dull ache in lower left abdomen /fatigue/nausea

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for the past year i've been getting a dull ache or pain in my lower left abdomen around where i think the sigmoid colon is some of my other symptoms are fatigue and weakness, nausea, dizzyness, i occasionally get extreamly bad abdominal cramps but these only happen every few months but its the worst pain i've ever been in when it does happen, chronic constipation which i've had all my life, and very bad bloating i'm quite skinny and my stomach can bloat up so much sometime i legit look pregnant. i'm not sure if the next symptoms are related but its worth mentioning i have chronic thrush on my tounge and and genitals i'm a pre-op mtf transexual so i have male parts from my understanding its unsual for people with male parts to get thrush unless they have caught it from a sexual partner? i've never had any sexual partners so i can'y think why i'ed keep getting it 

i went to my doctors and told them my symptoms i explained how i'm quite a healthy person i don't drink and i eat quite healthy (or did) and i'm 24. he told me what i knew he was gonna say that i have ibs and told me to take lactolose... and get bloodtests my blood test results oddly came back really good which baffled me i for sure thought it was going to be bad how can i feel so ill yet my test results are so good? i went back to my doctors agian as my symptoms are no better and they gave my heart burn medication despite me saying i never get heartburn.... i was quite upset when i left the doctors i feel like i was just fobbed off  i stressed  to them how am in constant pain and they didn't seem concerned at all 

fast forward to now it's been a year and i've been taking 60 ml or more of lactolose everyday yet i'm still constipated not quite as bad as i used to go 1 or 2 weeks with out a bowel movement now its every 4-5 days for thoughs 4 to 5 days i'm in pain i feel like i'm going to vomit i am so weak and bloated once i have a bowel movement i feel so much better untill i eat again and it starts all over again i've changed my diet drastically i used to eat lots of healthy food and vegetables but now i can't tolerate them they make my symptoms worse i've been gluten free for 5 months which helped slightly but not much i now live on mainly mash potato and other carbs if i eat vegtables or anything else my constipation gets worse which makes my other symptoms worse the only way i ever feel normal though is if i just don't eat at all after haveing a bowl movement for as long as i can (again i told my doctor this and he didn't seemed concerned at all that i hadn't ate for 4 days)  i've found the foods that cause me the most pain after eatting are onions/garlic/carrots/leeks/broccoli and pretty much most veg  

i guess i just want to know if anyone else has similar symptoms and found out what it was? am sorry this is so long i'm just so upset its completly ruined my life i already suffered with agrophobia and depression and this has made it worse i just feel so defeated everything i try doesn't work and i don't understand why i'm like this when i've always ate healthy i'm young i've never drank alcohol i've always drank 2 or more liters of water a day i've never smoked or took drugs yet everyone i know who does all that is far healthier than me and its completly ruined any little self esteem i had as when i look in the mirror all i all is a massive bloated belly sad  i do plan on going back to my gp but after the last 2 times i feel so put off and because of my agrophobia it can be a bit difficult. last time i was there i asked him if he thought it could be a candid overgrowth and he completely  ignored me and talked over me..

again sorry for how long this is can't believe i'm telling strangers online all this embarrassing stuff l but  i just want to know i'm not alone and maybe see if any of you with similar symptoms found out what was wrong 

Heidi x

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    I have that same pain in lower left abdomen. It mainly bothers me ( a lot ) when I go to bed. Lying down, I guess. I've seen so  many quacks that I'm about done. I don't eat well, never have, but I had to avoid all kinds of foods. I end up eating a small bowl of  cereal then a small lunch, bland and tasteless, then I just drink green tea. I don't drink or smoke, cigarettes. This all came out of left field for me and I've tried to chalk it up as ibs but I don't know what is wrong.

    I have other side effects, that I won't enumerate here, but I'm sad to say I'm glad that I saw your post. Now, I know I'm not alone.

    Maybe a magic solution will come along for us both. 

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      Yes! My pain is much worse when i lay down to in bed the flatter i lay down the more it hurts so i now sleep slightly sat up,  all so if i stand up straight the pain is worse its ruining my posture as i now have to stoop slightly  sad 
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      I try all kinds of ways to sleep but my belly will wake me many times during the night so on top of everything I can't catch a good nights rest.

      I can stand straight. 

      I also seem to feel better after I eat but I don't eat much. I've become afraid of food but no matter how bland I go nothing gets better. 

      It is wearing me down.

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    It does sound like IBS. especially if you feel better after a bowel movement.  Change of bowel habit, stomach pain that moves about, bloating and food intolerance are all symptoms.  However, I would see a different doctor and ask for further testing to rule out other causes.  If everything else comes back negative, IBS can be diagnosed.  It is a diagnosis of exclusion because IBS is functional and doesn’t show on scans.  It is important to get a firm diagnosis.  

