Dry Eyes through sleeping and by morning

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Sleeping & Dry Eyes: I had Cateract and astigma surgery over a year ago and have been on Restasis for dry eyes.  Saline Eye drops sometimes make my eyes worse.  I want to get off Restasis too.  My eyes feel the dryest through the night while sleeping and upon wakeing up.  Does anyone have any experience using Eyeseals or can suggest ways that can help prevent dry eyes during the night?

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    i have the heat pads that i use. i have severe dry eyes with my eyes watering constantly.  i have been on everything including restasis, nothing has help.  The pads do help me feel better but it has not solved my problem.  good luck
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    My eye consultant, prescribed for me, a 'simple eye ointment'. Yes that is what it is actually called. Boots have just started marketing their own. I have to put it in at bedtime, and it keeps my eyes from dryin out during the night. It works very well. Because it is an ointment, the greasiness, stays on the eye for the duration of the night. I use Hylo-Fort 2% every 2 hours during the day, so as you can imagine I am an extreme case. Try the ointment overnight, it is very effective.
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      Dorothy, the ointment does come out a little onto the pillow at night, but it is not a problem during the day. In the morning I hold a, quite hot flannel over my eye for a few minutes, this helps to keep the gland active, I then massage along the bottom lid. I then make the flannel very hot again, and wipe my eye of any grease left over from the night. You need not worry, because that cleans it up for the rest of the day.This has become routine for me. Thankyou for your 'get better' wishes, but my eye will never get any better. I did not even have a dry eye, until my cataract operation nearly 2 years ago It has changed my life, as I cannot even go out in the cold of the winter becaise it feels like I am being stabbed in the eye with a knife. My husband has to hang our washing, go to the dustbin, do the shopping. I cannot even stand in front of the open freezer. I had to have these special glasses made for me, that wrap around to keep the moisture in, and if I do venture out, I have to then hold a scarf over the glass of my left eye to protect it. I believe it was caused, because they chose to ignore the fact that I was allergic to many of the things used in the operation, and because my eye was still so bad after 2 months, they started to take notice of me, but the damage was already done. There is a specialist new Dry Eye clinic at Southampton eye hospital. It has been set up by a consultant who has an interest in this condition. I have to stress it is not a 'walk in' clinic. You have to be referred by your consultant, thereby it is only for very severe cases. I believe it is a new concept, but others on this forum, may know differently. As Southampton Eye Unit is a research centre, if it proves successful, there will probably be others in the future, and there findings may help us all.

      Good Luck, and you will be fine, no-one at work will notice anything different about your eye.during the day.

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    Have you discussed this with your Ophthalmologist?

    I have very dry eyes & currently use Hyabak drops [pres free] & VitA-POS gel - also pres free.

    I am having to use the gel several times during the day as well as at night.

    I don't know what country you are in but there is currently a problem getting any lubricating eye gel because one brand was withdrawn last year & the others keep running out, so we have to wait for them to be manufactured.

    But if you can get a tube of VitA-POS you may find that it helps to use at night.  But do talk to your Ophthalmologist.

    Good luck

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      Thank you  you are sweet, but  i have been to 6 doctors, had plugs, permanent tubes for 6 months, reconstructive surgery on my tear ducts, been on restasis forever, i do use over the counter gel at night.  i still get up with crust all over my eyes and junk coming out of them during the day.  They water so much that it affects my work and driving sometimes.  i entered this forum in hopes that there were more people like be going through the same but none as bad yet.  hoping for answers.  The only thing the heat does for me is makes me feel better but does not solve anything.  i live in the US
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      I had severe dry eyes for four years due to inflammatory filamental keratitis (don't ask!). Or vice versa, I'm not even sure which was due to which.

      I was on Restasis for 10 months and it didn't work for me. If anything it made things worse.

      The keartitis went away and I'm now just dealing with the dry eyes.

      Now, during the day I use a mix of Cellu-Visc, Hylo-Tears and Optive, Hylo being my mainstay.

      At night before bed, I alternate between VitA-Pos and Lacrilube or, while away in India, Lacrigel.

      Those two keep the eyes moist all through the night.

      When at my worst, I put the Cellu-visc in first thing in the morning and follow up with Hylo Tears and Optive, as and when needed. Or more Celllu-visc.

      Keep in mind that I went through about 10 different eyes drops till I found those that work for me.

      Three most important hints I received from the various opthalmologists at Moorfields, London: (1) Not to restrict my use. Use as and when needed. More important is to keep the eye moist. (2) Vary the drops and gels throughout the day, and (3) from a German trainee ophthalmologst this precious little homily: "A happy eye is a closed eye". Eyes are quick to heal. So with that permission, I would frequently sit with closed eyes or lie down if possible (no guilt feelings there!)

      For years before I had chronic dry-eye, I used saline solution until I was warned that saline is NOT good for the eyes as the pH balance is different to that of our tears. So I stopped using it.

      I am putting off having my cataracts done for fear of exactly this: another bout of extreme dry eye, which, basically, messed up my life.

      I was told that punctual plugs were a possible solution but luckily have not had to go that route...

      I hope this is useful. I feel for you. Eyes are our most important sensory organ, and constantly feeling like you have wood chips in them is not piece of cake!

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    Hi there,

    I have troubles with persistent dry eye. I have found that a night time ointment called Xailin Night is very effective and leaves me waking up feeling quite refreshed. They can be quite greasy but will wash during the day when you use regular eye drops. Don't use this ointment in the day as it makes vision blurry.

    Make sure your daytime eye drops are preservative free. The best I have used are called Hylo tear.

    Best of luck!

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    If you live in the UK, there is currently a problem in some parts, getting the gel type lubricants because Lacrilube had to be withdrawn at some point last year because of a problem.  The other products are available in fits & starts, as they manufacture them.


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