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  • Vonney63 3

    Painful Colonoscopy

    I am trying to collate information on this. I had one done yesterday and I have never known pain like it. I even shouted for them to stop but all they kept giving me is gas and air and telling me to breath deeply with it. It did not help. I know this is not always the case but after reading lots of

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  • bmp01 1

    Colonoscopy and the days afterwards

    I had my first colonscopy a couple of days ago to try to diagnose my irregular and loose bowl motions. Although I wasn't looking forward to the preparation or the procedure, neither were as bad as feared largely due to advice given here. The effects of Moviprep were as expected and sudocream and

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  • ssivochsreh 2

    Colonoscopy or virtual colonoscopy?

    I'm at risk of colon cancer because my grandfather died of colon cancer in his 70s and my dad had a polyp (not cancerous) in his 50s. I'm a 45 year old female trying to decide between a colonoscopy and a CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy). My biggest concern is pain from the procedure since some

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  • charlotte 50943 2
  • lakshmi01519 1

    Blood in stool 2 weeks after colonoscopy

    Hello everyone, My mother had colonoscopy on 20 days back and asked her to go for colonoscopy-polypectomy. She has undergone it 2 weeks back. Biopsys were done and came back with Ulceration and mild dysplasia. Today morning she had a red thick blood in her stool. Is this normal that blood

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  • cry baby 2

    colonoscopy and upper endoscopy at the same time

    Last Friday I had a combined colonoscopy and endoscopy of the oesophogus, duodenum and stomach done at the same time. Leading up to the procedure I was absolutely terrified and spent hours looking for information from people who'd had it done so I thought I would share it for others who may have

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  • jay04036 2

    Moviprep Prior to a Colonoscopy

    Hi everyone, I wanted to create this thread because last week I had a colonoscopy and used moviprep to prepare myself the day before the procedure. Prior to this I read several forums with people stating it was the worst day of their lives and how horrible it was etc. I wanted to debunk all of

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  • suzanne29681 1

    Length of colonoscopy prep

    I am doing the Miralax/Dulcolax prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow.  Pretty much fasted for most of 3 days prior.  I'm getting so concerned that I won't even be able to get to the place because I will still be "going".  I've had 2 prior procedures, and neither was still actively working by the

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  • Elliesel 2

    Pain after colonoscopy

    I had a colonoscopy on Saturday it's now Monday. I had 1 pylop removed. I am experiencing a stitch type pain in my right side. I have not been passing blood or have no fever but do feel drained. I know I may be sore inside from it. It was a pretty horrible experience and was painful until I either

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  • griffin 12334 1

    Koran-prep... horrible stuff.

    Hey. So I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning and am supposed to drink 4!! Litres of Klean-prep. I started at 6pm and and have managed about 1.5 litres so far. It's now 8:45pm and I should be starting the third sachet in 15 mins but I am really struggling to get down the last half of the second

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  • annie76946 2

    Colon blockage cause by strictures

    I have three very narrowed parts in my colon because of strictures, im waiting to see a surgeon, but it may take a couple of weeks to have the surgery. They told me to be careful with what i eat because it could cause a blockage, as anyone ever had a blockage/obstructions with food and what can i

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  • cindy65475 2

    First time colonoscopy experience.

    I just had my first colonoscopy at age 46 due to a family history of colon cancer. I was super nervous when I found out I had to do this screening, and thought that sharing my story may help others. Three days before my procedure, I started on a low fiber diet. The day before, I was on a clear

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  • hawker55 1

    low haemoglobin - colonoscopy?

    Im a 48 yr old Male. I just had a routine blood test and my gp said my haemoglobin result came back slightly down on the previous test 2yrs ago, 12.9 down from 13.8. He said my Iron levels are normal which means, I think, that the low count is not nutrition related. He wants to do another test

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  • kathy25206 1

    Upper back pain after eating food - started after EDG/Colonoscopy

    I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy two days ago and have experience severe upper back pain which gets worse after eating food. It started after eating for the first time and the pain wrapped around my ribs and spread to my upper back/shoulders. I had a terrible stomach ache in my upper abdomen as well.

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  • May5 1

    Colonoscopy Without Sedation

    I am writing this in the hope of reassuring a person that is preparing for a colonoscopy. I am a woman in my mid thirties and have had a colonoscopy today without sedation and although offered, did not need the gas and air in the end either. The whole bowel was scoped. I would best describe,

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  • winnie105 2

    Painful Colonoscopy with Haemorrhoid banding

    OMG how painful is this procedure??? I went to work while doing the bowel prep, wasnt advised not to and the hospital was suprised when they found out I had gone to work. The procedure itself was nothing short of horrific, I was screaming in pain and begging them to stop and I heard the Dr ask 'as

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  • Elle_25 1

    First time Colonoscopy - My experience

    Hi, I thought i'd share my experience with others, esp those going through it for their first time. When i was told the news, i was so worried and had lots of questions I didn't know what to think at first. So i'm hoping sharing my experience will help others, even if it's just one person. I'll be

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  • emilie05576 1

    Colonoscopy Tomorrow

    I'll be starting Suprep tonight.  Any tips on how to make this go better?  I picked up a prescription for anti-nausea medicine.  Has anyone tried numbing their mouth before having to drink their prep with Listorine, ice, or Chloreseptic?  Very nervous about this entire process. 

