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Jude65 Jude65

New to Propranolol and feeling dreadful

Hi, I have only been taking Propranolol for a few days now and I am experiencing some of the side affects that others have mentioned i.e. cold hands and sweating (more often than normal), tension headaches but I actually feel worse in myself...

Although the panic attacks have been controlled (possibly the placebo effect from having something to take...), the anxiety is worse to the point where I am even considering the possibility of quitting my whole life and starting again! My concentration has disappeared entirely (I am now even more behind at work) and the will to do anything at all has gone and nothing makes me happy - given my way, I would crawl into a hole and sit there in total silence alone - I feel so sad.

Is this the norm to feel perhaps depressed to begin with?

My doctor did say things were likely to get worse before they get better and that they could take 2 weeks to work...

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  • jbonetwo jbonetwo

    Depression is often comorbid with anxiety disorders, and if propranalol is worsening your anxiety its only natural you start getting periods of depression also.

    Stick it out for the 2 weeks it takes to have an effect, but if the increased anxiety and depression continue, you might have to consider switching to an antidepressant like an ssri which would address both your anxiety and depression.

    hang in there!

  • pindi pindi


    you might not read this now as your message was in march how are you now are you still on propronal ive been on the foe about two weeks now i also feel that im not in control and can not concertrate at all ive decides to take a tablet one day then miss a day and see how that works and try and get some sort of life back! good luck



    Back in Feb this year I had a series of what A and E and my GPs came to the conclusion where panic / anxiety attacks, All this scared the living day lights out of me. I was prescribed the above and had the already said side effects also as pindi says I reduced my intake after a few weeks then eventually decided to leave the all together. I think personally they were only acting as a placebo. I was at the time getting panic attacks a couple times per day and a whole host of anxiety symptoms. Jude if you read this , it is now July I have turned a corner and feeling much better all without medication , I keep myself extremely fit eat clean foods limit alcohol and above all tell my self all day to remain positive rather than think about anxiety don't give it the time. I still have palpitations but ignore them rather as before thinking I would drop dead , pointless thinking about how you felt 5 mins ago , I am sure you are 10 times better anyway thought I would add my bit on the beta blockers.

  • Jude65 Jude65

    Thanks for your contributions to this discussion guys!

    As it turns out, a lot has happened since my first post, Propanolol is now not a medication I take. I am now completely free of panic attacks! The generalised anxiety is lessened too but is still something I have to actively manage on a daily basis.

    If you have any tips on how I can overcome GAD I would be most grateful!

    I am however on 30mg of Citalopram now as depression did take a massive hold of me but this is now my third week back at work after being signed off for 4.5 weeks.

    Although things got considerably worse, I am now on the road to recovery and with the help of some therapy, I have worked out the things in my life which are having a negative effect on me and I am now working towards changing those things!

  • pindi pindi

    hi jude

    its good to read you are on some sort of road to recovery its strange to read your blog as i feel i am reading about myself i also dont get panic attacks any more but like you say the anxiety is much harder to deal with i do suffer with phtsical symptoms mainly the feeling of detatchment i find it hard sometimes to get through the day sometimes and the headaches and feeling detached can be overwhelming. what i am finding a sort of good thing im now doing is when these nasty feelings do start which can be any time or any where is just to give in to them and roll with them its uncomftable for a while but does where off after a while im hopeing the more i do this and face the anxiety hopefully it will wear off as the feeling can be so scarey sometimes i think im not going to make it but i do so i am begining to belive it cant really harm me and i can beat it one day! lets hope we can both beat it all the bt for now !

  • fran46 fran46 Jude65

    Hi Jude,

    I was taking Propanolol too and had a similar side effect. I'm depressed, have no motivation whatsoever, unable to concentrate and constant fatigue. I started out with 60mg and felt slightly apathetic but it passed. My dose was increased to 80mg because the 60mg didnt lower my blood pressure enough and soon after that this unrelenting depression set in. Went to my MD today and he stopped the propanolol. My blood pressure was controlled and it did decrese my anxiety but the depression is not something I can live with. I'm hoping to return to better mood soon.

