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I'm nearly 6 months into mono & the lingering, odd symptoms continue. Latest one is a dry throat, feels like sand paper. Also I have white tonsils, according to my ENT Dr it's retained mucous in the tonsil crypts, this is definitely as a result of this virus as I've never suffered with this before. The ENT couldn't confirm if this was as a result of this virus or not. I also feel like I have sensitive skin in my mouth which is another new symptom.

Can anyone relate to this? If so, any tips on how to relieve the constant dry throat? (other than fluids obv)


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    what about your tongue? is it white? you have swollen lymph nodes? im nearly 16 month now but still have dry mouth and swollen lymph nodes.

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      yes its quite white & I have swollen nodes. 1 is quite large in the side of my neck which has been scanned and is fine. Found out from my ENT yesterday I also have swollen nodes in my jaw too, he wasn't concerned & actually said they may never go back down.

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    sorry about your struggles

    i have EPV and am at the 6mo mark too.....

    & boy did my symptoms change these last weeks

    new+old+ odd strange turns......!!!!

    i never had dry mouth until this change -/6mo mark;

    i have been dealing with off and on dry tongue mostly/throat a little*

    what ive found is brushing my tongue very well* getting that white/film off

    then slather coconut oil on your tongue or other parts of mouth/needed-

    and brush it off-

    coconut oil is anti microbial/anti fungal

    it seems to have helped a lot!

    i do it every night

    i know people too that do whats called "pulling"

    they swish/gargle with coco oil and its suppose to pull bacteria away and balance PH*..........

    i also eat a few spoon fulls of coco oil throughout day

    soothes mouth/throat plus antiviral properties for internal cleansing

    i get pure raw unrefined organic coco oil for ingesting then just basic

    Lou-Ana brand for hygiene purposes.....

    its a powerhouse

    hope you feel better soon......!

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      thank you for the advice Starr, I'll certainly be trying the coco oil. It's good to hear from someone who is at a similar stage with this virus as me. How do you feel day to day? I'd say I'm 90% back to normal but suffer from fatigue that means I'm asleep by 9pm most nights, occasionally breathless when doing the slightest bit of exercise, swollen nodes in my neck, sensitivity to high pitched sounds (another new one) and general health anxiety as a direct result of the many symptoms that come with EBV & the fact my GP doesn't understand a lot about it. I'm convinced she thinks I am making up half of what I tell her & doesn't take me seriously. I've spent £1000 on private treatment as I have been convinced this is something more but thankfully all has been ok.

      A positive I will take from this experience is that I am much more grateful of my life, family & friends. Sounds dramatic but a few times I've thought I must have something serious & this has made me realise how precious life is & also how quickly things can change.

      Hope you are feeling better soon!

      Gill xx

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      Omg I am the same way. Mono caused me to develop PTSD. I thought I had something much worse than I did because it took 6 weeks of being very sick to get diagnosed, and I still cant get it out of my head that I'm safe and healthy so I'm having bad health anxiety and I'm in therapy for it. I began having awful insomnia and nightmares, I broke out in cystic acne from head to toe no exaggeration my body was covered. First my therapist said it was an acute stress disorder but now its lasting long enough to be PTSD. If the term still existed they would have called it a nervous breakdown. I cant believe mono caused all this. Its been so difficult. I had mono all of December and beginning of January then I started feeling better. I still get days where I'm wiped out and some days I feel normal energy. I am struggling more with the mental health decline this has caused me.

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      Hi Jenna.

      Can relate to your post so much. I too didnt get a diagnosis for 4 weeks, I was told I potentially had liver cancer as I had significantly raised liver enzymes & an initial negative glandular fever screen (they tested too early for the test to identify that's what it was). I have a young child so this terrified me beyond anything else. Even when it was diagnosed I still thought they got it wrong & I am still really not mentally very well with all of this. The lingering symptoms do not help me get over it either. I am determined I will get over this & become a stronger person for it. Time is the healer & we will come out the other side.

      Wishing you well x

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      im a solid person

      now i wanna jump off a cliff somedays im so ill


      where did i go what happened to me?

      this is nonsense!!!

      no cure

      no vaccine

      something must be done!

      i was crying yesterday

      my husband says your breaking down

      i said

      no im sick

      it hijacks your entire body/mind

      i feel like im in the movie



      who am i -:-)?

      its been a horrifying experience

      im six months in

      and still sick


      wondering if im going to get sonething more

      no way to live

      life is beautiful

      i need to be well to enjoy this journey!

      ive never been sick

      i dont do this well

      its STUPID!

      healing to all...GOD bless us all...

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      Mines were too Nicole, the liver enzymes being raised can be very normal during mono - don't panic it does return to normal as your body recovers, hang in there.


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      Oh Starr,

      Empathising with what you are going through right now. One of the hardest things about this virus I think is that because it's 'invisible', others think you're okay or don't appreciate how intense it can be. You maybe can be seen out and about and you look fine to others, so they don't quite grasp the intense symptoms physically, mentally and emotionally this thing causes and the terrible toll it takes on your life.

      Remember Starr this is a very real physical illness, any doctor or anyone who tries to say otherwise are totally wrong, and same goes for those doctors who think it's strange when people don't recovery within the first 2 or 3 months and start to write people off as having fatigue issues or whatever. That is totally wrong and the nature of this virus means your body can take many months to full recovery and reset again, but truly you will get there Starr - there IS recovery and hope and good health ahead and beyond this thing - truly there is and hang in there, hoping for a more settled and better day today. Just one day at a time with this thing and be kind to yourself, and if you can do something you enjoy that doesn't take a lot of energy that can help bring some joy, even if it's just something small in the house or speaking to a friend or whatever, look after yourself, rest and be kind to yourself and know that God is looking after the bigger picture and your recovery....because He is!


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      Thank you also Starr - you are a blessing to this forum, your amazing faith and wisdom shines through even in this tough time and it is an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others, a great reminder of God's goodness to me.


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    Hi Gill,

    So sorry to hear you're having these awful symptoms with the dry throat and tonsils. I remember how wearying and frustrating and frightening living through every day for the initial six months of this virus was Gill, it was a terrible time and I really do empathise. Just hoping and praying things can improve and these symptoms settle down. Want to reassure you that these symptoms can be very common with mono and that they in almost every case go away completely as your body recovers. My experience with this thing was that the first six months were BY FAR the worst and although it did take me a few more months to start to see a significant breakthrough in my recovery, the intensity did lessen and just want you to know that you WILL get there and it can be very normal to see a real change for the better in that period between 6 and 12 months, so hang in there.

    The baking soda remedy which I mentioned in some posts can be a good one for throat / tonsil type issues, or any infection really. Taking 1/2 tea spoon full of baking soda dissolved in plain water twice per day on an empty stomach for 1-2 weeks (no longer at a time as the alkalinity maybe not wise to take constantly for long periods). I've found this a helpful remedy and it's very good at fighting bacteria and viruses, and gargling in the throat / mouth before swallowing hopefully can help. Also oregano I've found a good herb for mouth and throat issues, at times I've taken oregano tablets which can help.

    Hoping these symptoms settle down soon Gill and just to encourage you that things will get better, this thing doesn't last forever even though I know it feels like it at the time. You've shown great courage to get through these six months and your body resilience will return over the coming period, better times and recovery are ahead. Trusting God with that - I believe it!


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    relate 100%. dry mouth, sensititve tissues inside mouth and gum pain. this virus is awful

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