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I’ve been on 15mg for about 18 months and been good. My appetite increased and I’ve gained some weight. But the last week I’ve gone back to feeling awful. Anxiety sky high, constant nausea, unable to eat and lost a few pounds. 

Anyone had success in increasing the dose? Would it help? 


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    I would say go to 30mg a night I’ve only ever taken 15mg now I’m coming of it but the withdrawals were absolutely awful lasted 9 days going through absolutel hell I had to stop to go on milnacipran for fibromyalgia but that doesn’t agree with me so I’m taking half of the 15 mg a night just to cope I was put on them for anxiety and to help me sleep worked fine 15 mg a night every night for 3 years the only good thing coming of them is the slight weight loss they are know for weight gain which can be depresseing in it self definitely try 30mg I think that should help you but please be aware coming of them is horrendous good luck hope I helped ❤️
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      Thanks for your reply. Have you gone back on mitt? I do worry about getting off them! That’s why I don’t really want to increase but can’t see any other option 😫

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      Hi yes I went back on it because I could not handle the withdrawals way to horrible I went 9 days nearly killed me I was put on them for anxiety and to help me sleep which worked fine at 15mg right before about an hour before I went to bed definitely helped me the o my reason I stopped because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and the doctor wanted to start me on milnacipran but that made me edgy and felt yuk so now I’m taking half of my 15mg at night it still helps me sleep and the anxiety was through the roof while I stopped so it’s pain meds for me for my pain and half of a 15mg at night still in pain more tests to be done more MRI’s and seeing a specialist on the 9th of April to see if I actually have fibromyalgia or I just don’t know my back shoulders and elbows are my worst but just remember what works for some doesn’t work for others maybe try something different ask your gp there is so many good anxiety antidepressants tablets you can try and you can go up I was on 30mg but the nurse in hospital when I was having my hysterectomy said that that tablets works the best in lower doses so I went straight down to 15mg and she was right I slept better it takes about 4-6 weeks for your body to adjust on antidepressants just be mindful never just stop taking it like I did honestly with out my family and my doctor I do would not have survived it honestly the worst experience of my life the only issue with this drug is weight gain so I did loose a bit while detoxing of it but I just feel better on it than of it I’m happy to give you my number if you feel like you need to talk to someone it helps I’ve started talking to people with fibromyalgia and it’s helped me so much not sure what my doctor will say when I tell him I hated the wonder drug that he thought was so good it was supposed to add more serotonin to your brain and block your pain all I know if for now I’m taking 7.5 mg at night and it’s levelimg out my withdrawals I also take siflol for restless legs and that works awesome hope I’ve helped you out a bit sorry for the long reply but knowledge is power lol please see your GP if you have any concerns and side effects that you just can’t cope with you can always try something else that might agree with you more I hade  0 side effects only slight weight gain sending you my love 
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    Lainylou, seems like mirt has run its course and is starting to turn on you. Reading Lots of posts before increasing will be

    Beneficial. Good luck.

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    Hi- I would keep it at 15 mg. At times you will experience anxiety and insomnia. Our life is not static. Many challenges we face on daily basis affect us, hence anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms. I am on 15 mg for several months and had to reduce the dose from 30mg to 15mg due to severe agitation and dizziness. I have felt many times to increase it . but decided against it. And coped with anxiety by incorporating CBT, relaxation, and physical exercises. It depends how bad your anxiety is? As dose increase of this meds. may not help you with anxiety. Do keep in mind that Mirtazipine is for depression and not for anxiety. But it does work for some for Anxiety. I asked myself a question - what if increased dose did not work or did work for a short while and then I needed to increase further. And What If I have to reduce the dose from say 30mg, what side effects I would experience. It is easy to increase but very difficult to come down. Therefore, you have to balance the pros and cons of increasing the dose.If I correctly understand the minimum therapeutic dose is 15 mg, And a vast majority increases it to 45mg but then start experiencing many side effects and difficulties in reducing it. You have already gained some weight and by increasing will make you put on more!  When my anxiety is very high, I ask myself a question- Is this due to medicine or my life events. I get the right answer and do not increase the dose. Perhaps you could do the same. Good luck.
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      Isn’t it meant to help you sleep that’s one of the reasons I went on them in the first place and for anxiety due to peri menopause but I guess for some it works perfectly and others it doesn’t but they should be helping you sleep they are known for that do you take yours before you go to bed ? xxx
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      The nurse while I was in hospital said to me they work better the less you take so I went from 30mg at night to 15mg and bingo she was so right well for me anyway wishing you all the best xxx

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