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  • richard30295 1

    First colonoscopy

    I am a 40 year old male, and due to a family history of bowel cancer i am due to have my first colonoscopy next week. i have been given Klean-prep to take as the laxative has anyone any experence of this. Also during the colonoscopy itself am worried about my bum hole tighening round the probe 

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  • nikki8722 1

    Colonoscopy Biopsies

    Just wondered if anyone would know why I had 24 biopsies taken during colonoscopy 😕 I was expecting 2 or 3. The report came back colon was inflamed and patchy but they wouldn't give me any more information 😟 just a bit worried so any help would be great. thank you x

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  • claire33434 3

    Vertigo dizziness morning after colonoscopy. Is this normal?

    I had my colonoscopy yesterday at 12:30pm. I was nervous but apart from a bit of dosconfort it was fine (and I suffer from anxiety) after being in recovery for 30 mins I was able to get up and get dressed. Although I felt slightly nauseated and a bit dizzy and off balance it didn't last

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  • jose95582 2

    Abdominal discomfort 10 days after endoscopy

    I had an endoscopy 10 days ago and it was a little painful, biopsies were taken and 1 day after the endoscopy I had a bowel movement (no blood) and abdominal discomfort. It's been 10 days and I still have abdominal discomfort (not pain) which I didn't have before the endoscopy. Is it normal?will

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  • hope4cure 6

    Every 3 years colonoscopy recommended in my case.

    Every 3 years I have a colonoscopy anyone else? I have had pylops removed in the past during colonoscopies. It has been recommended to  have a colonoscopy every three years.  I have a really hard time with the prep it is very difficult and seems to really cause stomach issues for weeks later.

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  • jodie62730 1

    Colonoscopy Advice

    i never write anything on forums but I have just had a colonoscopy today and read so many forums in preparation that I thought I would write about my experience to help others.  I had a 11.30am appointment today so yesterday was my prep day. I read that eating a low fibre diet a couple of days

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  • gabrielle74100 1

    painful olonoscopy aborted

    i am furious I had a colonoscopy 8 years ago which was aborted even under very heavy sedation due to pain and looping and angulation.  I saw a private specialist recently who refused my request for profanol or GA and said my colonoscopy would be fine with him! - well yesterday i had the endoscopy

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  • pat07794 2

    virtual colonoscopy

    I am having a virtual colonoscopy ct scan next week.  a restricted diet few days before then   take omnipaque diluted in water and two senna tablets 7.5mg two nights before and on night before!  anyone else had this   had a sigmoidoscopy last week that was clear.

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  • duddy 2

    Positive view on Colonoscopy

    I have just returned home from my C and I wanted to reassure readers that sometimes it can all go smoothly. I went to the Whittington in London where they use Picolax laxative. I followed the two days before diet instructions and taking advice from previous commentators I did not eat too much but

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  • M1954 3

    Late on Colonoscopy

    I had a normal colonoscopy in 2005 I was due for another one in December 2015.  I messed the dates up and I should have had one but somehow I thought I was due in 2016.  I am a person that usually keeps up with everything now I'm worried they might find something wrong although I have no symptoms I'

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  • caversham 1

    a positive colonoscopy experience from an anxiety sufferer

    The procedure and the prep went well. Here's my tips Prep (movieprep) - Follow the instructions provided by the hospital - The solution tastes like lempsip .. i just downed each glass. - Be prepared to camp out in the loo. If you live alone think of everything you'll need and take it with you.

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  • davidk74 1

    Wait for Sigmoidoscopy plus the internet equals bad Anxiety

    Just wanted to pass my story along. Hopfully it will help somone anxious about a Sigmoidoscopy or Colonoscopy they may have scheduled. It should also be a lesson about googleing symtoms. IM 43, my story starts about 4 months before i had my Sigmoidoscopy scheduled, My tail bone suddenly started

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  • marie13049 3

    How long doesit take to get the results of biopsy back?

    It is going to be three weeks on thursday since I had my colonscopy.  The dr discussed the results over the phone with me and told he I have haemorrhoid but did not mention that I had a polyph removed which I find strange.  I asked about the results of the biopsy and he toldhe has not received it. 

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  • debbiermn 2

    Large polyp removal

    I'm having a large polyp removed on Thursday. Will they know straight away if it's cancerous or does it have to be analysed? I'm worried that it's been in me so long and some, I'm told, turn cancerous over time. I'm dreading it, my first colonoscopy was extremely painful even with sedation. Any

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  • marie13049 3

    Worried regarding results of biopsy

    I had a polyp removed two weeks ago and just received letter telling me to ring surgery for phone appt to discuss results. Could not get phone appt today and have to ring on Monday which means I have got the whole weekend to stress about the result. I can only think they find  cancer cells and they

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  • Galaxygal 1

    Sabotaged Preparation ? ~ Ate Sherbet

    Didn't know sherbet contains dairy, less than 3%, probably why not listed on carton. May have to cancel my Endoscopy~Colonoscopy tomorrow morning. No one available at this hour to consult with. Good News: Mixing MiraLAX with Gatorade was easy to drink as the powder dissolved and only taste the

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  • shkumbin05738 1

    Just had my Colonoscopy and I am super worried

    Hello all, I am 32 yrs old male so I had my colonoscopy 4 days ago after having some issues with difficulty to move bowels, cramps, gas, bloating and all these kind of things that a GI told me about 2 years ago that it was IBS causing these. I was having these troubles all along for this time

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