Dry sinus inflammation

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Since July, during a heatwave, I had a sinus inflammation episode where I felt like I couldn't breathe. My sinuses dried out and it felt like my lungs had some dry dust or something in them, felt heavy and the back of my nose and throat felt swollen and extremely dry. It brought on panic and I couldn't breathe from my nose, but it felt uncomfortable and irritating to breathe through my mouth too- felt like I wasnt getting enough oxygen. (I was tested for asthma and didn't have it). This then turned into a sinus infection. I'd have pressure, dizziness, anxiety, tightening of my nostrils and drying...they only thing that helped would be to keep moving going on brisk walks probably to dissipate the nervousness, but it felt worse sitting down. My chest would feel heavy- there was no congestion, just dry constriction.

Now, it's been 6 months and I've been on flonase, all sorts of meds which don't help, and I still have dry sinuses which flair up around 6pm for some reason. I stopped all the meds which created more dryness, and now I use saline sprays, the neti pot sometimes, but they seem to superficially resolve the problem. I've been tested for allergies and nothing resulted- had a ct scan, no sinus infections- maybe too "clean' of a nose, suspected to cause dryness. I've stopped all the rinsing and let it alone, just using a saline spray.

It's the back of my sinuses that swell, and there is a swollen or uncomfortable stretched irritating pain around where I swallow- this all gets brought on mostly together. My sinuses feel like they were scoured with sand paper and dry. Sometimes my tongue and eyes will get dry and it's scary there is no moisture. I Drink a lot of water and tea. What is this? I am a jeweler and thought maybe this had to do with fumes or toxin build up....I have been avoiding fumes and metal work for about 3 weeks and still have issues. I've gone on an anti inflammatory diet- no sugar, alcohol, gluten or dairy, bought a humidifier, used xylitol, aloe for humidifying, which help, I just don't understand the root of the problem and why my sinuses are So sensitive and inflammatory and dry!It's scary and it feels permanent- what could have happened? Is this nerve sensitivity? Happens a lot when rainstorms come in too- the bridge of my nose feels pressure, it may spread to the sinuses and inflammation starts in the back of my sinuses and throat, ugh

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    Hi Stacy 55511,

    I am sorry you have to suffer like this.

    Just want to ask ,does increased humidity in the air help?

    As you mentioned dryness of your eyes, Do you feel that your secretions like saliva is also reduced or the same? Do you feel dryness in mouth?

    Humidity around 50-60 will ease dryness of mucus membranes.

    Btw you should also see your primary physician and ask him for other causes, As if everything comes normal then you should look for other causes.

    You should try to increase humidity in the air and meanwhile find out other causes for dryness of the mucus membranes.

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      Sometimes when it's too hot or humid, i feel worse- especially when there is a heavy overcast rain storm. I can't get the humidity above 40-50....it helps a bit I guess, but doesn't always cure once the inflammation starts. This just feels really random- mostly happens at night from 6pm on. Dry when I wake up as well. I use the saline sprays, it jsut feels like humidity covers the surface but doesn't penetrate. My eyes and saliva are more functional in producing moisture than my nose- just don't understand the swelling in the way back of my sinuses and throat. I've gone to many dr. appointments and they don't know what is going on and just suggest saline rinses. They irritate and dry more when I do them all the time, so I've stopped, and I think that helps. What could this inflammation be from if it's not bacterial or viral? I'm on a candida cleanse in case it;s fungal, but would there be another reason my sinuses would get irritated or be overly sensitive? is it a nerve related thing? Why does it happen in the evening? Independent of where I am? How long does it take to heal these membranes and what could be blocking mucus production?

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      Hi stacy,

      If increasing humidity helps little, and does not elevate your symptoms, Then we should think about some other causes.

      Btw, I had similar things, especially during night during winter when we use heating system at its fullest, Reduced humidity used to dry my nasal passage and throat, And because of that i used to wake up in night with dry cough and breathlessness, And then used to open the window and felt better.

      With that I had eye pain and sometimes when wake up and open my eyes , it used to become painful and red and water comes out of my eyes continuously. And without any pain in my sinuses.

      But eventually I learned I have ethmoid and maxillary sinusitis and now atleast I can keep my symptoms under control, As I know exactly ,what is happening.

      Then eventually I learned to use humidifier, And symptoms reduced significantly.

