Positive and encouraging Duloxine experiences?

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I am cribbled with anxiety and would LOVE to hear from you who have had POSITIVE experiences with Cymbalta/Duloxine. 

Thanks for much in advance. 

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    Hello monna . I have been on duloxetine 20mg then 40mg and on Friday last week my dr started me on another 20mg so now I'm on 60mg. I was a nervous wreck I suffer with depression too. Before going on these I try sertraline and gave me bad side effects so moved me on to Mirtazapine45mg they weren't to bad but none of my symptoms changed, but helped me with sleep. But duloxetine has pulled me through it. got to the point It But but these seemed to be doing there job. I feel more my self but now take extra 20mg (60mg) this is a good dose apparently. But I will say the extra tablet I'm taking is at night but I've been finding it hard to sleep. So I'm not taking it tonight before I go sleep I'm going to take it with the other 2 in the morning. I take the same time every day.

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      Dar Clem,

      Thanks for much for your reply! My story is almost identical to yours.

      Started on Sertraline, but the side effects, yuk! Constant nausea, dizziness, vomiting, no sleep what so ever; basically very, very anxious. I was then put on Mirtazapine 30 mg, an Alprox 1 mg and 5 mg of Olanzapine (apparently in small doses used for anxiety) and yes, I was able to sleep somewhat throughout the night, but in the day time the anxiousness is still bad.

      Was put on 30 mg duloxetine yesterday (strangely enough, no real side effects - same for you?) and am supposed to take 60 mg tonight, so am crossing my fingers things will work out. It's been 5 weeks in hell...

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      2wks 20mg... wk later 40mg then on to 60mg it's been about 5wks. I was on 7.5mg mirt but Dr said to stop taking. First few night on duloxetine I had no sleep. My dr wanted me to take 2 in morning and one at night. And that really effected my sleep. So I took the one slightly earlier than bed time 7pm and seemed to be OK. I do hope it works for you. I will now and again feel a bit of nervousness coming on when I don't want to do some and the more i think about the worse I feel. But like you I do have diazepam at 2mg I can do take up 3 tablet every 8hrs but I'm out of them atm and that been since Friday. But have put in for some more whether I'll get them I'm not sure. But I'm riding it out for at least another 2wks on 60mg duloxetine to see how I feel. They are working but the doses have been changed nearly every wk so I'm waiting for my body to adjust to them x

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      I'm on the copy Duloxine so started up with 30 mg monday and then the day after 60 mg (also still 30 mg Mirtazapine, 1 mg diazepam and 5 mg of Olanzapine for sleep as I had almost 2.5 weeks of no sleeping at all!). 

      I feel things are okay... well, not at all okay. I can walk the dog and feel so drained afterwards you wouldn't believe it, so I'm not anything near a normal life yet, but 2 weeks ago all I did was to vomit, so guess everything is... in progress ;-) 

      How about you, any progress? 

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      Only my dr wants me to stop Mirtazapine and just take duloxetine. 2 in the morning but 1 at night but I'm not sleeping. So the two medications are ok together?

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      Oh right I have a small amount Mirtazapine 15mg but have been taking 7.5mg to help me sleep. I need to talk to my gp because by now I should be off them but I'm getting really bad side affects 😦

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    I was taking it for around 10 Years it helped me out a lot , mentally and with panic attacks 

       There are downsides as with any drug the only side affects I had was slowed my matabalisum gained weight 

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      So glad to hear Andrew. How fast did you feel free from the anxiety by taking it? Am kind of desperate... like anyone in here, I suppose. 

      Weight gain - just lost 20 kilos so think it will be ok. Anyway / rather chubby and happy than thin and anxious. 

