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  • scott2478 1

    Bump inside anus:(

    I'm a 32 year old male, no family history of colon cancer and for I'd say the last 6 months to a year I'd have a little blood on my toilet paper or about 5 months ago a bunch dripped out. Bright red. When I wipe I feel a small bump just inside the anus to the very rear. A little tender to touch but nothing...

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  • megan30689 2

    Colonoscopy clear, symptoms never resolved

    In 2014, I noticed some fresh blood in my stool after the birth of my child. My doctor thought piles and gave me a Sigmoidoscopy. It was clear, biopsy normal. No piles or even a fissure. It never resolved, so in 2016 I went to a new doctor, I had an Endoscopy with full Colonoscopy. Both tests came back...

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  • M1954 3

    Late getting colonoscopy

    let me say I do suffer from generalized anxiety and I always think the worst when it comes to my health that us why I try to be in time for all of my tests.  I was mortified when I realizedrecentkyi was actually due fir my 10 year colonoscopy in 2015 instead of 2106 actually due December 2016.  I fortunately...

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  • davidmorton89 1
  • May5 1

    Colonoscopy Without Sedation

    I am writing this in the hope of reassuring a person that is preparing for a colonoscopy. I am a woman in my mid thirties and have had a colonoscopy today without sedation and although offered, did not need the gas and air in the end either. The whole bowel was scoped. I would best describe, the...

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  • lady67208 3

    Normal Colonoscopy, still rectal bleeding

    I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago because I had beed noticing "dark blood mixed in with stools" for 5 months. Blood tests also showed anaemia, but that's common with me. I had no real other symptoms to worry about. The colonoscopy was campleted fully, done by a gastroentoroligist and I was not sedated...

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  • jay04036 2

    Moviprep Prior to a Colonoscopy

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create this thread because last week I had a colonoscopy and used moviprep to prepare myself the day before the procedure. Prior to this I read several forums with people stating it was the worst day of their lives and how horrible it was etc. I wanted to debunk all of this...

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  • Guest M

    Painful colonoscopy

    Having had many operations in the past plus chemotherapy I can say without any hesitation that my colonoscopy carried out at Nottingham City Hospital was the most painful experience I have ever endured. It was sheer agony throughout and even though I wrote to complain afterwards the only response was...

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  • sarah1788 3

    Schedule tomorrow can I eat

    They told me only liquids but I'm soooo super hungry 😞 Also I'm suppose to take a whole bottle of mirolax and something else but I forgot, anyone know what else I'm suppose to take?

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  • daniel66837 2

    flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow....need help

    Hi have a flexible sigmoidoscopy tomorrow at 2:45pm I started my prep 8am this morning with my first dose of picolax and had my other one at 4pm this afternoon and still nothing has happened. Ive read loads of stories about people back and fourth the toilet but It dont seem to be working. Im worried...

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  • caroline05986 1

    My Colonoscopy, Unsedated

    This time 3 days ago, I visited this site for reassurance ahead of a colonoscopy so I'd go in with no particular expectations, everyone's experience is different so for what it's worth, he's an overview of mine. For information, I'm 34, female, no children, small build. Never spent a night in hospital...

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  • marie13049 3

    Family history of bowel cancer and polyps

    As above my sister is recovering from bowel cancer she is 75. My two brothers and my other sister have also got polyp removed.all benign. They are all abroad and they have been advised to rescope in 1 yr and in 3 yrs if everything ok and no polyp found. I am in the uk and had a colonscopy two months...

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  • natalie2608 4

    Sudden change to bowel movements advice pls

    Hi all , so my bowel movements 3 months ago, way before i started the medication and changed from random to always every single morning and slightly softer (sorry!) at around 7am and this week on 2 days twice in the morning. i know this sounds trivial to most of you but it was a change for me and don't...

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  • natalie2608 4

    colonoscopy today , help and advice pls

    hi i have a colonoscopy this afternoon and i took the prep (1st lot) at 6pm last night and after a few tummy pains i went only about 5/6 times and then nothing all night and no more tummy pains. I am starting my second lot of prep now and am worried that not enough is coming out as i have read los about...

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  • cry baby 2

    colonoscopy and upper endoscopy at the same time

    Last Friday I had a combined colonoscopy and endoscopy of the oesophogus, duodenum and stomach done at the same time. Leading up to the procedure I was absolutely terrified and spent hours looking for information from people who'd had it done so I thought I would share it for others who may have to...

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  • Dorset87 2

    Picolax and colonoscopy

    Wow what a 36 hours, was reading articles on this site with interest and was wondering how lucky/unlucky I would get with the dreaded picolax. Started a low fibre diet on Monday which I sensibly stuck to. First sachet Tuesday afternoon at 2pm (24 hours before), 2 hours in and it finally took effect...

