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  • merv55842 1

    Propranolol - Day 2 side effects

    I have been suffering from anxiety for a while and after a bad night with chest pains went to see my GP on Tuesday.  I had an examination and ECG and all was clear and  fine.  I think this was a panic attack and I asked my GP to prescribe Propranolol.  I had tried the drug a while ago but I think I

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  • Addie68 2

    Propranolol for palpitations, blood pressure and anxiety

    I've been prescribed 10 mgs of Propranolol to be taken up to 3 times a day. Have had the onset of  ectopic beats and flutterings since Nov 2016, due to a very stressful few months. Suffered them from time to time over the years, but they normally go away after awhile. However this time they've hung

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  • Kermodesmum 2

    Propranolol and weight gain

    Hi I have been taking this drug for over 6 months now. 40mg twice a day The cluster headaches that have plagued my life are now down to a bare (not totally gone away) and manageable. HOWEVER! I have gained about 1.5 stone in weight, particularly round my middle. This is highly unusual

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  • b1001 2

    Propranolol - from devestating anxiety to calm in 1 day

    Hi, I am a 36 year old professional male and for the past 3 months I've been suffering with anxiety attacks. I thought the anxiety feelings of panic was actually brought on by low blood sugar but my blood tests came back fine and at that point I realised my issues were linked to anxiety. I am

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  • Weidjffmdjdm 2
  • nancyj1979 2

    Low heart rate with propranolol

    Hi, my doctor prescribed 10mg propranolol twice a day. My heart rate went down to 48. My resting heart rate is between 58 and 65 without propranolol. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • neeka05989 2

    proranolol to blame ?

    I have been taking propranolol for 5 years for migraines im 29 i take 80 mg modified realease Lately i have been feeling like im dragging my body And having a bit of dissacociation i got told this was anxiety but i dont actually feel anxious when i feel like that. I also have a

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  • karen06809 1

    New to Propranolol

    I have been taking Ramipril 5mg for around 9 months now for high BP.  This is now around 128/80 now as opposed to the 170/105 it tended to be before medication.  I have just been prescribed Propranolol 80mg slow release as I have been suffering with anxiety for a good couple of months now.  I have

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  • G111 1

    Propranolol and migraine

    Just to say how well this drug has worked for me, I have been on it for about 6 months now. I spent years resisting taking a preventative migraine drug, maintaining that I only needed to take my Sumatriptan when I had a migraine. But the frequency of the migraines increased, even though I had

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  • amy-lee96782 2

    Anxiety, yes or no?

    Hi im Amy, 23. I recently have been suffering with symptoms which i am not sure are 100% related to anxiety. I find myself short of breath, really nervous and scared of going to sleep. I often twitch whilst drifting off, my legs and hands mainly. It has gotten to the point where i feel i have to

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  • Steem66 2


    Read a discussion earlier which initially was over a year old about propanolol, is the discussion still on going? If so have a few bits to add, concerns mainly over long term use if I did decide to take them on a regular basis and whether there is a danger of masking a more serious complaint?? Any

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  • doris97260 2


    a year ago my GP stopped my bendruflamethiazide  I had been taking for seven yrs (no problem) the reason was suspected kidney tests proved my kidneys were fine. However she left me for 4 days without medication and my blood pressure rocketed hence a visit to a@ e. Since then I have

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  • stormiweathers 2

    Propranolol and weight gain

    Talk to your doctor about trying topiramate and weeding you off of propranolol. I lost 12 lbs the first three weeks but the side affects were to much for me so I'm back on propranolol. I take it for familal tremors. My other alternative is barbiturates, I'm reading about them now.

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  • sapphire14 3

    Propranolol has seriously saved my life

    Since being prescribed Propranolol 10mg about a year ago, I have been able to live with my anxiety and get through situations that usually cause me severe anxiety and panic. This drug has been a miracle for me and I don't even need much for it to be effective. I take one 10mg tablet an hour before

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  • yvonne379 3

    Do I need to wean off propranolol?

