Dreams: It's only been 3 days on Mirtazapine half of a 30mg at night.

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Does anyone else have strange dreams on this medication.  OMG the dreams I'm having are graphic and gory and I can remember them when I wake up vividly.  Not sure I want to continue, although I do feel better.


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    Yes there nasty full stop. Don't get them all the time but I certainly know about them when I do.

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    I too had strange dreams but only last for awhile....they lessened as the weeks went on.
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    I do have strange and vivid dreams that I remember when I wake up. They aren't usually gory or nightmarish though. I actually enjoy them; they're like weird entertaining movies.

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    Hi I'm two weeks in taking 15mg at night and find that I'm having real vivid dreams usually I wake up about seven, go back to sleep that's when the dreams are more vivid. But the horrible feeling of dread is not do bad so will carry on.

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    I've been on mirt 8 months and I'm having really vivid dreams still. Some are good some are bad. They feel so real though so when I wake up I'm confused for a short while. I'm hoping they calm down eventually.

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    Now that I think about it I’ve had more vivid dreams than usual. Even today when I woke up and still felt really tired when I was watching a tv show, I could still hear the show and when I woke up I knew what was going on but in my head I was dreaming! That’s so weird. I’ve been on 15mg since January/February but just recently switched to 30mg. For me it’s not a bother but I’d recommend you take it for another week or two and if it continues do talk to your doctor.
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    Yes, the dreams subside. Sleep is incredible on this stuff. Weight gain is the killer. I was on the highest dose 45mg. I tapered up 15-30-45 over 6 weeks and tapered down in the same number of weeks 45-30-15. Taper up was easy. Taper down a little tricky.
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    I’ve only been on this medication for 2 nights and both nights i’ve had wierd graphic dreams and the next day i’m feeling tired and strange. I’m on 30 mgs also. Not sure if i want to continue likw this
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    Please stop  taking this drug (mirtazapine). It’s a rogue unpredictable, unstable drug with a very dangerous withdrawal profile rivaling heroin. It’s highly addictive and only takes a few short weeks taking it to cause the addiction.

    The medical community are clueless about this drug, they don’t know what’s in it or how it works (or doesn’t work).

    Save yourself years and years of suffering and stop taking it now!

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      Thanks for the information Jo.r I don't doubt what you are saying  but would like to know how you have reached this conclusion.   Reading people's comments is great they have actually taken it so I believe them to be a good resource.

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      Hi Jennifer

      I have been reading and researching mirtazapine for the last 3 years over several forums and creditable sites and resources.

      What happens is a very high percentage of people who take this drug quickly become addicted to it regardless if it does or does not work for purposes of why you took it. And if it does work for you it eventually turns on you. 

      In a matter of weeks your body becomes addicted and then you’re faced with having to very slowly and very painfully withdraw from it. It takes YEARS of your life to get off it and during that entire time you suffer greatly with acute debilitating symptoms. This drug is no joke. It’s effects on you are crippling.

      Mirtazapine is NOT by any stretch of the imagination your typical AD. It is a rogue unstable unpredictable drug.  They class it as an tetracyclic, but it really isn’t. It has one of the worse withdrawal profiles there are. 

      Doctors and psychs are clueless and will tell you things like “I’ve never heard of that before” or that there is no such thing as withdrawal.

      Mirtazapine messes with your blood sugar making your body think it’s diabetic, that’s why you crave sugar and carbs, it significantly slows your metabolism and it saturates your body and organs with two very powerful antihistamines

      Do yourself a big favor and Google what I’ve told you. There are thousands upon thousands of stories of people struggling greatly because they took this toxic monster of a drug.

      I wish well and hope you do the right thing.

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      Listen to Jo Jennifer. I'm also suffering on a daily basis stuck on this

      poison drug like so many others. Me and Jo know a lot of people struggling on a daily basis to function even.

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    I was on these for 11 days. I was desperate with depression . My doctor said it would be ok to take them alongside my codeine phosphate. Not sure if it was the combination but had an extreme attack of guilt, oppression and wanting to end everything in my head now! It seemed the only answer. It was terrifying. By pure chance, a policewoman knocked on my door by mistake. looking  for someone else and when I tried to talk she immediately sat me down and called  the crisis centre. They in turn talked me through things. What a fluke!!! (Or a godsend?). I immediately came off them. I took a few codeine over the next few days for my pain but I think they helped with anxiety too. I never want to feel like that again. 

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