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  • cindy92481 2
  • natalie2608 4

    colonoscopy booked for friday

    i have a colonoscopy for friday and on sertraline and have been advised for sedation. i have health anxiety so i am frightened anyway. He said they use madazalan (if spelt correctly) I am worried i will panic as i had a pre med before a general aneasthetic a couple of years ago and completely panicked...

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  • natalie2608 4
  • julie41448 1

    EMR - Polyp

    Hi, i went for a colonoscopy at the weekend and they were unable to fully do it as my intestines were too narrow. They are now sending me for an EMR in two weeks as they also found a polyp on my rectum that needs to be removed. Reading about EMR's they are only done when it is a very large polyp and...

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  • linda31618 2

    Colonoscopy with no sedation

    Hi need some advice im having a colonoscopy on tuesday and would like to get it without sedation as i had a endoscopy done few weeks ago with no sedation and went ok . Please advise is it that bad????

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  • natalie2608 4

    two tone bowel moment!

    following my last post i forgot to mention i also get quite a lot bowel movement that are 2 colours, like one part normal colour and the other very light in he same movement and also the light is softer. is his normal and just down to food does anyone know? or anxiety pushing it through faster ??

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  • winnie105 2

    Painful Colonoscopy with Haemorrhoid banding

    OMG how painful is this procedure??? I went to work while doing the bowel prep, wasnt advised not to and the hospital was suprised when they found out I had gone to work. The procedure itself was nothing short of horrific, I was screaming in pain and begging them to stop and I heard the Dr ask 'as she...

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  • Vonney63 3

    Painful Colonoscopy

    I am trying to collate information on this. I had one done yesterday and I have never known pain like it. I even shouted for them to stop but all they kept giving me is gas and air and telling me to breath deeply with it. It did not help. I know this is not always the case but after reading lots of messages...

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  • bmp01 1

    Colonoscopy and the days afterwards

    I had my first colonscopy a couple of days ago to try to diagnose my irregular and loose bowl motions. Although I wasn't looking forward to the preparation or the procedure, neither were as bad as feared largely due to advice given here. The effects of Moviprep were as expected and sudocream and baby...

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  • ssivochsreh 2

    Colonoscopy or virtual colonoscopy?

    I'm at risk of colon cancer because my grandfather died of colon cancer in his 70s and my dad had a polyp (not cancerous) in his 50s. I'm a 45 year old female trying to decide between a colonoscopy and a CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy). My biggest concern is pain from the procedure since some people...

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  • charlotte 50943 2
  • lakshmi01519 1

    Blood in stool 2 weeks after colonoscopy

    Hello everyone, My mother had colonoscopy on 20 days back and asked her to go for colonoscopy-polypectomy. She has undergone it 2 weeks back. Biopsys were done and came back with Ulceration and mild dysplasia. Today morning she had a red thick blood in her stool. Is this normal that blood in...

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  • suzanne29681 1

    Length of colonoscopy prep

    I am doing the Miralax/Dulcolax prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  Pretty much fasted for most of 3 days prior.  I'm getting so concerned that I won't even be able to get to the place because I will still be "going".  I've had 2 prior procedures, and neither was still actively working by the morning....

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  • Elliesel 2

    Pain after colonoscopy

    I had a colonoscopy on Saturday it's now Monday. I had 1 pylop removed. I am experiencing a stitch type pain in my right side. I have not been passing blood or have no fever but do feel drained. I know I may be sore inside from it. It was a pretty horrible experience and was painful until I either passed...

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  • griffin 12334 1

    Koran-prep... horrible stuff.

    Hey. So I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning and am supposed to drink 4!! Litres of Klean-prep. I started at 6pm and and have managed about 1.5 litres so far. It's now 8:45pm and I should be starting the third sachet in 15 mins but I am really struggling to get down the last half of the second sachet....

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  • annie76946 2

    Colon blockage cause by strictures

    I have three very narrowed parts in my colon because of strictures, im waiting to see a surgeon, but it may take a couple of weeks to have the surgery. They told me to be careful with what i eat because it could cause a blockage, as anyone ever had a blockage/obstructions with food and what can i do...

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  • cindy65475 2

    First time colonoscopy experience.

    I just had my first colonoscopy at age 46 due to a family history of colon cancer. I was super nervous when I found out I had to do this screening, and thought that sharing my story may help others. Three days before my procedure, I started on a low fiber diet. The day before, I was on a clear liquid...

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  • hawker55 1

    low haemoglobin - colonoscopy?

    Im a 48 yr old Male. I just had a routine blood test and my gp said my haemoglobin result came back slightly down on the previous test 2yrs ago, 12.9 down from 13.8. He said my Iron levels are normal which means, I think, that the low count is not nutrition related. He wants to do another test and...

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  • kathy25206 1

    Upper back pain after eating food - started after EDG/Colonoscopy

    I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy two days ago and have experience severe upper back pain which gets worse after eating food. It started after eating for the first time and the pain wrapped around my ribs and spread to my upper back/shoulders. I had a terrible stomach ache in my upper abdomen as well. The...

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