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Genital Herpes Simplex

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  • FelisCatus 6
  • emily 34271 2

    I'm trying and failing at dealing with genital herpes. Help.

    So about 7 months ago I was diagnosed with herpes. I got it from sharing a damp towel with my mother who I recently learned had it. For the longest time I was scared and had no clue where I had gotten it from. I was hardly sexually active and only had safe sex. So I was very freaked out when I

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  • faith74456 2

    Newly diagnosed

    So i was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago, at first i done all the typical crying and stressing out but then i done my research and turns out so many people have it and its kinda really hard to advoid anyway seeing as even condoms dont fully protect you from it' i was just wondering if anyone has any

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  • hannah 20398 2


    If you and your partner both have herpes, will having sex provoke outbreaks? I am under the impression that if you both have the same type you cannot and outbreaks depend on your immune system(again as long as you both have the same type) is this true??

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  • hellothere1234 2

    Extreme itching after herpes, how long does this last?

    Hello everyone! I have been diagnosed with HSV-1 about 2,5 weeks ago. My first ob was extremely painful, but now the sores have all cleared up and except for one little crust everything looks normal and clean again. Unfortunately I still have an extreme itch around my vagina and anus (not

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  • alice06802 1

    I'm not sure of I have herpes

    My partner does not have herpes and we used condoms everytime. But I am experiening pain and my doctor said it is a virus. Is there still a possibility I have herpes? 

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  • Elrio111 1
  • triton 2

    Genital Herpes & Constipation?

    Hi all! I contracted genital herpes earlier this year(March). To make a long story short.. during my initial outbreak I not only had a few bumps down there, painful urination, etc. but I also had a very strange pain in my tailbone and lower spinal area. It was almost a jolting sensation going off

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  • amber01875 2

    Yellow discharge from Herpes? or just a cut?

    I was diagnosed with genital herpes 6 months ago, and that first OB was by far one of the most painful experiences. I just had intercourse last night for the first time since my diagnosis and I noticed a tiny "pimple" looking bump on my vaginal opening, with a small amount of yellow discharge. I'm

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  • jan110516 2

    Herpes on fingers with GHSV1

    Has anyone had herpes on fingers? I've had a little pus filled, sore near my nail on my middle finger for a couple weeks. Last Saturday I hit it on something and it burst. I thought it was scabbing over, but now it's red and sore again. My worst nightmare is to get this in my eye if I somehow

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  • anita88422 1

    Hey I have open sores on my vagina

    Hey please I need help and I'm very worried. I had sex and 2 days later I had tears in between my vagina lips. I was told it was vagina tears from rough sex so I didn't think anything of it that it'll go on it's own. Then three days after the tears I found open sores around the sides of my vagina. They'

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  • sharne10532 2

    Unbearable pain with genital herpes

    I got told I had genital herpes about 3 days ago, my outbreak is awful they're all over my vagina. They're so painful. I've had to have a catheter fitted because no matter what I try to be able to pass urine I can't, I cry I scream! They don't seem to be getting any better I can't walk or do pretty

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  • dakota07550 1

    Herpes... in the waiting?

    Hello, I have come to a cross roads of waiting for my results of a herpes test to come back but in tue mean time I continue to deterrioate as a person. Last week I went to the doctors as I had flu like symptoms with a sore throat/ fever/ and muscle aches. I was even more worried because following

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  • PhoenixSES 2
  • Livelife 3

    Reacurrances with type 2?

    Hey my lovelies Just found out I have type 2, (after months now of thinking I had type 1 due to my not so bad outbreak and nothing since) So I'm shocked and a bit down god knows why because either way it's herpes and I'm in a relationship!!! But how often are your reacurrances with type 2! Thank

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  • PhoenixSES 2
  • PhoenixSES 2

    New to this.......Advice?

    My first outbreak started about two weeks ago. I've been to the doctor and have been taking the oral antiviral for a little under a week. My pubic area feels much better, but I have two little baby cold sores trying to pop up. I'm under immense stress right now and I know that doesn't help. I've

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  • katie42587 3

    Newly diagnosed- itching??

