Duloxetine (Cymbalta) withdrawal

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Hi all

I'm currently withdrawing from Duloxetine (Cymbalta) as I've been on it a few months to treat panic attacks and anxiety but it's not been helpful, hence the withdrawal. I've been on 60mg a while and now decreasing down to 30mg before starting a new med.

Basically, I'm fortunate not to have too many side-effects, (unlike Venlafaxine which was hell!) yet the main thing bothering me is that I have a very upset stomach.

I seem to have pain and needing to rush to the bathroom after every time I eat, and often most other times too. It feels like stomach ache and cramp, before needing the bathroom often.

Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this?

Thank you smile

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    Hi Harriet, omg im doing cold turkey regards duloxetine.my tummy has been cramping like mad but never put it down to this. I thought it was my IBS flaring up Im also experiencing other things but now putting it all down to withdrawals.and yes im running to toilet, if it does'nt stop soon i will be taking immodium... 

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      Oh phew I'm so glad it's not me being ill on top of the withdrawal- it's rubbish but at least I know it's because of this. It's horrible right? I have awful cramps and always need the bathroom- how long have you had this for? I'm hoping it doesn't last long as I'm about to start my new medication. Hope you feel better soon x

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      ive been off tablets about 2 weeks i think had cramping pretty soon after but everythingstarted coming to a head on saturday 27/8/2016 and since then its all been down hill. reading this forum has put things into perspective for me i am suffering really bad withdrawals but frightened to tell Dr incase they say get back on duloxetine,which i wouldnt.Im not great with tabs at best off times but this is horrendous.I hope new meds help with tummy and you feel better soon, take care.x
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      Really sorry to hear that sad I hope things get better for you soon, I know it can be tough but hang in there! I'm probably quite fortunate as it seems to be just the tummy pain I'm experiencing, which is good as I withdrew from Venlafaxine before and that was horrendous with all sorts of side effects. I start Citalophram tomorrow which I had been on before a year or so ago and in hindsight I realised I was best suited to this- hopefully I can get back on it without too many problems. I hope you feel better soon. I know what you mean with dr's- you have to remember to say what you feel suits you best, as I did recently, because you're the one who will know better than they do at the end of the day. I tried venlafaxine and Duloxetine, both of which don't help at all so I told them I wanted to go back on Citalophram and they listened. Sending my best wishes and thanks again for your advice smile

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      Sorry- v quick question, how long is your Duloxetine withdrawal as mine is only a week and a half but from what other people seem to be doing I'm worried this is rather quick?

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      I've been off them 1and half to 2 weeks tummy started week ago, everything else on Saturday. I'm having to go to hospital at 9:30 tonight, crisis team first app they have. What a joke . Take care

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      Meant to say I was on citalopram and amitriptyline which worked for long enough but then didn't (family member suicide) and why they changed to this horrible drug duloxetine, 

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      Ohh no I'm so sorry to hear all that. I'm not surprised, I'm sure anyone would be struggling. Did you mean it took you 1.5 to 2 weeks to get off the Duloxetine? I read some people take much longer. I was on Citalophram for 5 years and that's what I'm going back on as I made the most progress on it. Have you found another to change to? Really hope things get better for you soon, stay strong. X

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    Ive been taking Cymbalta 30 mg for 4 weeks. I also take Gabapentin 600mg. Both are prescribed for diabetes related neuropathy.

    Im going cold turkey off cymbalta and this is day 5. A bit dizzy and nauseated but it has to be done. My face, neck, lower back and buttocks broke out with painful acne. Too old for that!!!

    Do you think increasing the gabapentin would ease withdrawal symptoms??

    Thanks and good luck with your health

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      Hi Tina, I was all over the place, but as I'm not a medical person I couldn't say, can you not ask Dr. Why are you stopping and have you told dr 

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      I honestly think I'm getting better still have flare ups now and then but not withdrawals as much but I'm on citalopram now. 

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