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I take 40mg Propranolol 3 times a day, my doctor didn't give me set times to take my doses, just as needed.......only problem being is that I'm now waking up at stupid times in the morning, like right now its 4:20am ... I'm being woken up with panic attacks, that's the condition i take them for.......I have had to take 1 dose already but i know for a fact i will need my 3 doses today also....obviously I'm not going to take another 3 doses after I've had 1 already, but i wondered if anyone had any advice that could help as i feel these may not be the tablets for me as i suffer from multiple panic attacks per day, i.e 9+ panic attacks......this may sound stupid but i feel i need to take something as and when needed, not dose required because i always feel i need to take more, no matter how far i try space them apart.

I'm also on venlafaxine 37.5mg x2 per day also for my panic attacks.

Danielle x

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    I am on the same dose of propananol as you but i take mine morning,noon and bedtime i was strict with noon med 12.00 on the dot but found by teatime i'd be paniky so i'd hold of for as long as poss taking my noon med so it worked over teatime....don't know anything about your other med....go bk to your doc tell them how it is and see what they suggest...tell them the panic attacks have eased but you still get them doc's are wary of prescribing quick fixes....i was on 40mg of propananol 4 times a day but the hosp dropped me downand wrote to drs i cound't pee apprantly a side affect of the dose!!! Everyone is diffrent so be in tune with your body start keeping a log so you can show it to your docs....this also helps i find to keep my mind occupied good luck of i can help you i will you can beat this Marie x
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    Hi there, I would ask for the propranolol slow release, I'm on 80mg a day and I take it in the morning and it releases slowly all day and is great. If you need more than this dose you can then take another one that will release throughout the night. I'm on bedranol sr capsules, definitely get them xx
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    Hi . I always take propananol with a meal to make sure it gets fully absorbed at the same time everyday. Also it depends how long you have beem taking it because it takea a few days for your body to get used it. I eould suggest though as an anxiety sufferer myself that you find the root cause of your panic attacks even id you dont think you have one. I didnt think i did till i went to therapy. Try hypnosis also its great! My anxiety has been bad at one point i would get depersonalisation, i wasnt eating because i felt sick and i couldnt sleep barelt only an hour a day. So i do know how bad anxiety can be


    Liv x

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    i agree with you totally you have to learn how to deal with the anxity to keep it under control and not let it control you....i have found there is no magic cure it requires work from yourself...i thought i was alone in coming to that conclusion but it does seem to be the case anyone got any thoughts on this thanks x

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    Thanks for all the advice, i think i will go back to my doctors and ask for an alternative.

    I do feel the Propranolol are helping quite a bit, I've been taking them for almost a week now, and I'm not after a quick fix, just a way to get by day by day, i know this isn't going to be easy or quickly dealt with, I'm just tired of always being aware i only have 3 doses, it plays on my mind all the time, can i ask, is it possible to take 4 Propranolol or is it too dangerous?

    many thanks

    Danielle xxx

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    Hiya Danielle,

    it is early day's give your precribed dose a chance...i have in the past took a extra propanol it had no affect and the next day i felt dreadful so much so i'd never do it again

    by a quick fix i meant diazapram which calms you right down wears off too quick and your left back to square 1 and it's addictive most dr's won't prescribe it...give the propananol a c hance it really has transformed my life x

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      SOME people get addicted not everyone. Because a few people have gotten addicted its ruined it for people such as myself who are not addicted. Take it no more than once a week or it will stop working anyway! literally stop working - so whats the point? when you have anxiety its horrible to live with it - but to know you have diazepam when you really need helps. Because people have made such a big deal about becoming "addicted" its now going to practically impossible to be prescribed it.  I honestly can not understand why people would take it day after day after day. It should be treated like alchohol. Once a week - when you really need it. You anxiety knows you can beat it then and starts to go away. Its so empowering. Im so tired of hearing people saying its addictive. The anti depressants Im on - they are addictive - I have to take them now even though I dont want to because If I miss a few pills I get awful side effects. Its exactly the same! blessings and hope you beat the anxiety. 
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      Is it ok taking diazapam with propanal I take 2mg 3 times a day x
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    I already had diazepam lol and yes i know what you mean, best 4 days of my life, if only it wasn't addictive, i could have stayed on it for the rest of my life, really. But doctor says he wont prescribe any more so that's my jolly days over for now. But thanks, i will give them more time.


