Due for first ever colonoscopy at the end of this month

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following my ongoing digestive issues of 8 years that have got progressively worse and a "diagnosis" of IBS without any tests to eliminate possibility of other causes i finally went to my gp and asked for some sort of investigation to make sure there is nothing more sinister causing my issues. so ive been refered for a colonoscopy and flexi (cant remeber the name but its the one that goes down the throat).

im absolutely dreding it. i have to do a home enema an hour before my appointment, so scared.. never done one before and afraid ill do it wrong or ill get hella cramping (been watching youtube videos on experiences with enemas) im also worried that i wont be "empty" in time.. ive got to do the enema an hour before going to the hospital, it normally takes me up to half an hour to have a BM ANYWAY so im worried itll take a long time not only for me to absorb the water but for it to come back out in time for the appointment and to add to that even more, i have health anxiety and general anxiety disorder and hospitals and anything like that literally send me into panic and im being given a sedation. at first id wanted to be put completely to sleep but they dont do that at my hospital so ive had to settle for sedation and im afraid ill feel pain or freak out whilst theyre doing the percidure and have a panic attack... or maybe theyll mess up and tear me inside, im totally freakinng out about the whole thing. can ANYONE WITH ANXIETY linked to this thats been through it talk me through the orocess and how they found it. or just some advice or support or comforting stories of your experience!!

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    I am not sure if your in the UK or not???? but i will be very surprised if your actually having a Colonoscopy?...it may actually be a FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY your having. Im saying this because with a colonoscopy you have 2 follow a restricted diet for 2 to 3 days beforehand, take laxatives for 2 days and there is no enema at home. However with a sigmoidoscopy its just an enema as your having. The hospital will often downgrade a colonoscopy to a sigmoidoscopy without informing you..it all depends on the view of the consultant as to what s needed. With a colonoscopy the scope goes in all of your large bowel ( about 0.75m or so). With a Sigmoidoscopy it doesnt go in as far..just in the sigmoid colon ..just over .25 m. The one down the throat is Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. I have had all 3 procedures and i would like to put your mind at rest. There was no pain or in my case just a bit of pressure. I would recommend the "concsious sedation: and take someone with you for whatever procedure you have. I was anxious too but the "good" procedures outweigh the horror stories you may have read by 99%...!.. and you get the general results straight away..pending biopsy results...good luck!

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      thankyou for clearing that up for me, yes it seems itll be the sigmoidoscopy im having and the flexi.

      thankyou for reassuring me.

      im wondering now if i will need an actual colonscopy if sogmoid does not look at the large bowl as something could be undetetched there if they are only doing the signoidoscopy?

      or is it likely if there is no problems from the one theyre doing then theres no need to look further?

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      Hi again..ive had 6 colonoscopies, 2 sigmoidosopies and 2 endoscopies. It all depends on how the consultant interprets the results of the sigmoidoscopy you are having and what symptoms you have already. The Sigmoid IS part of the large bowel which is the large horseshoe shaped bowel ) UP/ACROSS and DOWN where it meets the small bowel that the scope cant get into....and they will only do a colonoscopy if they feel theres a need for it....good luck!!! and its easy to say but dont worry ..youll be walking on air when you come out!!!...by the way the worst part of a colonoscopy if you ever have one isnt the procedure itself.. anyone will tell you its the 2 day laxative...uurgh! (Don`t worry if a trained nurse does your procedure..in the uk this is the norm..and they are very good).

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    Like someone previously said its unlikely to be a colonoscopy as for that proceedure you need to follow a strict diet 2 days before and take the drink they send you.

    In answer to your question a flexi signoscopy looks at the lower part of the bowel where as a colonoscopy is all the bowel.

    I ve had 3 signoscopies and 2 colonoscopies.

    My first 3 signoscopies i was nervous but ok.

    My first colonoscopy i was scared as it seemed so much more intense.

    I too have health anxiety , i read the risks and assume Im the one they will tear.

    I google things and terrify myself.

    My first one i was all gowned up and waiting for my turn. I over heard the lady before me hadnt done her prep properly so has to repeat it another time. This sent me into a panic attack and i burst into tears. The doctor came out and sat with me calming me down. I was saying to him "your going to tear me " , "i cant do this ".

    He was so kind and calm with me. He reassured me in 5 years hes never torn anyone and I dont have to have this if i dont want to.

    To me i thought, I ve been bleeding for 2 months if theres something seriously wrong with me whats worse. So i went through with it.

    I was sedated and panic as i heard him say lets start so i thought sedation didnt work, then i had a sharp pain and heard doctor ask if i was ok, i said ouch , next thing i know its over.It felt like 5 mins but i later found out i was in there for 40mins.

    My 2nd colonoscopy was 5years later.

    Health anxiety was much worse and i was so terrified i almost didnt book it.

    The consultant wasnt very nice and i felt so sure i would die.

    I was so scared instead of doing the strict diet for 2days i didnt eat .I went in thankfully it wasnt that consultant doing it.

    I had a lovely lady who asked how i was as i was shaking.Soon as i told her about my anxiety she stopped everything and spoke with me. She said she would give me something else aswell as sedation as if i have a panic attack they wont be able to continue as they need bowel relaxed.

    I thought if it goes wrong least im in the right place.

    Again it felt like 5 mins but was longer.

    I know this is a long reply and ive put some horrible thoughts i had in but im trying to come at you from a person with health anxiety as my point is both times i got myself so wound up and reality was it was fine.Even when i felt pain for a split second the doctor was straight on it as i had come round while they were in the bend at the top , i had more sedation and that was that .You have 3 people in with you. Each person watches you for diff reasons.

    soon as your sedated you feel nothing and as time goes on you forget it.

    Colonscopy they make you eat toast and cup of tea before youre allowed home. You stay in recovery for 30 mins.

    Signoscopies i wasnt sedated and i would opt for that anytime over a colonoscopy.

    You will be well looked after and if your scared dont be afraid to tell them. I felt really stupid a grown women crying and saying things i said but they are used to it and if it helps get you through it to rule out anything nasty then do it.

    If i can do it you can. You will feel so good afterwards .One of my signoscopies they cut polyps out and i felt no pain, i even watched it on the screen so i know its hard but try not to worry you will be perfectly fine 😃

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    thankyou SO MUCH. your comment has put me at ease. i think im more scared for the orep as i have issues going to the toilet and i worry i wont be empty and ill have to go back again which will make my anxiety strike as ill have loads of time to dramatise it in my head.

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