Drinking most nights of the week

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I've been an heavy drinker since a young age, I come from a long line of addictive personalities and I do think I've got one or two issues under the surface that could become an issue if a major life event were to happen and it worries me. 

I usually drink most nights of the week with maybe one or two nights off from alcohol consumption. My worst night of the week is a Saturday where I could have a couple of pints in the pub followed by a drink of vodka at home with the other half. Other than that it's usually a bottle of wine, I love red wine and feel I use it as a relaxing tool rather than having issues with it. 

On a personal level I do get frustrated at times as I wish I didn't use alcohol as a way of relaxing but I've done it that long now it's just become routine and I can happily have a relaxing drink and feel okay the next day. I'm never off work and I excersise (badminton) twice a week.

What I have started doing though is reading online about people's drinking habits as I know I drink a fair bit, personally I get confused by it all, on one hand you get the people who say it's only a problem if it starts effecting your life and then you've got the people who say it's the long term problems that are the major issue. 

Here is a run down on my drinks since last Thursday


1 x bottle rose wine


4 x cans of 4% lager


1 x pint of 4% lager

8 x vodkas (singles)


6 x cans 4% lager


4 x vodkas (singles)


1 x bottle of red wine

I feel fine today and I'm more than likely going to go for a run after work so surely I can't be that much damage to my body. 

Having said that looking at it written down is when it worries me. 

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    It doesn't matter how much u drink that's irrevelant. It's the fact that u recognize u need help.

    This addiction is not what u want for the rest of UR life.  There r many ways to quit.

    Why is it so common for alcoholics to resort to drinking when they need a pick-me-up? What is it about alcohol that tricks you into thinking it can help you feel better?

    The answer is that alcohol is more like two drugs than just one.

    With a drink, the first thing most alcoholics feel is a powerful stimulant effect. So, alcoholics learn that if they drink, they'll quickly have that top-of-the-world feeling, where nothing is impossible. Unfortunately, this initial stimulant effect is short lived, lasting maybe an hour.

    Meanwhile, that same drink is now kicking in as a strong depressant. So once the initial stimulant effect wears off, you are left with feeling down, and that effect lasts much longer, many hours.

    Now if you counter the depressant effects with another drink, you will find yourself again with that initial boost, but you have also set the stage for a much longer time in the dumps.

    Alcoholism is a progressive illness. The cravings control you every detail in life is centered around the addiction.

    So, by tricking you with an initial period of feel-good, alcohol gets you to keep drinking, even though it's one of the very worst things you can do for yourself.

    Alcoholism is a progressive illness. The cravings control you every detail in life is centered around the addiction. There r many ways to break free . I hope u find what's best for you.

    please feel free to read the many other discussions of those trying to quit.

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    Hi Dfaz.

    When I look at your Alcohol consumption, I think that's nothing to what I drank!. I drank every night without fail, no nights off. I felt like crap every morning, total memory loss, didn't remember going to bed, hurt myself so many times. Falling ect. I hurt my husband and children and embarrassed my self so many times!. I could easily get through a bottle of Vodka an evening, never in the day, just at night!. 

    I'm off to Hospital in the next few hours for the result. Of a CT scan on my liver due to drinking. They found a fatty and swollen liver with spots which they say could be Cancer!!! My life has been on hold for a month waiting for these results and I'm petrified! My kids are young and I'm hoping it's not to late for me!. I have been sober now for 26 days. That was my wake up call! My hubby will have 2 beers or one glass of wine cause he enjoys the taste, then stops, I drank to get pissed. You have a good chance to stop my friend, don't end up like me.

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    hi dfaz  looking at your alchol consumtion take a look at mine, 

    sunday  1ltr vodka

    monday 1ltr vodka

    tues 1ltr vodka + beer

    wed 1ltr vodka

    thurs 1ltr vodka

    fri 1ltr vodka 

    sat 1ltr vodka +beer +maybee a little more vodka

    but now every day is clean dry and happy, i still socialise, i still go places, the big change is i am free to do these things

    your intake may not look bad BUT soon that will not be enough and the rot sets in i am a VERY lucky man,  i did it through this site, you will find so much help here, it is for you to question your intake, we are all friends and in the same boat (or have been) take care   


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      Hi my dear sober friend..cheesygrin

      Eckhart Tolle..."The power of Now" inspires me and helps me live in the moment. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is the future.


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    dfaz1981. You are heading down a dangerous road and it is really good that you seem to recognise that. If you do something NOW you will save yourself a LOT of problems later on.

    It sounds like, from the fact that you do have nights off from drinking, that you are not physically dependent on alcohol. Don't let it get to that stage! There is a test you can do to check your dependence score. This is a questionnaire developed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and it is called the Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire (SADQ). Google 'SADQ' and do the test, be honest, only you will see your answers, and see what score you get.

    You are at a stage where a reduction in your drinking may be possible so that you can continue to drink socially. If you carry on drinking until you have a physical dependence on alcohol, your only option will be complete abstinence.

    I am an independent alcohol treatment practitioner, by the way smile


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    Alrighty then.... U have the very best resources applied to you..

    BEST ADVICE POSSIBLE ...thru the responses u have received.....


    one day at a time one hour at a time ......

    LIFE IS A GIFT...do UR best at realizing UR life can be without the pain!

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    Hi , you are lucky to be so physically fit when you consume that much alcohol in a week, they do say a little of what you fancy does you good, if you are worried, try a month without, then cut down a little 
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      Nowhere near as fit as I used to be.

      My decline in fitness is due to alcohol, no doubt about that. 

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    Hope you find a way to cut down
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      This thread is ten months old, if you look I've started a new one. What I have done is cut down my intake in the week but I tend to drink every day now. I've not drank the last two nights though as I'm trying to have a minimum of four days off a week. It's gonna get real tough from tomorrow though. 

      What do you honestly think of my alcohol intake? is it terrible?

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    it is not terrible. It is how if effects you that is important, you perhaps could think about reasons why you drink 
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      I dunno really, I think I've been using it as my relaxation device. Some smoke cigs, some smoke cannibis, I drink. 

      If I drink in the week now it tends to be four cans an evening (4%) or a share on a bottle of wine. Friday is usually a full bottle of wine, Saturday I drink about half a bottle of vodka (70cl), and Sunday 6 bottles of beer. 

      I know it's not the most extreme but it gets me down.

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