    I have had thrush twice in the space of a few months.  The first time it was due to antibiotics and the second time was due to stress. Your doctor will take a swab if unsure if it is candida or bacterial vaginosis. The two can be confused.  They thought I had BV but a swab said it was thrush.  The second time I recognised my symptoms.  I was given an oral tablet and cream for the irritation.

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    Have you talked to the doctors about pancreatitis , have they tested your lipase level . I now have chronic pancreatitis and a lot of the symptoms are the same . Worth having it checked .
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    Hi Hermit:

     I have been through the mill when it comes to abdominal issues. I truly empathize with your situation! When it is your left side as you mentioned your sigmoid colon, you are probably on the right track. It is amazing how we instinctively know our bodies as WE live in them, however, sometimes you need to ACT very hard and be your own ADVOCATE, as doctors see so many patients you become just a number in the game to many of them. I would do a bit of research on Diverticulitis. The symptoms you describe sound like when you eat any fibrous food it is probably getting into the pouches that Diverticulosis(which is a chronic condition where your bowel develops small pockets that are a bit like little hollow balloons that pooch out la bit like a tire blows out and has a bubble in the side.) Many times people with chronic constipation or people who have pushed a bit hard to produce stool cause internal pressure and a "blow out" of the colon wall. This little blow out pocket then collects fecal material and becomes inflamed causing Diverticulitis(anything with a suffix itis means inflammation). This inflammatory pocket can become infected and become an abscess and medical emergency I had 2 abscesses form within the transverse and descending colon. Only one was visualized on a CT scan. When  your body is in pain sometimes you have to fight for your life. Become your own ADVOCATE. ARM yourself with knowledge, and PLEASE do as much research as you possibly can. Take someone with you, as medical personnel tend to treat people better when someone is with them.(this should not be the case, however, it is a true fact in the culture we currently live in). It also sounds like you probably do have candida overgrowth. Anything with sugar will feed the yeast and antibiotics do tend to make things worse. Anytime you take an antibiotic follow up with a BROAD spectrum probiotic(a probiotic with as many different strains of GOOD bacteria as possible)Do not just get a probiotic with one or two strains like bifidus and lactobacillus. Believe me, I know pain. I have had 17 abdominal surgeries and have endured several bowel obstructions. I am an ex-BSN, Nurse Manager. It is very difficult to be on the receiving end of care. I try to help as many as I can, as I actually got to the point of being considered for hospice care in the U.S. for a frozen abdomen. I had to go to Germany for special standard of care surgery that did not include CO2 for a pneumoperitoneum(where the surgeon blows up your stomach for easier access to your abdominal cavity. As well as other differences I will not get into right here. There are so many people currently suffering from abdominal issues and so many physicians and medical care personnel do not take them seriously. I truly apologize to you for the simple fact that I believe people should be educated about what is happening inside their body. I am currently writing a book to try to help those hundreds of thousands looking for an explanation and not getting what they need. There are a number of people also suffering from adhesion disorders following surgery. The adhesions are not visible on any type of scan(CT MRI CAT SCAN or x-ray). These patients become very frustrated and think they are "crazy" as "nothing shows up on the scans. Listen to your body, it is telling you. Stay mentally as positive as you can as YOU are special, but when in the medical system you can be made to feel isolated and minimal and unworthy. You ARE WORTHY!!!! Good luck and KEEP FIGHTING to find the TRUTH of what is making you ill. The path is not always EASY, believe me after over 2 years of being bed bound and several trips to Germany, as well as my home burning to the ground and losing everything along with my 30 year old son passing on Valentines day.Then getting a smaller new vehicle following my auto being lost by the house fire(and way undercovered by any insurance) I have been challenged. I feel that I have gone through so much, however, I feel it has made me have the ability to understand what others are truly going through and how extremely difficult it is to deal with not feeling well and having the people who are supposed to be diagnosing and finding your problem, not understanding, as they are HEALTHY and have not experienced ANY of the problems you are currently going through. PLEASE REMEMBER YOU HAVE SUPPORT THROUGH THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN IN YOUR SHOES! IT IS  WORK ON YOUR PART! Suffering IS NOT FUN!!!! You are in my prayers Hermit! I know that it is difficult to feel acceptance in your life and this just adds to the isolation. ONE DAY AT A TIME, SOMETIMES ONE MOMENT AT A TIME!!!! It is lonely, and they do not understand. Stand Strong and insist on them listening to the knowledge you gain concerning your health.


    Renee(Hope this helps, in some small way)I am trying to become an ADVOCATE for those suffering and not represented!!!

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