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Im getting to a point now where i feel like my age (21) is getting in the way of being taken seriously at the drs. I have been going for just under a year after being diagnosed with PCO, but all they ever did was give me an ultrasound and the pill. I have explained explicitly every time i go to the drs about how much pain i am in on a daily basis, as well as it being horrific during a period or after sex. My periods are very heavy, full of clots and i honestly cant move for the first 3 days without feeling like im going to pass out, the same as if i have had sex, i go into a crippling pain (not every time) and this lasts about 20 mins sometimes more. I have explained this over and over and have even been told that i probably have endometriosis but to just keep taking my pills without any breaks for 3 months- im not sure how good that is for my fertitily. My dr even said to be that if we examined every woman walking down the street, loads of them will have PCO or something similar, which made me feel completely irrelevant and as if i was being dramatic. My friends have been concerned about me because they have seen me when i have episodes of pain and have wanted to take me to the hospital. Again i have told my dr this but she basically brushed the whole thing off as period pains and told me to come back in 3 months before they will refer me to a gyno, even though this has been ongoing for about a year.

Please help?

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    Hi Lulu, 

    I have had pretty much the same experience when it comes to Dr's. Im 25 and have had ongoing problems with Endometriosis and periods since i was 17/18. When i first went to see the doctor they blamed it on bad periods and told me to take the pill back to back for 3 months as well. After a year or so of me going back and fourth and being persistent I eventually saw a Gynae and she said it was 'probably' endometriosis but put me off for a year or so before actually booking me in for a laporoscopy. I had to be very persistant and continually moan at my Gynae and GP to get something done. 

    I have since had the same problems again, and they have found a cyst on my ovary, but are still saying to sit and wait, despite me being in agony most of the time. They made me have the coil fitted or take the pill again before they would do anything. I have since had the coil fitted and been in pain pretty much everyday! I am going back in August but I am considering asking to be seen by another doctor. Is there any way you could see another GP? Another one may refer you? 

    I find because im young (I actually look a lot younger than i am as well) the doctors seem to think Im a child and do not take me seriously. I found that once I was eventually refferrd to a Gynae they took it a bit more seriously, but I do have the same problems. 

    I would suggest going back to your GP and demanding that you are refferred to a Gynae due to the pain you are in and how it is affecting your lifestyle. Also, I have found sometimes (although i hate having to do it) if you take your mum with you, and get her to object when they try to brush you off, they seem to take your requests more seriously. 

    Thier point about many women having endometriosis and PCO is true, it is common, BUT you are clearly suffering quite a bit and, as such, that should be investigated! All these other hypothetical woman are not suffering as you are, and thats the point they seem to be missing. 

    I hope this helps. Happy to answer any questions smile 


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      Thanks for getting back to me on this Chelsea, ive seen 3 different gps in the space of a year but in the same surgery, each one seems to give me a different contraceptive pill and then thats their job done.

      I was told to keep a diary and come back in 3 months time, which feels like its just to prove im not being dramatic, and i get that loads of women do suffer with this issue, so why is it being brushed off in such a belittleing way?

      it just feels like i am talking to a brick wall and as soon as i mention the word 'period' they can use that as an excuse for all the pain im feeling. I have been having periods since i was 11 years old and ive only experienced the pain im in going onto my 18th birthday.

      So frustrating to think their meant to be there to help but it doesnt feel that way at all...

      thanks Chelsea, its nice knowing im not the only person going through this.

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      I had the whole pill changing routine when i first had these problems. It doesnt help and i think actually makes everything a bit worse, with all the changes. I also kept a diary at first, mainly just to prove them wrong. It just feels like they want you to jump through hoops before they will refer you. All it does is prolong the pain you're in! I totally totally get how frustrating it is.

      I think the only reason i've seen them quicker this time is because i had previously had a laporoscopy to remove the endometriosis. Otherwise i think i would still be talking to my GP too. When i saw my GP i didnt give him much of a choice, i said my syptoms are the same as before you need to refer me back to my old Gynae. Be persistant and dont give in, after a while it can feel a bit exhausting and I can tell you're feeling fed up with it all, but keep going back until you get what you need! 

      On a seperate note, I've been doing a lot of research lately about diet and vitamins which can help with endometriosis, which might be good to look into? I've been eating well and taking vitamins for the last two weeks and my pain has actually eased of. This may just be a coincidence, or my coil regulating etc, i dont know, but worth the mention if it helps you! 

      Im taking vitamin supplements for: Magnesium and zinc, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega 3 and I am also using drops of CBD oil

      Theres loads of stuff online about it, which will be more accurate than a little summary from me, but everything is always worth a try. I was a bit of a sinnic when it came to the vitamin/diet aspect, but i got so desperate 2 weeks ago with the pain, I would have tried anything! So worth mentioning it, if it can do anything to help you too!


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    I've had painful periods and ovulation pain since I first got my period when I was 11. The first few days are horrendous and I couldn't function without pain killers and would usually need to call in sick to work.

    I had tried a few different pills and the iud and didn't notice much of an improvement. I wouldn't get the ovulation pain but I'd still get the period pain.

    Finally saw a gynaecologist in 2015 who told me that painful periods are not normal (to that extent anyway) and suggested I also go on the pill and skip my period for 3 months which is perfectly safe to do btw. It won't affect your fertility.

    Unfortunately the only way to diagnose endometriosis is with surgery. I had surgery and they only found a small amount but it was there and it was removed. I have since been told to stay on the pill and skip my periods as this is the best way to avoid your symptoms.

    I have recently found a new gp who suggested a new pill called Estelle it's amazing. I have no pain and I can also keep skipping my period as long as I don't start spotting as this means your full and you need to have one. I haven't had a period is nearly 6 months.

    I'd recommend trying to find a new gp or just request a referral to a gynaecologist. It's not normal to be in that much pain and it's wrong for them to ignore it. If the pain gets really bad go to emergency as you get seen by a gynaecologist and get treatment faster. If nothing else they will give you pain killers and you won't be in so much pain.

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    Hi Lulu

    Doctors do blow us off a lot. Taking your mom or a friend can help a lot. I looked my age -- 24- 27 when all this was going on at its worst -- but i got better treatment after taking a roommate along. She happened to be an RN working in the birthing center at our biggest hospital so that helped whereas your mom's added years can help you.

    No matter how it feels, your doc isn't blowing you off. Many of us here would've told you to start a journal. Take it every time you see the doc so long as you limit it to medical issues/symptoms. The doc is looking for patterns in that journal.

    BCP therapy is also valid and doesn't threaten your fertility, whereas endo does. For some women, 3 -12 months on the pill will end their endo. You won't find many of those women on this site because they don't kerp paryicipating when their problem is gone. I will pray thst this happens for you.

    If the docs change your kind of pill, that is also valid medical treatment since they do that when the 1st doesn't work properly. They are in fact trying to preserve your fertility.

    Do stand your ground, because docs can be real jerks. We all know that in this forum, and we're always here.

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