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    Does anyone know if its safe to take Propranolol 10mg x3 , venlafaxine 37.5 x2 but also take a nytol???

    I'm just finding it hard to get to sleep on a night and stay asleep which is making me more tired during the day, not to mention making my depression and anxiety levels spike sue to the fact I'm not getting up until the afternoon due to waking up at 3am then managing to get back to sleep by 6am or 7am and oversleeping.

    I know Propranolol is supposed to make you tired, and it does, but I'm now waking up with a panic attack, which I've never done before, then I'm having to take 1 of my Propranolol to calm me down leaving me one dose down during the day, I'm then having to take another Propranolol when i wake up again and the last dose early evening.

    I just feel i could do with saving a dose for before i go to bed but obviously i cant overdose and take an extra one, but i cant help having to take one very early hours.

    If i cant take the nytol then its back to the doctors, obviously I'm not going to put myself at risk taking something that's going to react with my other medication and set me back or hospitalise myself.

    Any advice would be much welcomed.

    Many thanks

    Danielle xxx

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      I tried Nytol years ago. It did nothing for me. I can't see Nytol effecting your medication.

      You take 1 in the early hours because they are so mild.

      Talk to your doctor about your sleep. I hate being panicky in the night.

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    if you want my honest opinion i would avoid taking the tablets when you are having a panic attack at first- try camomile tea or a walk because honestly this builds up reliance on them if you take them immediately. Ride it out for an hour and if you are still panicking take one xxx
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      hello olivia am iam 15 years old i have o problem is well,,last year i was watching tv and  i feel a sharppain in my haeart. when i see that i feeld deezy,and week. second day i go to doctor and that doctor it was a women,she scard me verry much,she said,this: maybe you have diabetis,or hart proablem,when i hard her i nearly folover on the flwor. they make me ekg and blood test,but the result come after one week. on that week i was upset,i didint eat propely,i was verry sad. when i go to the result,they said my heart is fine,my blood test its fine,everything si perfect,gest vitamin d and calcium low. i go home i was happy smile all the time,but after one week again i have that sharppain in my hart,when i see that,i ho back to my country romania. i go to the doctor in ther,he make me ekg and blood test,and all of them was perfect. i was happy again smile all the time. but after 2 weeks still in romania i feelt again sarppain in my hart. when i see that i go the cardiologyst specialst. he make me ekg. and he consult me,and he said i perfetc fine nothing wrong with me,anyway i am to young to have heart problems,only children who born with the problems can have. 

      i was again happy. i come back to england,becouse the school starts and the summer holiday finish. now i keep thinking its something wrong with my hart. i go again to the doctor and he said i perfect fine,he said to me: go home and relax,until you 50 years you no comeing to see me ever again.  before 4 weeks i go again to the doctor,and tall him to make me another ekg and blood test,to make sure i am healthy. he make me those things,and he said you are very very healthy,all those thing is in your mind. i told him i am cheking blood presure all the time,becouse i buy a machine and he said: when you go home take the hummer i brokeit,never you take the blood presure in your life.  he give some tablets propranolol 10 mg,when i have a panick atacks to take one,and that tablet it will calm me down. last night i have one panick atack,and i take one of the tablets,but now i am scared becouse i take them,becouse in keep thinking maybe that tablets it will affect my heart and my heart will stop. what are those tablets ? they afect the hart? maybe when i have again one ekg done it will come up bad

      please olivia give me a answer,becouse i am verry sad today.

      thanck you

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    Hiya dannielle.

    The only advice i can give is go back to your dr if thats not possible as it's nearly the w/end ask your pharmasist esp with venta and nytol...i am on mitazapine 30mg for depression and i could not take calms with them you think it's herbal it will be fine....wrong....

    I take my mit and propananol at bedtime and i do sleep mitz in a low dose is known to help sleep on the down side it can increase it be informed...there are paient forums on it also....good luck M x

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    c.b.t is good you may find groups run by m.i.n.d helpful with anixitey and sleep and overall well being

    don't know if you can self reffer...camomile tea is good so is cutting out caffine after tea to aid sleep...but sometimes i have found no matter what i do sleep just doesn't happen not so much now i think my meds are the right combination...8 weeks ago my dr upped my mitazapine from 22.5mg to 30mg my sleep was disturbed at first then returned x

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