Dreaded pain does that pain injection make worse

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Hi I'm a newbee to this site.

had this dreaded illness 10yrs now, 

can anyone help, years ago due to the pain of fibro I was offered them pain relief injections, I had them about 3 times, didn't really help much.

but last time I had it done (7yrs ago) the doctor had hard job putting needle in my lower back left side dimple (hope that makes sense)

it took her 15mins, I was in tears an nurses told her to stop, she didn't, she finely done it an after being wheeled back to day ward in tears, a few mins after I couldn't feel my left leg, in a panic I pressed button nurse came then got doctor to check, she told me oh gave you a bigger dosage your be ok, I couldn't walk. Told to get a wheel chair an go to A&E...

well move forward ever since the pain in my lower back never went but has always been bad, to point that if I could reach with an electric drill I would frigging kill the pain that way.  It's constant and like I've got someone pushing a pointed object in it.  I'm sure she done damage, I've begged my gp to refer me for tests as this pain is not right, but all he says is to have more injections, yeah like I'm gona do that.   Also I have fallen over lots of times, my left leg goes numb an without warning over I go. Last time I was crossing a very quite road (lucky for me) down I went contents of my handbag rolling down the road.  

Anyway can anyone tell me have you had them injections if so did it make you worse

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    Sounds like nerve pain. Your Doc probably touched a nerve trying to get the needle in. You really need to find a GP who will listen to you and go on from there. Try writing all you've said down, type if possible and present it to the doc, plus any replies from here which you can print off. I know people who have had these injections without the pain and problems you've had. Best wishes, Ellie.
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    Hiya Half-Pint, welcome to us, I've never ever heard of such a thing..a pain needle that it..,it sounds like you have a back problem not  necessarily Fibro related!!!?? ..I really don't know..but someone on here will....I don't understand that your doctor won't refer you,,isn't that your right?? I'm in Australia and you only need to ask..especially if you think you have been hurt in anyway from another doc-wow!!! be assertive..these doctors work for us...not the government.,dear me.,this is just shocking...gentle hugs to you....hope you manage some relief soon.,be blessed and have a lovely day..:-) xxx
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    Hi There ,

                       It does souns as if it could be your back , even tho I have the dreaded fibromyalgia , I had bad back pain . couldnt quite make out if it was my back or my leg that kept giving first which made me end up on the floor , i was unstable , eventually I had a spinal MRI scan and it showed 3 hot spots where the discs where pressing on the cord , oestoarthritis there as well , knew I had it elsewhere , having fibromyalgia dosnt help either , but ask if you can have a scan maybe you have pressure in your spine which is squeezing your leg nerves making you fall and causing this pain , injections are only temporary for a certain length of time , maybe also physio might help , but after you have had a scan , then you will know what you are dealing with.

    Hope today is easier for you x

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    Hi Half-pint I havnt had those injections but I do suffer alot with my back Im in constant pain in my lower back.Your gp should send for an mri scan in your lower back to check whats going on. I suspect you have a back problem with having fibro the pain we get is magnified 10x worse. I insisted with my gp she refer me for a mri as I knew something was wrong. It turned out I had a tear in one of my discs that still hasnt healed. If It was me  wouldnt have no more of those injections. My mother in law has had them in the past in her back, they did no good. take care gentle hug  
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    Good morning Ladies

    thanks for replies.  The part of my lower back (left bum cheek as they call it is you click on images of fibo it shows what part I'm on about)

    its one of the hot points, I had 4 of the pain relief injections each time, hip left side, spine my c.section scar (had adhensions) an the lower back.

    was done to help with my fibro pain.

    few yrs ago I did have MRI scan, X-rays etc, all showed up was I've one bone more on one side than other! And hot points in my spine.

    all they say is it's part of fibro.  But getting worse, I've doctors tomora an yes I'm going to be assertive, an I always write down stuff as my mind always foggy an forgetful...   I'm at the point where each day is a struggle due to pain an this frigging back issue is driving me crazy.  

    I let you know how I get on at docs, 

    hope you have a good day ladies x

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    I have really found my ayurveda herbal remedies helped me with most of my pains I have had for over 20yrs. I have been taking them since Feb 2015 and have noticed a difference, along with diet changes and lifestyle too.  It's worth looking into this but you have to be patience with this treatment.

    Hope you get relief soon.  Take care and gentle hugs to you. wink x

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