    • sophie15934 sophie15934 fran46

      Hi Fran,

      Did your depression get better? My side effects only started yesterday and felt rubbish today as well but I’ve stopped taking the meds now and just wanted to know how it went? I can’t go on feeling like this and really need some reassurance that it goes away

    • ann55375 ann55375 fran46

      I have found the propanolol is making me depressed after only a short time so,have decided to give it a miss.  I already have depression but cannot find anything tomhelp.  Do you take anything or did it just leave

  • aga02916 aga02916 Jude65

    What does are you on ? I was on 40mg 3 times a day. Had the same symptoms as you. Ended up at A&E. My blood pressure went really down. I suffer with low blood pressure anyway, my normal one is 90/60. On propranolol it went down to 70/40. I was like a zombie. Headache, sweaty hands, heart palpitations, dry mouth, was really dizzy. Been told to stop this medication right away. It works for some people but it didnt for me. Have you tried natural remedies for anxiety ? You can buy them online and they been clinically proven to relief anxiety symptoms. Im talking about Lemon balm, wild lettuce extract, l-theanine, vitamin B sumplements, homeopatic kali-phos 6. Also mindfullness and CBT therapies are effective. Change of life style. I know its easier said than done. But you can do this. You are not alone with anxiety. Dont give up 😙there is loads of kind and supportive people here who suffer and go thru the same thing.❤❤

  • Amorphous Amorphous Jude65


    I began taking Propranolol about 5 weeks ago for chronic migraines.  At first, 40 mg twice-daily, but it didn't stop the migraines, although did make them slightly better. The GP has now increased the dose to 80 mg. I developed insomnia the first day of the increased dose and barely slept for 5 nights. Today I felt dreadful. I left work and took a walk this afternoon thinking I might cry. When I got home I did cry. It's hard to describe but it feels as though it's hard to hold on, that everything is difficult, the pressure to just keep on going is somehow very present in my mind. I don't feel well at all. I'm so desperate to find a cure for my migraines - I'm hoping this feeling will wear off. I don't want to be a depressed zombie. 

    • mike76241 mike76241 Amorphous

      Posts go back a while, interesting reading,

      I am concerned about my brother who suffers panic attacks,

      and was prescribed propranolol just one 10mg a day

      after a few months suffered very disturbing thoughts, (psychoses)

      which is supposed to affect just 1 in a 1000 people

      and now switched to losartan potassium, so far so good after

      a couple of months, has anyone else suffered  psychoses

      effects from medication ?


    • wendi 67740 wendi 67740 mike76241

      Hi ~ I just read this and had to reply ~ I have never suffered depression or anxiety in my life even tho I had terrible situations  ~ violent abusive relationship then the death of a good kind man I'd met ~ I still carried on with my life ~ then a few months ago I literally had an anxiety attack it was horrendous I couldn't breath and was reaching  my arms out I was taken to Hospital . I was under a huge amount of stress ( money worries etc ) I was put on propanol 10 mg 3 X a day ~  I didn't notice any thing at first but after a while I started to feel very strange ~ at night I'd have very dark thoughts about people dieing and why are we here if we are all going to die anyway ~ it was a very dark horrible time for me ~ I couldn't understand what was going on I felt detached from reality ~ so tired and unwell but I couldn't understand it then I went back over how long id been feeling this way and realised it was when I'd started the propranolol ! I stopped straight away as a trial run and within 2 days I felt better ~ no way am I taking it again ~ il try and keep the anxiety at bay through walking and doing alternative stuff yoga etc ~ it was definitely the propanol that made me have dark horrible thoughts 🙁🌚~ I hope your brother is getting better ~ best wishes xx🌸

    • mike76241 mike76241 wendi 67740

      with most drugs there seems to be a long list of side effects,

      the package leaflet with this product, including a 1/10000 risk


      seeing, hearing, feeling things that seem real but do not happen

      (hallucinations) mood changes, severe mental disorder (psychoses)

      if these very rare conditions occur........

      the leaflet also points out you should stop treatment & contact doc,

      if these side effects were reported to

      a more accurate fig would show of how many are effected

    • wendi 67740 wendi 67740 mike76241

      Thank u for this info I tried to fill the form out but it kept jumping off the page .. Il definitely tell my gp about my symptoms so hopefully they keep a record of it as you say they need to know how many people can have a reaction to it . Many thanks X 


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