duloxetine doesn't seem to be helping

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Hi all,

I was prescribed cymbalta by a gp to help with my fibro and also my depression (4th anti-depressant for me to try). However, after 7 weeks on 60mg my pains aren't any better and in fact since starting (on the 30mg) I have had pains and stiffness in my fingers, and now I have had sciatica in both legs for days. I am sleeping during the day even more than before (which is a feat). My mood has not been helped either. At times I feel like I am going out of my mind, other times I just feel flat. And a few nights ago I felt so irritable and angry I could have gladly killed someone (even had a vision of me doing it). I just don't know what to do anymore. I have not left my flat for weeks. I don't want to see or speak to anyone. The dog has ripped apart the sofa as she is so bored, and I'm not even mad. All the pieces are scattered around the living room, and I couldn't care less. I've started drinking when I hadn't really touched much alcohol for the past two years. And I've spent way too much money (online!) on clothes (pointless as I hardly ever get dressed properly) and decorating materials (I have started so many projects in the house I can't cope and everything is a disaster). My daughter who normally helps look after everything has been staying at her dad's this past week and she won't be home for ages yet. My son goes there tmrw for the week. I am scared to be left on my own.

What have other's experienced with this drug? I'm tired of changing anti-depressants. I think it's messing up my brain.

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    Hi Mari,

    It sounds like you need to see your GP again an tell him /her about the the thoughts your having,I have given up on Anti-Depressants tried 6 different types ,Nothing worked,so like you my mood is irrational at times an like you get very angry,As for the Fibro the only thing that helps me to sleep an rest from the Pain is Amitrypaline i am on the highest dose 200mg at night,They say they are also a Anti-Depressant but i have not noticed a change in my mood at all,Also say they are a slow release Painkiller ,i Have noticed that my pain worsens around 5-6pm which is when they are wearing off,Like you my GP will not perscribe any other Pain Killer an is insistent that i go to a Pain Clinic which i will not do as i suffer with Agoraphobia an i have not left my house in over 2yrs,Because of this they have left me to it so been penalised because i suffer with another condition,the only support i get is from my Mental Health Support Worker who is great,Go an talk to your GP ,Have you not been referred to the mental health team ? 

                                             Hugs x

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      Hi sevgul, I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances. Do you have a family to help you? I hate myself when I am horrible to my kids, but sometimes I can't stop it.

      Yeah him/her - who knows! It's always a different GP!! I'm worried about coming off the duloxetine as I believe that is a nightmare. Wish I hadn't started it. Yes the rheumatologist mentioned amitryptiline but I was still on the citalopram and they don't mix. Maybe I'll suggest that. I just have my trusty hot water bottle for bedtimes which I have for my back. I was prescribed co-codamol a while back but it did nothing and I came very close one time to taking them all, so threw them out the next morning rolleyes 

      It's good you have the mental support team. I had an appointment with a CPN (referred by a lovely old fashioned locum who just 'got it' and didn't fob me off) and she wanted one of the doctors to see me (I guess a psychiatrist) but then she found out I am already on a waiting list for health psychology - so they couldn't see me as well. So I am waiting (and waiting) on that appointment. I know I am going to have to make an appointment next week, I am just dreading it. I think I will probably break down. I just feel like screaming at the doctors sometimes as they just write their prescriptions and do their usual spiel about trying to get out more, blah blah bloody blah!!!!

      Best wishes to you xx

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      Hi Mari,

      The GP who referred me to the Mental Health Team an understood me has left,so now i am actually scared to make a phone appointment bcoz all i get is lectures,why ? Infuriates me feel 10x worse an like u can quite happily end it all,So all medications an sharp objects have been removed from my house by my Daughter,I have tried CBT with a Phsycologist but didnt work in the end she actually said she will be striking me off as it was not doing me any favours,But it could work for you mention it to your GP.So your not alone if you feel lonely angry come on here an post i am always checking my emails so will respond to you x 

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      Oh that's such as shame they have left. Honestly that locum was the only GP there who has taken the time to really listen. In fact he was saying things to me that I had wanted to say to him! Why can't the other ones be like that!? I honestly thought I would just be sent home again with the same drivel. I've come out of there so many times wanting to cry and feeling like a time waster. One GP, when I was doing my best to explain to her (again) about some of my mental problems actually said 'that's not very helpful to me' and 'what is it you want me to do?'!! Well gee thanks for that doc! That made me feel so much better! The same one also got me into trouble more than once for taking up too much time. Well if I didn't feel completely hopeless and suicidal before I went in, then I certainly did on the way out! I know they aren't mental health professionals, but you would think supposedly intelligent people would have more common sense! I should probably say here that I know some do! My godfather was a GP, so I'm not against all of them!!


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    Dear Mari

    I'm so sorry that you are feeling so down and this is just to say that someone out there is thinking about you and willing you on to get through the days until you son and daughter return.

    It is horrible to be feeling so down and lonely too.

    My very best wishes.


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    I think you need to speak to GP urgently.

    Do you have any friends or family near by that you can stay with or have come stay with you so you are not on your own?

    If the meds are making you feel this bad then tell your gp you need off them, have you tried amytriplyn? As far as I know it's not got the compulsive side effects although it can make you very tired. It also is supposed to help pain.

    Perhaps your gp can also get you some cognitive behavioural therapy or counselling alongside medication.

    Please call your gp urgently, tell them your in a really bad situation right now and you need some urgent help as your feeling so bad and scared to be alone.

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    Hi Mari. I completely understand. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 11

    years ago, but depression and bipolar 2 disorder almost 20 years ago. I

    wasn't experiencing pain back then. Trust me, I know the emotional pain is

    just as bad, if not worse than the physical pain. Finding the right

    medication or combination of medications, is so hard. I'm on 3 different

    meds for my depression and bipolar disorder. Cymbalta, Prozac and

    Lamictal and it took years to find that perfect combination. At least it's

    just the Fibro pain now and not the emotional issues. I had to see a

    psychiatrist to get my meds as only they can truly understand what you

    are going through and what will help. Depression and Fibromyalgia are

    similar in that you can't understand if you don't go through it. It really makes

    you feel alone because the people who are in your life just don't get it.

    Hang on Mari, it takes months, sometimes, to figure out if a new drug helps.

    Just know that many here understand what you are going through. Understand

    like no one else can. Feel better Mari.

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      Thank you Kathy. It does get so frustrating when nothing seems to be helping. And yes, nobody understands unless they have experienced it themselves - it's very lonely and I feel let down and abandoned most of the time. There is a lot of support on this site (thank God!) but not having any real support at home is starting to make me not even care enough to want to try anymore. I'm sure given time I will perk up again. Thank you again for replying. X

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