    I was prescribed 40mg of propranolol, 2 times a day but I've only taken it when I need it instead of daily. A few hours after taking it I begin to feel exhausted, groggy and quite anxious. Is it something that I must take daily for it to work and my body adjust to? And can I just stop taking it or

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  • FatAroundMid 1

    Propranolol = weight gain and slow metabolism

    Alright so I've been on propranolol for 6 months and gained weight rapidly!! Gained 50 pounds total. So I hit the gym excersised everyday and build a ton of muscle!! Big as a bodybuilder. But I have this fat around my mid section. I wanna compete in competition but I can't cuz of this fat on my

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  • than81249 2

    inderal and panic attacks

    I have been suffering with panic disorder and agoraphobia, I can't stannd being away from familiar places, away from hospitals or places where an exit is available. I am now in a dilemma about whether or not to go on a short trip with a boat, haven't been on one for years, since the idea that there

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  • ellie 30462 1

    Propronalol overdose

    Hi everyone I suffer from depression and anxiety and am prescribed citalopram and propronalol. My propronalol dosage is 30mg a day ( 3 tablets of 10mg) and I've just taken 9 tablets in one go. I feel fine but I've just scared myself has anyone got any advice please?

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  • ferrarisaa35623 2

    palpitations and panick attack

    I'm 49 female who works for the NHS I was started on propanalol 11 years ago for hypertension panic attacks and palpitations. Due to bad relationship ships which caused me anxiety and stress - propanalol helped get through this I was on 80mg MR (modified release ) daily. Until dec 2016 my bp was

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  • kaye83979 3

    Weight gain

    I've been on 80 of P'lol for a number of years and up to a year ago was also taking Effexor, I was having trouble losing weight and I read up on Effexor and it is well known that this A/D causes weight gain so I took along time weaning off and within 6 months I had slipped into a deep depression

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  • stormiweathers 2

    Propranolol & familal tremors

    How many people are taking propranolol for familal tremors and has it helped? Is there anything else out there that could work better with less side effects?

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  • lorraine 1966 1


    my 11yr has been suffering from migraines over a year now, he is now on propranolol everyday and when he has an attack a nasal spray,ibrufruom,sickness tablet. He is now having a migraine every week on one certain day is this normal ?

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  • tanya12018 2
  • brennydraper 2

    Propranolol 10mg advise

    I have been to and from the doctors multiple times through having chest pains 2 out the 3 said it was stress 1 saying it was muscle/cartledge. I had a bump to the head 3 months ago which started me having panic attacks I've got some nerve damage on the top of my head nothing serious waiting to see

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  • stuart99380 1
  • richard49068 2

    Now started propranolol

    Hi all I'm 34 male and been suffering from head tension with wanting to frown all the time and lightheadedness/spaced out feeling Had all tests all came back well Today doc has put me on propranolol 10mg x3 a day which should stop me gets these horrible head and dizzy feelings It started months

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  • joanne97126 2
  • jackie63305 2


    Hi i been takin propranolol for year i think maybe more im on 80mg slow release im wantin to start the yokebe diet bt im nervous i went on it cause i get really fast heart beat sometimea after a big meal or when im anxious im worried if i do ths diet my heart will beat fast an il panic which i know

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  • susie16546 2

    Feeling sick and lack of appetite

    Today I have started taking 40mg of propanlol , I was in ten mg as and when needed which was not helping . Today my anxiety has been under control been out to see family shopping etc which I have not done in two weeks , But I feel really sick and have no appetite can the medication do this

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  • brennydraper 2

    HELP Advise needed

    Afternoon I am a 26 year old male use ally fit and well had a history with health related Aniexty thinking I am dying at every illness I have. I have also been very conscious of my heart beating and noticing palpitations. November last year I hit my head at work and got a mild concussion and with

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  • patty818 5

    Breathless with propranolol

    Hi I've been on propranolol for almost 4 months and I increased my dose 10mgs about 3 weeks ago, I'm noticing feeling breathless when talking or signing. Anyone else feel breathless while on this med?

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  • LLB1968 1


    Ive just been prescribed Propranalol by my doctor, the 10mg ones 3 x a day to be taken for a week until i next go to see him when my blood test comes back, in a weeks time. He said my bp was high and my pulse was very fast too, i'm being checked for anaemia, thyroid problems, diabetes, hormone

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  • annie1119 2
  • sammy90 2


    Im a 27 yr old female, i have suffered severley with panic and anxiety from as far back as i can remember, i have been taking citalopram 30mg daily for almost ten years now, ive had counselling and therapy more than 4 or 5 times in the past to no avail, i have obsessive compulsive thoughts

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  • kris29811 2

    Propranolol and anxiety

    Hi guys, I am currently prescribed 10mg of propranolol once a day for SVT and anxiety. I've been taking it now for 4 days. I usually take it around 8-9 am and it lasts throughout the day. It makes my chest uncomfortable sometimes, usually after an hour of taking it and then it goes away, but it's

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