I WAS FEELING GOOD!i had counselling to learn how to manage my fear of the anxiety symptoms,basically i came to accept the symptoms and just let them happen and carry on regardless. Once i stopped fearing the anxiety i got better!

    I WEANED myself off very very slowly and now been meds free for over a year and anxiety free.

    i did this through the assistance of my Gp ,psychiatrist, psychologist family,friends and this forum especially KATECOGS ,

    LIKE her i am here to help others now i still remember how hideous it was and how frightened i was,but believe me you will get better!

    The morning anxiety is the last to go! SO DONT CONCERN YOURSELF ABOUT THIS!it is normal. MY advice is to get up as soon as you wake up and start acting as if everything is ok,and start distracting yourself with your morning routine,little by little you will feel better.


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      Hi Felis,

      This was really helpful to read. The problem with my morning anxiety is that I wake up with it at 3.30am! So that's a bit early to get straight up and on with the day. It is crippling this morning.

      I am exhausted and feel like hell and somehow have to get to work 😦

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      Hi Felis

      Can you please share some tips how you learned to stopping fearing your anxiety, I keep researching and just not getting it.

      If I could only not let the feelings bother me I know I would recover quicker-

      thank you

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      HI Lucy

      I was exactly the same as you waking up at 3am in the morning its the worst! Of course you cant get up and get on with things. I Found listening to relaxation music and meditation helped. These days you can download relaxation recordings which guide you into a state of relaxation.

      IF i felt really bad i would take a diazepan prescribed by my doctor xanax in my day. These are invaluable until you get past this morning anxiety phase.

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      HI LORI

      This is the hardest thing!

      You need to try and let the fear wash through your body without fighting it. I Used to get it at 3am and found it difficult.

      I would get up make myself a cup of chamomile tea trembling all the time ,saying to myself smile it will pass ,its just my body reacting to fear , its unpleasant i hate it will go!

      I found if this didnt work i would take half a diazepam prescribed by my doctor just so i could get some sleep as i had to work the next day and be nice to people.

      Just be determined not to let the anxiety rule your life, call its bluff ,easier if its daytime but at night or early in the morning listen to relaxation tapes and relax your body with your mind this really helps.

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    It's hard isn't it!! I've been good for a while now but December has been a hard month for me. I've been struggling with sleep and it causes my anxiety to kick in through the night. Also lack of sleep is a major trigger for me so I can struggle with anxiety on and off all day.

    I find that distracting myself is key. Going out with the kids walking is best. Audio books help me through the night as I can't just switch off, soon as I'm awake I'm thinking away. I've had to resort to diazepam at night to help me sleep. I'm running low and I'm not sure the DR will give me more 😦

    Hopefully it's just a blip like me Lori....I would stick it out if you can!!

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    Hi Lori,i think you will find that when you came off Paxil in July you never gave your brain a chance of settling down ,but went straight into another ssri,so that made you feel more anxious at the beginning,then you went into Citrolopram and upped the dosage too quickly ,so now my suggestion is for you to stay on the dosage you are on now so that the ssri can work on your system ,i would not have moved from 20 mgs too 25 mgs ,however now that you have ,i would now stay on 25 mgs for min of 10/12 weeks so that your body and brain gets use to the dosage.Please remember that when you get anxious ,the medication has too work harder so that your anxiety decreases and you will start to feel better again.lIKE what the others have said medication work differently to all difference people ,so please give this medication a chance to work,and one other thing is Citrolopram has less side effects than Paxil does

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