Dull pain left side chest, what "could" it be?

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Ok so have being having pains around chest for about 3/4 months also more recently hip and rib pain aswell as top back pain.

I have being on sertraline for almost 3 months now (was 50mg upped to 100mg New Years Eve) but have put on alot of weight since starting. Have being told it should balance it self out and also start a weight management class next Wednesday for 12 weeks.

Since dosage has being upped I keep on getting more of the pains around my left/centre breast area which are like a dull pain. It isnt all the time sometimes whilst laying other times I can be moving but it is there. I used to be able to take 2mg diazepam/Valium and this would settle but now I am taking 4mg and still having this pain on and off. I am concerned but my doctor/s aren't and tell me its not heart attack as that is normally caused by exercise and doesn't last this long, it's not enlarged heart as I have had chest xray and ecg also my age being 28 (29 this Sunday) they Would know by family history....... so what could this be, I have taken the medication for anxiety/depression and it is still occuring.

Also worth noting I have just finished a course of amoxicillin which was for a sore throat that was suspected to be a viral infection but that seems to have got better but still sore. I have found myself since increasing the Sertraline and taking the amoxicillin to be more fatigued and have had days in bed over the past 5 days.

I shall also be asking my Dr on Friday to test T3 and T4 (have already had TSH) aswell as D-dimer to rule out hyperthroyidism and a Pulminory embolism. I know some will be related to weight now as I am now weighing 255lbs - 260lbs (18.5-19 stone) with a height off 5 foot 11. But I see programs with people who are double this weight and not moaning about chest pains etc so I dont think it is all weight

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    I took paroxetine for 5 months and put on 2 and a half stone. SSRI tablets increase your insulin levels, so if you are insulin resistant your weight will increase very fast. If you have the diabetes gene I would look into cutting down and trying to quit this medication. The more weight you put on will put a strain on your heart. I really hate the way doctors increase your medication when you get side effects, as if the side effects are part of your depression or anxiety, even when they were not a part of it before. My anxiety got worse on ssris and I started to feel angry and impatient when I normally don't feel like that. I was told to up my dose and it got much worse and my weight shot up. I decided to cut down and quit against my doctors advice and felt much better although I struggle with my weight now. I had never been overweight before then and it is a struggle to keep my weight down now.

    Get your vitamin D, B12 and folate tested, if you are low in these it can cause you to be depressed, tired and anxious. Also look into talking to a psychologist who can give you really helpful guidance on managing your anxiety and depression.

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      Wow, thankyou for replying..... that is very interesting I have being tested for diabetes and that come back clear. BUT my father is insulin resistant and also has diabetes which requires tablets to allow him yo inject himself and my mother also has diabetes although currently not injecting insulin.

      Don't get me wrong those around me tell me I am more chirpy but this last week I have literally being a sloth stuck in bed and at 28 years old this is a joke. This scares me as without the tablets which took a month to finally to accept I was suffering what the doctors had called anxiety so what medication do/can I take? You say you stopped do you mean the ssri or just any anti depressant/anxiety medication?

      I will ask about the vitamin side of things but am currently taking the following supplements: Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Cod Liver Oil, Black Seed Oil, Magnesium, Allicin, Coq10, Pro Biotic (since being on the amoxicillin) so I would imagine the vitamin side of things should come back ok nevertheless as I am wanting blood tests for T3 and T4 (supposedly these are part of thyroid testing, I had TSH but not these) and also D-Dimer I had mayaswell ask.

      I have being waiting for a CBT therapist to call as supposedly I need "exposure therapy" altgough the assessment was about 8 weeks ago and I felt like I was going to pass out all the time (which Is why I asked about the meds as the Sertraline has seemed to have helped relieve that)

      Thankyou again that insulin resistant thing is definitely something I need to chase up

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      Hi Tom,

      You seem to be taking a lot of supplements which taken correctly can be good for health but, please watch your vitamin D intake. Taking vit D and cod liver oil could be too much depending on how much you are supplementing, taking too much can have adverse reaction. Maybe the cod liver oil is all you need.

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      If both you parents have diabetes ask for a fasting blood glucose test.

      So I gave up antidepressants altogether, anxiety and depression still can affect me, but I have to recognise triggers now and get through it.

      You need to understand the route of where your anxiety comes from and face it. Then get some coping mechanisms to help. Anxiety is something you create in yourself and it is like a bad habit, which you can change with therapy. Meditation is a really useful tool, it is really hard to start when you have an anxious disposition, but really worth the effort. Breathing exercises and visualisation are really useful as well. Going outside when it is light and getting natural daylight on your skin for at least an hour every day as well as a bit of exercise, start with a short walk and build up. You have probably heard it all before, but you don't want to be on medication for the rest of your life. Maybe join a weight loss group, being around other people who may have similar struggles, can be cathartic.

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      These are my blood test papers but they were to big to upload here so have had to use tinypic hence the moderarion.

      I have had all these blood tests plus whatever the hospital done when I went A&E (I would imagine enzymes and D-dimer) but this was before I started the Sertraline. I dont drink although at Christmas I did have a couple martini astis with my partner and also new years eve.

      I actually start the weight management next weds so am hoping that will help as I will have someone breathing down my neck. I do enjoy a chocolate bar in the evenings or a bit of cake after dinner so that will be hard to shake off I guess.

      I have asked to speak to a psychiatrist but the dr wants me to give the meds a go before doing this. I did look into hypnotherapy and also acupuncture but there is no regulation on these so could literally meet someone who doesn't do hypnotherapy properly.

      I don't drive and walk everywhere (well did until the supposed panic attack last year) since then I was light headed etc and pretty much become house bound It has only being the last 5/6 weeks I have got out a bit more other than that only time was when I walk to my Doctors Surgery (about half a mil away)

      Thankyou very much for your advice it means allot and definitely given me some things to discuss with my doctor tommorow as this has got to stop (chest pain, back pain, weight gain, muscle twitches etc)

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