    Hi, I was diagnosed with genital herpes type 2 a couple of weeks ago. My first outbreak was horrific but the sores cleared up within 5 days on aciclovir. Now I've got really intense itching in my vagina and all around my bum, has anyone else experienced this? I've been doing quite a bit of research

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  • jj22795 2

    HSV2 Testing! IgM and IgG

    Okay short and The reason for IgM testing being unreliable haven't been strong enough for me to rule out my positive IgM result for with my recent intercourse before the I'm in the box that tested too soon and should "ignore" ny IgM because my IgG is

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  • bridie13816 2
  • kim31480 2

    Possible false negative

    *Pic included Hey so I went to planned parenthood for some routine testing 11/2016 (chalmydia, gonorrhea, hiv). Noticed two painless pimples where my pubs are shortly after the testing. Went back on 1/2017 to get hsv blood work. I don't know which type of test was performed but basically I didn't

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  • redpanda09 2

    Telling your partner

    Background information: I had genital herpes 9 months ago now and received it from my ex's as he had whitlows on his hands. I was required to attend a session at a sexual health clinic where I was tested for several STD's and STI's however I was not told what they would be testing for, but my

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  • nevines 1

    How to treat anal herpes!!!!!?????

    I was diagnosed with herpes, this is my first outbreak on my vagina and anus. It feels like glass when i poop so i've been trying not to eat but i get starving, so eventually i have to poop. When I do, i bleed after wards because the sores have been rubbed on and the scabs ripped off by my bowel

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  • r07322 1


    30 yr old women from the US just took the swob test to see if I'm been with my ten year long partner for 4-5 months now. We have a young child together n was gunna make thing permanent be a family make everything workout. Then over week ago I started to feel odd. I told him i feel like

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  • morgan63222 2

    Worried that I have herpes?? Please help!!

    I've been dating the same guy for almost a year now and neither of us have ever shown any sign of herpes. The other day I felt that I had a bump close to the opening of my vagina but didn't think too much of it. Maybe it was an ingrown hair or something because I shave often. A day later I noticed

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  • ND28498 2

    15 weeks Pregnant with reoccurring outbreaks of HSV-2, need advice

    I have had genital herpes for over 2 years, I'm currently pregnant (15 weeks) I continuously keep having an outbreak, I consulted my doctor about my situation he told me to continue to take my medication (500 mg) when I have an outbreak, but do anybody think it had something to do with my sex partner?...

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  • Black 40 2

    I have a Question

    I recently discovered a sore on the lip of my vagina. I went to the doctor and the doctor did a swab. The result came back that I have herpes. I'm so scared and worried as to how I was exposed. Should I get another test to determine which Type I have and how to prevent.

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  • CBT2680 2

    New information?

    Hey! For about a year ago i wrote a discussion. I was told that you most likely wont get infected by hv1 in your genitial area if you have had hsv1 on your mouth for years because of the antibodies. Is this still true? Have had a lot of problems down there lately, doctors does not say it looks

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  • kindsey23803 1

    Help I dont think I have herpes ??

    So about six months ago I went to the gynecologist with red bumps on my lady parts and when I got it there my gynecologist looked down there and said it didn't look like herpes but she scraped some of it and tested it like that she called me and a few days later and said I had herpes but the last

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  • Ashlyn123 2

    Hives on an std???!?!??!?!

    6 months ago I had unprotected sex with an ex. 2 days ago I broke out in a rash looking thing on my vagina. I started using summers eve wipes a week ago before it started to show. I started taking benadryl and it looks like it is going down. I have an appointment to be tested in may. I am so scared

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  • sorelegs 2

    I think I might have herpes, Symptoms help?

    I had unprotected sex on the night of December 31. 4 weeks later I began to have sore legs, groin and buttocks with shooting pain from my buttocks down my left leg and sometimes my right. I also have shooting pains in my arms. My lymph nodes in my groin don't feel swollen. I have been having this leg,...

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  • cheryl2600 1

    Second outbreak...Help with pain?

    I got diagnosed with hsv2 6 months ago,when I had my very first 2 days ago I had a blister appear and it stung,but not nearly as bad as my first one. I haven't gotten anymore that are visible at the moment but I am feeling a stinging sore sensation in one haven't taken my

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  • Livelife 3

    Possible second outbreak heartbroken again

    Okay I got diagnosed with herpes (still to this day don't know what type) in February my outbreak wasn't that as it stung to wee but it wasn't bad at all none of my sores hurt as much just when I weed it felt a bit sore and took almost a month to clear I got over it and accepted it and even had

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  • Worried17 1

    Thought it was HSV1

    Hi I've suffered with cold sores above my eyes on the corners of my eyebrows for 27years now. I was told over 20 years ago from a dermatologist that it was the cold core virus. I've been taking acyclovir for over 20 years and have about 4-7 facial outbreaks per year. Last year I had what I

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  • katie29953 1

    Does this look like herpes?? Freaking out :(

    So about five days ago I noticed some bumps and assumed they were ingrown hair so I tried to pick at them. They are now open face ulcers which I have made worse due to shaving, but like I said it's going on the sixth day. I don't have any other symptoms other than it's a little bit itchy at night

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