Duloxotine side effects any help please

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if you are reading this! thank you.

about 3 weeks ago i started on this med, i have had a massive side effect which is that about 20 mins after i take it i feel sick but most of all i get restless. its like ive taken a drug! an upper ( i have taken drugs in the past and felt like this) i get waves of it!!

over the past few days its eased off im hoping that im nearly settled on them now!

has anyone else found this? how long do they take.

I called my dr and she says stick with it. I was prescribed them for headaches that i get from fibromyalgia also the dr thought it would help with my depression also.

i think maybe my it has lifted my mood slightly

any advice would be greatfuly received

Thank you


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    why are you taking this drug for . a pill isnt going to cure only mask your issue after 6 weeks check your liver AlT. take milk thistle try a small sample to check you dont have an alergy to it. DULOXETINE mimics depression masks pain but very bad drig to withdraw from Deal with your issues with other options

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      i was on this and it made me soooo illsweating very bad mooded facebook has a page called cymbalta hurts worse

      i had lots pf help through the page

      good luck xx

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      i was on there before ill never take this drug again ill tell everyone stay away from it causes way too many bad side effects do your research with other options

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      thank you for youre replies!

      really confused lol

      i was put on this drug to help with nerve pain and headaches as i have fybromyalgia.

      i do have anxiety and depression nearly 26 years now.

      i will do some research on this.

      i will say my very good dr looked at this very carefully with another GP and thought i should give it a go.

      im on all sorts of other meds as well.

      thank you for your reply


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      what does it mean mimics depression.

      sorry no ignorance ment!

      vicky 

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      Hi Vicky,

      mimic depression is when you take duloxetine then within 6 weeks you get a bunch of symptons like i got fatigue, itchy skin. low energy, jaundice, high elevated AlT Liver, sweaty, zombie feeling, concentration memory issues, unable to problem solve..now how can this drug cause so many side effects and still be prescibed. everyone has there own stories with tis drug. now when you withdraw from this drug as i did this is where i believe people cause there suicide. you have moments of just being blank with your brain and feelings. your basically have that empty feeling. its terrible. i recall sitting in a car as a passenger on a road trip and it was like a panic attack wtf is wrong in my brain i couldnt think just an awful feeling . BE CAREFUL coming off this drug . DRS HAVE NO CLUE what they getting you into. if you have nerve pain for along time have you ever considered your not depressed instead sufferring from chronic fatique. im sure at the beginning of your journey with this you had low mood disorder. eventually i believe the low mood switches overcause of the chronic pain. Fatigue, and all the other symptons that come and are similar to depresseion. Therefore, your drs might think prescribing duloxetine is the right choice as basically nerve pain and depression are from the same part of brain. therefore less pain now for you now. it only masks the pain. im no doctor but i myself am curious is there a safe drug that will give you energy. i tried recently 2percocet at night. in the morning i had energy for like one week. i stopped percocet awhile back. i just need something to pick up my energy level. sorry for this blast.

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      hi jan,

      Thank you for you reply,

      i am going to my dr tomorrow i will raise my concerns.

      i dont know what to think now.

      I am on many prescription drugs atm

      who knows.

      i only want to get better or feel better.

      thank you Jan


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      thank you for you reply

      much apprecated!,

      ill keep all comments in mind


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      jan_68061 You seriously cant tell people to stop a medication, you are not a doctor, and even if you were you dont know this ladies history. Vicky51471 speak to your DR, if you are not happy go to a different Dr.

      No one should be telling you to stop a treatment.

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    I've been on this for a while.

    I felt quite poorly when I started on it (nauseous and flu like) but it did settle after a couple of months.

    It has helped with anxiety but not really my depression .

    It's worth remembering that these "stronger" antidepressants do cause side effects when you come off them or miss a dose, so it must be done VERY VERY slowly- many doctors underestimate this.

    That said, sometimes an antidepressant can be just what's needed and really suit you so it's worth a try if you happy with your doctors advice. Good luck!

    Sunny Dee

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      thank you sunnydays 79

      very much for your reply.

      i guess its what works for the individual.

      i am going to talk to my dr about this tomorrow, raise my concerns.

      ill give it another week or so, see what happens hey

      thank you again


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    Hi Vicky

    I took duloxetine for a couple of years for bipolar and fibromyalgia and found it really beneficial. It did take a few weeks to settle when I first started on it and when the dose was increased. When I came off of it, I tapered down from 120mg per day (maximum dose) to zero in 6 weeks without too much trouble. Sure, there was a little dizziness but no more than with other similar medications. Although I do understand that everybody reacts differently.

    There are an awful lot of horror stories about duloxetine. But for each horror story there are probably loads of positive stories. Remember, people are much more likely to complain about something than to give a positive review.

    Someone here told me to go on the Cymbalta Hurts Worse Facebook page and it was totally horrendous. Run by people with no medical knowledge and extremely rude. You will not get a balanced view of duloxetine there. I was called every name under the sun when I asked for advice on tapering off of duloxetine while starting on a different medication. I was rudely told that they will not support or discuss any mind numbing medications. Having bipolar I NEED medication, it is not a choice and to be told by people with no medical knowledge or training otherwise is very dangerous. If you are on Facebook there is a group called Cymbalta Users Support and Chat which will give you a far more balanced argument with members sharing both positive and negative views.

    Remember that everyone reacts to medication differently so what suits one person may not suit another.

    My advice would be to discuss any concerns with your doctor when you next see them as they should be monitoring you closely when you start a new medication.

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      thank you for your reply to me,

      yes i have heard horror stories! thats for sure but your reply is brilliant we are all different and react differently.

      i think my mood has lifted? i think lol!!

      im off to the dr in the morning she wanted me to give these a go for fybromyalgia and in turn it would help with nerve pain and the awful headaches too also to help with depression.

      i wont go on any sites that are negative but i will look up the one you suggested.

      once again thank you,

      its good to hear a good outcomes here too.

      i appreaciate any advice


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      Hi Vicky

      Just wondering how you got on at the doctors?

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      awwww thank you,

      well im staying on them the side affects i was getting are gone and my mood has lifted.

      l talked with my dr she said that this med was given to me for the nerve pain in my neck and headaches.

      Its not actually for licenseced for fybormyalgia but has been proven to help some people who suffer with it.

      Also as im always so low in mood she thought that it woukd help.

      so im giving it ago!!

      thank you for asking its very kind of you.

      vicky x

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      Good to hear that Vicky. Hope you continue to improve!

      Sunny Dee x

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      Sunny Dee

      thank you! very kind of you.

      i hope you are okay too

      take care

      Vicky x

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