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  • Milliemoo22 3
  • mari34228 4

    duloxetine - not sure about it

    Hi, I've been on this for over two months now and I'm not sure whether to stick it out. I was on 30mg for a month then went up to 60mg which I've been on for little over a month now. I don't feel it's working yet. It hasn't helped my fibro pain, and in fact since starting it I've...

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  • MissTeach08 1

    Advice for Stopping Cymbalta

    Hello! I'll try to make this to the point. I know if you're in the midst of a withdrawal, you don't feel like reading a book! I successfully stopped Cymbalta cold turkey this past summer (June 2016). I'd been on 60 mg for nearly 6 years, since I was 24. It helped for the first few...

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  • mari34228 4

    not sure i can stick this

    Hi, I am on cymbalta for fibromyalgia and depression.  I switched from 40mg citalopram (18 months) which wasn't helping my depression to 30mg dulox. Was on that about two weeks and have been on 60mg for another two. I'm soooo tired. I have chronic fatigue anyway but this has taken it to...

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  • shaz6098 4

    Mixing brands?

    Hi guys, I have just picked up my meds from the Chemist (in the U.K.) and having been on Duloxetine for approx 1.5 years, for the first time I have been given a brand other than Cymbalta. I take 90mg per day and have been given 60mg Cymbalta and 30mg Mylan brand. Just wondered if anyone has mixed two...

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  • jordi77 2

    duloxetine and anticoagulants

    Hi, I'm on dabigatran (pradaxa), an anticoagulant, because of recurrent deep vein thrombosis. My GP has now prescribed my duloxetine (cymbalta), to help deal with low mood and anxiety related to work and family issues. I was on duloxetine in the past and it helped me, but I'm uncertain of its...

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  • Sally271 1

    Is this duloxetine withdrawal?

    I could really use some advice. I had been on 60mg of duloxetine for about 4 years. Back in April I decided I would like to slowly reduce. I spoke to my GP who supported my decision to slowly reduce and we agreed that I would manage it myself. A friend had struggled with duloxetine withdrawal but I...

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  • Bdog63 2

    Do I take Cymbalta or don't I?

    I have recently been prescribed 30 milligrams Cymbalta per day to start. I've been reading so many things many good and many bad about the medication. I have had surgeries in my neck and have broken vertebrae in my back and have been dealing with pain issues for a very long time. Also deal with some...

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  • gabby53 2

    Severe Tiredness Duloxetine 60mg

    i have been taking Duloxetine for two years for depression and headache pain.  It has helped with both but has left me with the worst possible daytime tiredness. I was tested for sleep apnea and found to have it mildly, I now sleep with a machine and have that under control but still want to sleep...

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  • ariillustrates 3

    Just Started Today

    Okay, so I forced myself to take my Duloxetine (Cymbalta) 20mg this morning. It's been about 6 hours. I've had three panic attacks because I don't like taking meds. Relatively calm now, but started feeling nauseated trying to eat lunch and feel like vomiting. Also have a funny feeling, like...

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  • KezzaNoon 3

    12 days on Duloxetine -should i increase to 60mg

    ive been on duloxetine for 12 days at 30mg. I'm really tired on it, feel like i've no energy, but i felt that way before i went on them for depression. I don't feel like there is any benefit at the moment so i wanted to ask whether i might do better on 60mg? I've been on other meds...

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  • melissa7471 3

    Has anyone had weight gain taking Cymbalta?

    I started Cymbalta about 2 months ago at 60mg.  I had just lost a bunch of weight going through Fentanyl withdrawal.  Now I've gained it all back and feel hungry all.the.time.  I'm already overweight and was so proud of losing so much, but now - I'm really upset with myself....

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  • katherine66852 2

    Duloxetine withdrawl

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of coming off Duloxetine when only having been on it a short time? I was on 30mg for a month, 40mg for a month and 60mg for 2 weeks. During the 60mg period I experienced feeling out of my body. This really scared me so I want to get off the drug completely....

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  • joanne33113 1

    Duloxetine withdrawal hell

    Hi, just wondered if anyone is experiencing the same symptoms from tapering off duloxetine. I went from 30mg everyday to 20mg every other day. I ve gained so much weight and have pleurisy like pain. Is anyone else experiencing this? X

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  • janet12653 2

    Side effects from stopping Duloxetine

    Hopefully you can help. I was put on Duloxetine 2 years ago at 90mg a day to help with pains in my legs. I suspected fibroids but doc said no. Thinks it's a part of my osteoarthritis. Anyway it's been horrendous trying to sleep for the last year so doctor wanted to put me on mertazapine. Slowly...

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  • Kage 1

    Are these side effects normal when starting Duloxetine?

    Hi there! My doctor prescribed me Duloxetine 30mg and I was told to take it in the morning time on an empty stomach.  I took it for only 2 days and then I quit, because I was experiencing weird side effects with my eyes.  The Duloxetine caused me to have huge pupils and I looked high as a...

