Dr says I have endo but gynae won't do laproscopy

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I am 25 and started my period when I was 12. I have always have painful periods and I have had LOADS of pelvic ultrasounds. For the last 12 months I can guarantee I have been admitted into hospital with lower right abdominal pain and each times they always thought it was my appendix- it never is.

My symptoms are migraine, painful Bowel movement, constipation, pressure and pain urinating but no UTI, heavy painful periods, clotting, groin and leg pain and fainting from the pain. My periods use to be every 28 days but for the last 3 months they have gradually changed and are now every 20 days.

My recent hospital visit last week and a surgeon from general surgery said that it's not a gynae issue and it's basically psychological pain 😡 My GP is concerned I have endo and have for all this time and is pushing for a laproscopy but gynae are dragging their feet. Do my symptoms sound like endo or are we looking too much into it and it's just painful periods. I am constantly in pain more before during and after my periods and tramadol doesn't even touch the pain. I've recently started fainting with the pain and I don't know what else to do. The pains getting worse each week and I cannot control it any longer. Only one doctor is listening to me and believes it is but everyone else won't listen.

Any help advise or comments are really appreciated. 💔💔💔

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    I forgot to add I have pelvic pain, mons pubic pain, and vomiting more when I have a period I go off food and I barely eat for a few days from the pain
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      I am glad you've got one doctor on your side. Do not accept that BS about this being a head issue - or call them on it and tell them to bring on the psych tests!. Irks me no end that there are still doctors spewing that load, 38 years after they started it with me and 35 years after I had to have a total hysterectomy.

      As you know, only a lap is determinative. We can all say it sounds like endo, but there are some other physiological problems it could be - Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, etc. Have you asked that wonderful GP for suggestions on how to go forward from here? I know that if you happened to be in the States emergency/casualty departments will treat you badly if you keep going in for pain and fainting. Keep plugging away on different options to get you the testing then maybe some help. I am very sorry that I can't promise great cures or treatments if it is endo, but I felt tremendous mental relief just from getting a diagnosis.

      I'LL keep you in my prayers.

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      I have recently had a colonoscopy and was told it was crohns but then they docanyone one this year and was wrong about it. I'm going to see a psychiatrist according to the letter I receive today for mental health and personality disorder as I have PTSD and she thinks the pains emotional pain. Which I totally disagree because I'be had these pains long before the abuse.

      I've been to see the good doctor today and she wrote to gynae asking for a laproscopy to be done so we can at least help manage it and ifs it's not that they find out what it is. I'm in the Uk and under 2 surgeons as it is so when I do have this bad moments I get tests done to make sure it's no an internal bleed as 2 months ago I had a backup of blood in my pelvis from an extremely heavy period.

      Hope I get some answers soon because this tramadol really isn't working for me

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    Wow if those are your symptoms and the dr says it's in ur head then I think they need their heads checked.

    Does sound like endometriosis but as aitarg said it could be other things.

    Get the good dr to push for either a new gyane or complain to Pals.

    Can I make a suggestion that may give some relief, take ibropfrufen a couple of days before your due every four hours until you get your period and then during. Ibroprofen blocks prostaglandins but they need to be taken prior to period starting to block them befor they start. It does help me although I've become fairly irregular so can't time it properly and end up in agony.

    You can take tramadol on top of that and the combination may control the majority of the pain.

    Tramadol didn't help my pains and just made me feel sick. There is another drug called mefenamic acid or something like that (your gp will know) that's what I was given years ago for the pain but developed an allergy so stopped. They work similar to ibroprufen but I think are stronger.

    I had a lap and personally my pain is no better so although it confirms endo it doesn't always help the pain. Can you go on birth control? The depo shot for instance should stop your period and help with pain, I believe that it also slows endo as you don't ovulate. Might be wrong about that.

    Good luck

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      I tried mefanamic acid for years I'm now on tranexamic acid. Tramadol isn't really helping and I've had another colonoscopy to confirm that it's definitely nothing to do with my vowels. My good DR has said that once I've had a laparoscopy she will talk to be able thing that could help like the mirena coil. She stopped me from having it done about 3 weeks ago until we know what that is. I have been fainting every other day with the pain and she's now worried that my tubes could be blocked. She's rang and pushed them for it so I'm seeing them in a week and hopefully I won't have to wait long for a decision on a laparoscopy. I've turned into an insomniac with this pain. Keeps me awake

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