      Btw there are studies that excessive use of nasal irrigation can cause side effects, So stop using irrigation for sometimes, Another thing will help is steam inhalation. Do it at least 2 times.

      Btw why do you think it should be nerve problem? Do you have any history of recurrent viral infection?

      Another thing is did you used to use decongestant like pseudoephedrine intanasally? Because excessive use of it can cause pale and dry mucosa.

      It took me around a year to figure out my problems and how to deal with it.

      Keep calm and have patience, you will also find your answers and will feel better. Just work towards finding out the things.

      BTW did you have your all autoimmune panels done? Atleast ESR and CRP?

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      Thank you so much for your kind reply, yes, I have to be patient! I've never had anything that affected my breathing/ quality of life for so long like this so it's scary not knowing what it is or how to manage symptoms...

      I had some autoimmune and it came back negative but I will see if I had all panels done. I have no copd- it's all just very dry. They did see my turbinates were reduced ( possibly from flonase or chemicals I use at work which I stay away from now) and said my nose may be to "clean" from nasal irrigation causing dryness so I am avoiding nasal rinses now. I also have some bone spurs which may cause dryness and a little deviated septum, but not sure why this reaction is happening only now.

      I often have flairups at 6pm, around then- and often have problems sitting through dinner if I go out and can't touch alcohol- I sell wine in my shop and need to for work, but that inflames it right away. Never used to! Sometimes heating systems in public places make this flair up. In the summer, i had problems when the heat and humidity were too high and now I have issues when it's too low...increasing the humidity does help though! Now, I'm trying to stabilize the sinus membranes some how- using drops of xylitol and saline, ponaris sometimes and aloe which help to hydrate- sometimes a bit of coconut oil. Not sure if I have a biofilm or not- or why my nose is so reactive- just seems prone to inflammation and dry. Huh, I don't have any eye pain, but I heard there is often a lot of bacteria around and behind the eyes and you can use a saline flush with a bit of iodine. You can look it up on-line for doses, i don't have it here...

      I'm mostly nervous about flights and traveling, which I have to do for work. I haven't taken a long flight with this yet, but am nervous about the pressure and dryness and feeling like I can't breathe with dry inflammation in my throat and sinuses.

      I thought it might be nerve related- heard that vasomotor rhinitis may be caused by oversensitive nerve endings in the nose- sometimes when this would happen, I would get a twitching by my lower lip and jaw, hear ringing and sometimes, feel a tingly sensation on my scalp. This happened a few times. I still get the ear ringing and I think that happened more after I used the neti pot.

      Also taking quercetin which is a natural antihistamine which helps! I guess when your sinuses get out of whack, they take a long time to heal and return to "normal". Thanks again 😉

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      Hello Stacy,

      Thanks for suggesting iodine nasal wash, I will definitely look into that.

      I am happy that your autoimmune panels came back negative, Big relief.

      Btw just want to ask as u mentioned tingly sensation, did you got checked with calcium and vitamin D levels?

      Usually calcium comes out normal, Mainly vitamin d?

      I had severe vitamin D deficiency.

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    have you considered any natural / herbal remedies?

    I had a recurring sinus infection once and it was these treatments that got me through. Pills made from natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts

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    hi all in jan i had sore throat white spots in throat and chest infection which led to mu sinus drying out ever since then theyve been dry struggle to breath sometimetims scary been to ent twice paid for one lot myself but its the same as youve both said dry lungs an throat been using nelimed dry nose works for cple hours

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    dont really understand whats happened warmer places make it mor diffucult to get air aswell

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      Mold sensitivity??? I had a bit of this...it will go away when your immune system gets back to normal. You may have a host of different viral/ bacterial issues. Cat's claw, lemon balm tea, oregano oil, olive leaf extract + NAD, glutathione all helped me. And a diet mostly of fruits and veg! I've been doing celery juice too in the am and lemon juice. this has helped! A lot.

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    it sounds very similar to what i have been dealing with. For me its nose pain, dryness, sometimes burning. I have over done antibiotic creams in nose but my dumb ent told me too incase it was staph. I Just went to Mount SINAI & the dr said to rinse with xylitol and suggested a sesame seed oil nasal spray. SO I have been doing that. I rinse twice per day. I will get it down to 1 soon. MY NOSE is so dry its sore to move is yours? I want to get back to normal too!

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