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  • sarah7483 1

    Duloxetine Withdrawal Side effects

    Hi....I've been taking 90mg of duloxetine for a while now but after having many different side effects my dr has suggested I drop down to 60mg.....I started the new dose 5 days ago and 3 days ago came down with symptoms I can only describe as flu! Whole body ached, could not get warm no matter what...

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  • caroline969 1

    Duloxetine - can it cause hair loss?

    I was taking Mirtazapine 45mg and Venlafaxine 150mg and it seemed to be working well, but it seems the Venafaxine was raising my blood pressure so doctor took me off that and replaced with Duloxetine.  Still taking the Mirtazapine, I began taking Duloxetine 15mg then 30mg, and it was shortly after...

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  • linda61597 3


    I was on cymbalta since Sept, 2016 60mg & it didn't help my depression. I also wanted to stop smoking so I I'm now on Bupropion HCL 150XL for 3 wks now. I think my depression is a little better, but hasn't slowed down my smoking. Has anyone taken this for smoking & at what mg will...

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  • flyntheointment 2

    Duloxetine and cold feet

    My doctor prescribed 60 mg duloxetine once a day for nerve pain in my foot. I have never had cold feet before and after 1st day of taking it my feet cannot get warm. It is more than annoying, it keeps me awake. I also take Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day and Tramadol 50mg 3 times a day. I have taken the...

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  • linda61597 3

    HELP!!Cymbalta not working after 4 months on 60 mg

    Has anyone had the same experience? I have no motavation or energy and tired all the time. I want to change to another depression med & my psychiatrist is giving me a hard time. She said that Zoloft didn't work for me so what's left.....well there are sooo many antidepression drugs out there...

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  • Filshill 1

    Side effects

    I've been in duloxetine 60mg for 2 years for anxiety causing accute diarrhoea which ruined my life for 20 years. Though this has stopped 90 percent of systems has given me these symptoms: Terrible tiredness 24/7 Limbs aching Always coughing I feel lousy but don't know what to do as they have...

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    Not sure if I should take this medication ..

    Hi , just been given Duloxetine... Just not sure about this medication really ... Can you drink at all ?? I am going on an all inclusive holiday in May with the family , I don't like the idea of being the only one not drinking ... I find having a few drinks helps my socially awkwardness and relaxes...

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  • detour12 3
  • kristen03804 2

    Increased Cymbalta to full 120mg Dose

    I've been fighting depression for over a year now. It all started with my hormones changing due to peri-menopause. I had a full hysterectomy after and I'm still trying to balance hormones with my Dr.. My P-Doc has had tried me on Prozac, lithium combo which helped me years ago. Didn't work...

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  • cynthia3028 1

    Pain Medications

    Hi I'm Cynthia I'm on the same meds as you. Gabapentin and just started on duloxetine. I look up the side effects of duloxetine on the internet look it up and see how it affect you. I have shortness of breath also never thought it could be the med . Also have heart failure . I'm not going...

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  • aaron1984 1
  • Chippi 1

    Just switched from Citalopram to Duloxetine

    Hey everyone, I just switched over to Duloxetine from Citalopram. I've never taken anti-depressants before as I've seen my parents both struggle with meds for depression and this has always motivated me to sort things out myself before. But this winter things got really bad and I thought I'd...

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  • rose45257 2

    Advice needed appetite loss on duloxetine 30mgs

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get some thoughts experiences as i'm worried about my mum she has been on duloxetine 30mgs started on 1st Dec for diabetic neuropathy. The side effects are a big concern for my with her drowsiness and lack of coordination but she has lost her appetite which seems to be...

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  • Tabstoyou 3

    Change from Trazadone to Duloxotine

    I've been on Trazadone for anxiety for about 4 months but, despite trying a higher dose, it's not working for me and interfering with my sleep. I've changed to Duloxotine and been on it for about 3 days. I feel awful. Spaced out, nauseous, short of breath, so I feel I want to stop everything....

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  • linda61597 3

    Don't know if Cymbalta is right for me!!

    I stared cymbalta 30 mg Aug 5 & was increased to 60 mg Sept 30,2016. Since starting I have NO motivation, energy & memory loss. I don't know if this antidepression is right for me? I am seeing a (APN) specialising in Psychiatric Evaluations Medications Monitoring. I spoke to her & she...

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  • Bdog63 2

    Do I take Cymbalta or don't I?

    I have recently been prescribed 30 milligrams Cymbalta per day to start. I've been reading so many things many good and many bad about the medication. I have had surgeries in my neck and have broken vertebrae in my back and have been dealing with pain issues for a very long time. Also deal with some...

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  • Iowakathy 1
  • Tnhurtsme 3

    Tmj cause tn to be worse

    I have trigeminal neuropathy plus tmj i get locked jaw all the time my pain is in my left side in my top teeth hurts pretty sometimes pretty bad an forehead pain i have had mine for over a year im on medication but there are side effects but im managing.

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  • tracy926 1

    Cybalta withdrawal & sleep

    I've been on Cymbalta 60mg for many years and have recently decided to wean off and try a more natural approach to pain management. (My liver enzymes are high). Three weeks ago, I started on 30mg/day. Now I am not sleeping. I mean wide awake all night. Anyone experience this side effect and how long...

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