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      Day  1 

      Feeling very dizzy Nauseous and sick just found out about brain zaps when you turn your head and a zapping sensation eyes and head 

      Sleeping helps dreams are real and emotional 

      Day 2 

      Same as day one but getting worse physically sick due to motions and brain zaps 

      Sleeping helps started to have green tea 

      Dreams really strong tight chest as thou something stuck half way 

      Day 3

      Again same as previous days closing my eyes brings on nauseous and brain zaps 

      Drinking lots of water and green tea 

      More sleeping 

      Dreamt that I was dying heavy breathing tight chest  again feels something stuck 

      Day 4 

      Again same as above brain zaps stronger feeling nauseous and sick sleeping lots feeling mixed a motions tearing then happy 

      Turning my head and more brain zaps 

      Day 5 

      Not so tired today drinking detox tea brain zaps when blink not as strong nauseous not as strong 

      But feel emotional happy then cried in the car had to put oasis on music 

      Also had trouble spelling when working 

      Hungry then not 

      Smashed two cups this morning coordination issues picking a cup from cupboard

      Day 6 going back to work 

      Sent home from work due not with it 

      Brain zaps getting less frequent nauseous getting better drinking lots of water / tea 

      Nettle tea / green tea helping a lot 

      Eating feeling hungry subsiding 

      Sweating a lot 

      Mixed emotions happy , sad , its as thou my Mind / head coming out of a deep sleep 

      And waking up can't help thinking where have I been for over ten years laughing is natural seeing my wife my life in a new light !!! 

      DAY 7. 

      Dizzy bad today / brain zaps bad mood very confused spoken to friends in the park very slow in answering in questions 

      Mixed amotions and feelings 

      Drinking lots of water still and green tea 

      Day 8 

      Good day today brain zaps light nausea light 

      Headache thou drinking lots of water and green tea 

      Good happy mood feeling hungry all the time 

      Concentration is ok replying to questions good 

      No pauses 

      Day 9 

      Back to work sent home from work 

      Brain zaps nauseous stronger at night starting to have real dreams 

      Still drinking lots of water green tea 

      Day 10 

      Emotional no brain zaps in the day or nauseous 

      But had them at night 

      Day 11 

      Same as day 10 had to go to bed early 

      Day 12 

      Weird feelings as thou my mind is clearing and I can see properly 

      Brain zaps and nauseous not so bad at night but feeling freezing 

      Day 13 

      Same as day 12 

      Day 14 

      Some nauseous only light feeling well 

      No brain zaps so far started 9 o'clock 

      Still detoxing lots of water green tea / 1 cup of coffee , hunger has stopped 

      So I'm through the worst of it I feel I've been looking through fog for the past 13 years it upsets me thinking back as to why I needed them for so long  , it's as thou every day something in my head switches back on 

      I did feel angry in the car but for the first time controlled my feelings and shut it down 

      By myself that's when I knew it was the right time for me. 

      I will have mixed emotions I guess for a while until i settle down and come to terms with the switched on me strange but that's how I feel 

      My wife and daughter have stayed by my side from day 1 they are my world my life my heart 

      They will always come first and wont for nothing 

      I've also had support from extended family  included are karl & Jo and friends 

      I'm going to throw the box of cymbalta out tomorrow as I have now overcome my past a very bad accident that has left me mentally scarred that led me to taking cymbalta for 13 years I tried many times to come off them but sort of relapsed mentally and kept on taking them (until I reached a time in my life I knew would be right )lwhich led to me being overweight no matter how many times I went to the gym I couldn't loose weight , this time now I'm clean i will get back to my normal weight I won't lie I've been 20 stone a bulky 20stone 

      Which hasent been good 

      This is my short story of coming off cymbalta 

      I have kept this diary to help others so I hope it helps good luck 

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    Second day 60 mg and am feeling.... jittery. Kind of like too much nervous energy in my body. 

    Can this be a side effect and have you experienced it? 

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      Yes hun mine was in my shoulders like it was muscles tightening and would come and go I'm still getting them with the extra one I'm taking. I feel I want to reach out for something to shake it off. I feel tense quiet a lot.

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      I'm so glad to hear (well, not glad to hear you are feeling pain, but that it's quite normal). Perhaps it's a side effect? I asked my psychiatrist and she said that it is normal to feel jittery, nervous inside and feel external nervousness as well... pain, restless legs etc. 

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      Hi merry Christmas. How long did your Dr say that the jittery n nervousness will last? Its not a nice feeling though. Or just hang in there. I do have good days then one bad or maybe two.

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      I've had 2 weeks of feeling absolutely fine (although a bit jittery), but now can't sleep. It's 4am here in Scandinavia and have not slept despite of mirtazapin.

      Anyone have same issues? 

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