Drying out herpes blisters quickly

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Hi all,

Used to quite an active member but have generally come to terms a little with my illness over the past ten months. As a back story I caught herpes off my new partner. He didn't know he had it and it was a terribly tough time. I've been through a major depressive period, but to those of you struggling, there is light at the end of the tunnel. On suppressive therapy and looking after myself I have been herpes free for about 8 months which has been awesome.

Unfortunately I've just been on holiday and got a little lazy in taking my daily tablets... And here I am. 5 days into an awful outbreak.

Has anyone got any advice on how to heal the broken sores quicker ? I've been bathing and keeping them clean, washing with soap and water and applying some witch hazel (which makes me almost pass out it hurts so much haha but I feel, no pain no gain right?) but this is dragging out now, some of the sores are still not drying and obviously it is irritated and causing me pain. Walking and sitting in my work clothes is not comfortable and I just want this to end ASAP ! I forgot how annoying the outbreaks are!!

Do any of you apply anything directly to your sores ? Bearing in mind I am female and this is already a sensitive area and I don't want to irritate myself further...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, willing to try absolutely anything at the moment.


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    I don't believe in the drying out theory.. You can dry all day long, but if the virus is present and continues replicating, then they will not go away. I think drying causes unnecessary pay IMO. Putting Vaseline on them eases the pain. People want to treat herpes sores like they are blisters from a burn, which is ridiculous, because it's very diffwdamage happening on the skin. Burns happen ontop of the skin, herpes is entering the skin nuclei and upon entering and replicating, it in some people causes the nucleus to burst, which results in a sore. See why there's really not supporting evidence, other than what's passed around online, to back drying it?

    Make sure you're bathing in Epsom salt. Spray Bactine in sores to numb the pain. Double up your doses of meda until symptoms start to clear.

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      Hi does the Epsom salt or Bactine burn when it touches a brand new open blister ???
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      Don't not I repeat use Epsom salt while you have a open sore it will cause so much pain and swelling because it will irritate it.

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    I have found that 100% aloe vera gel does help a lot as well as carmex! Yes i said carmex. It soothes and helps with the healing process. I also read that vitamin c powder mixed with a little water to make a paste will actually stop the virus from replicating and heal the sores in a few days. I can't speak from experience seeing how i can't find it in any store.
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      Hi D,

      You know what, I had considered using carmex before, there's nothing like it when my lips get chapped ! But I had been cautious about using anything in the area affected by hsv. I will give it a go ! I've read about the aloe too so I will go to the shop and get some today smile thanks for that!

      Thanks for input feel broken but my sores were just remaining as open wounds and I have things to do (horse riding etc) which I really need the sores to scab over for, and work is an actual NIGHTMARE in my outfit with this stuff going on. I have doubled up on meds and now taking 3/4 times a day instead 1/2 times. I am getting there and it is healing as all blisters have popped (gross). Guess I just forgot how frustrating the illness was as I've not had an outbreak like this since before last Xmas

      Here's hoping we get a vaccine in the next decade smile

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    I've had herpes for almost 12 years now. I am taking valtrex on a day to day basis. Although as I grow older it seems as though my outbreaks are more fragile. I've noticed if I party drink, smoke or stress out more I will have an outbreak. Knowing your body and what sets your outbreaks off is #1 in treating the virus. Herpes is NOT a disease! It will not kill you or make you sick. Its just annoying as hell and interrupts life. Anyway, the less toxins you put into your body the less outbreaks. Also, green tea helps with the suppression of outbreaks. I was told by my physician that also has herpes, is that herpes is a skin to skin contact std just like HPV. So if you have or think your having an outbreak do NOT have intercourse. If your taking valtrex on.the reg its a 10% chance that your partner will contract it.

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      Well, herpes is a virus so take that as you may and doctors are people. They can get the same things as everyone else. Saying there are no doctors with herpes is like saying doctors are magical beings that have complete immunity to all sexually transmitted infections and diseases yet those types of doctors are NONEXISTENT as you so eloquently put it. 
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      If you think doctors and nurses aren't regular people who also end up getting STDs, you're delusional. My primary care physician is HIV+, and I'm a trauma nurse who is also HIV+, so maybe you need to educate yourself before you rant on things you know nothing about.

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      He said nothing about the word STD in his paragraph or her ( assuming gender here) and if the physician felt comfortable enough to tell their client that they have herpes that's fine to. Doesn't make it non existent lol.

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      Well clearly you're an idiot Yourself. First of all Herpes is not an actual disease it's a VIRUS. Two completely different things. And second of all just because someone has herpes does not mean they can't be a doctor.

      I know a doctor as well that has herpes.

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      I dont know what you are reading but there is no mention of std in this paragraph is firstly, secondly health professionals and anyone that is human can have or may have sti,std,hiv,aids or any other health problems key word is them being human they are not exempt, third your ranting telling someone else to please think and your clearly not doing do yourself, becaise you don't even have knowledge of what your talking about, you sound stupid.

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      While you're correct, I also know doctors and nurses with Herpes. Not trying to be rude but just let you know that a virus is a type of disease... i think you may be thinking of the difference between bacterial and viral diseases which are two totally different disease processes

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