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. my name is Chris I'm 39 years old I'm from Louisiana where we eat spicy foods. this is what's going on number one I've been having heartburn since I was probably about 20 years old I've tried everything from antacids chewables nexium to now omeprazole I was taking 40 mg a day now I'm taking a 80 a dayI will be going to see a doctor soon because this problem seems to not be going away tightness around the throat burning pain from my shoulder to burning pain from my shoulder to my breastbone area spasm pains in the throat tightness around the stomach sour stomach I'm a pretty big guy at 6 4 for 250 my wife went from days to nights in my eating habits change from eating at 6 to 7 at night to eating at 10 at night which is very unhealthy so I recently changed my whole diet and stop drinking energy drinks because I know they're not good for you and it seems that they may have caused some of so I recently changed my whole diet and stop drinking energy drinks because I know they're not good for you and it seems that they may have caused some of these issues I just need some insight on what I'm dealing with. any advice will be taking with care as a big coffee drinker I have cut back on the coffee also and started with green tea I do smoke marijuana and sometimes I get the munchies at night and I ate junk food which I've also. I have traded in whole milk for almond milk I have traded in the sodas in the carbonated drinks for I get the munchies at night and I ate junk food which I've also. I've been dealing with a broken tooth for the last few months so I've been taking a lot of over-the-counter aspirin naproxen and stuff like that and I was told that it could really do damage to your stomach I was a pain pill addict for years and I've been on Suboxone for 3 years now and I'm almost starting to think that the suboxin has everything to do with it I went from 3 a day to no one and a half a day in the last week alone I'm ready to kick them to the curb and start over because what I'm feeling right now it's not okay.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

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    Go and see you doctor and follow his advice you sound as if you are making positive changes. To lose weight walking is the best thing but serious walking 2 to 3 hours a day put a podcast on your favourite subject while you do it. 5 days a week it really helps. Good luck mate

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    My guess is that heartburn over so many years you have finally burned the sphincter valve above the stomach and now it always leaks.

    So, you need to eat much less. ( read about fasting ) it’s not as bad as you think.

    The first 3 to 4 days of water only are the hardest after that it gets easier.

    With an empty stomach your stomach acid will stop being produced. And heartburn and will be gone.

    Sleep in a recliner sitting up. if you can keep this up for about a month you will heal your splinter valve then slowly introduce food again.

    You will also lose some weight. It sounds radical but it’s all good.

    Its the fastest road to recovery.

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    If you can stop taking naproxen and aspirin that would definitely help your stomach. Paracetamol is not as aggressive on the stomach, for the tooth pain.

    .I do get that can be difficult. I have Lupus and naproxen is the only pain killer that helps, and I've been on tramadol, morphine and prescription codeine, with little benefit, other than it started to mess with the pain messages in my body. Went through a withdrawal period with medical supervision. The NSAIDS are rough on the stomach lining. I had to stop taking them because I now have stomach ulcers. The SLE pain is back with a vengeance but I'm trying to manage with a lower dose tramadol.

    Eating a regular healthy diet is much better for you, if your overall health is good and you stick with the PPI you can reverse the gastric problems. With your doctor's support and the changes you are already making you can do it, best wishes.

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    I also take suboxone and I find that it DOES irritate my esophagus.

    Two days ago I ran out of omeprazole and decided to try the apple cider vinegar/ginger/garlic solution my mother gave to me that is supposed to stop acid reflux. I had been on omeprazole twice a day, morning and night. I sleep in the recliner. I STILL have boughts of regurgitating at night and then it gets into my lungs and burns like hell.

    Last night I woke up to a burning esophagus so I got up, took a swig of carafate and then ate something (a banana and a couple marshmallows!) because the taste of the acid in my throat makes me want to vomit. I went back to sleep for a bit and then when I woke again, I took a swig of the apple cider vinegar.

    Today I started off with the apple cider vinegar, and I've had two dosages throughout the afternoon. It burns in my esophagus a bit but NOT as bad as the acid/bile does. So, I'm going on day two of no omeprazole. I REALLY want to get off the omeprazole. I'm afraid of what it is doing to my bones. I see the doctor tomorrow. We'll see what she says.

    Take care.

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    Aspirin is a major cause of non helicobacter ulcer. Ulcer is just next door to reflux. Please talk to your doctor and I am sure things will progress from that point.

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    Hi. I had acid reflux for 5 years. Common treatment do not solve my problem. Ultimately, doctors tell me the root of your problem is nervous. I came to the psychiatrist and after treating different medications, I finally got treated with "Nortriptyline".

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