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Hi all. I hope all of you are in great health.

I have been diagnosed with Dust and Pollen allergy. My nostrills get blocked and it becomes hard to breath. Specially at night time, one or both nostrils get blocked. So I have to use Spray for opening my nostril.

I went to allergy center in May,2016. They diagnosed me with dust and pollen allergy. The doctor prescribed me an allergy vaccine, which I am supposed to take every week. The quantity of the vaccine increases in CC every week,

However since then I have NOT noticed any difference in my condition. My nose gets blocked even now and I have to resort to anti allergy tablets and/or nasal spray for opening nostrils.

I am still taking vaccine shots every week. 

Please suggest me what should I do? Why am I not feeling any better? 

What habits should I change to improve my condition?

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    Hi Umers

    I find that keeping windows closed really helps...central air conditioning filters out much of the stuff...dust well and often...vacuum often...take meds at night (proactively) rather than reactively...use a nose wash...try Ary ointment...stay inside when it is windy out

    kind regards


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    I have been diagnosed with exactly the same ones as you and had blocked nose in both nostrils.

    Can you tell me a bit more, how long you have it, what sort of climate is where you live? 

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      I am 22m. I live in an Asian developing country. I live in a city. The temperature is almost always warm/hot except from Mid november to End of Feburary. The relative humidity varies from 46% in June to 76% in August.

      The city has lots of dust issues but I wear Cloth Mask outside to save myself from dust and pollen.

      I have had this condition for the past 3-4 years may be 5. In the begining I didn't pay much attention to it probably because it wasn't as severe or I guess I have now grown more sensitive to this problem.

      I visited my ENT Specialists. They refered me to Xray and other tests for checking if there was anything wrong with the bone of my nose or if there was accessive flesh in my nose but everything turned out to be clear. They told me, I have allergy but didn't tell me what sorts. It wasn't until this year's may that I visited the allergy center and got diagnosed. Ever since I have been taking the vaccine weekly. I have been wearing the cloth mask for the better part of the year now.

      Now I am really scared and get nervous at times because of my condition.

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      So it seems your problem is exactly what I had. I used to live in a hot tropical climate. Got gradually worse. At the end I was not able to breath through my nose at all. My nose was also clear, no deviated speptum or polyp. But I had allergies. Dust, dustmites, and pollen.

      There is a good and a bad news, The bad news is that it is unlikley that the vaccine will help, and if it will it will take some time, iI'm sure you have tried different antihistamines, if they didn't help you, they won;t.

      Have you tried saline rinse? For some people it really works. It depends how bad your symptoms are, mine was horrible, I though I will suffocate.

      The good news is that I fixed it by moving away, very far away, drier, coller climate. I know it's not easy but if that what it takes, well, better than to suffer 24/7.

      Meantime you can take pseudoeffedrine ocasionally during the day, don't take it at night, it will keep you awake. But it wil clear your sinuses.

      Not for very long term use though

      If your symptoms are really bad, I would try to go away for a week or two and see if it gets any better. 


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      Forgot to ask something important.

      How bad are your symptoms? Do those antihisatmines help you?

      When you say you have to rely on nasal spray, what sort of nasal sprays? Cortisone or decongestant? 

      If you using decongestant ones, it's very bad and you shoud not user it more than 3 days. Cortison sprays like rhinocort are not very good for very long term, but if it helps you, it's ok to use it for a while.

      I have been diagnosed with the exact same alleries, but I figured out that it's not the main cause, it's more jut an additional thing which make it worse.

      The real problem is the humidity and probably the air pressure. (it's just my guess and findings from my experience)

      There are three things which can cause the congestion in your nose:

      - mucus:easy to clear with saline and antihistamines. but if you blow your noseand nothing comes out, it's not mucus

      -swollen turbinates. Could be inferior or middle or both. There's a surgery for it, I had it done, they shrinked my middle one but didin't help not one bit. Saying that however doen't mean that it won't help others, but there's a risk in it, you can end up with an uncurable ENS (empty nose syndrome) Thanks god, I'm ok, but my surgery did nothing at all exept costing me a fortune.

      swollen blood vessels:

      it an be shrinked with blood vessel constrictors, like pseudoeffedrine, the problem with it, that it's not a long term meg, and makes your heart speed up so won't be able to sleep, like strong coffee effect I guess.

      My guess is that when the weather gets humid, rainy, low air pressure, your turbinates and blood vessels swell up.

      For permanent cure I suppose is getting away from that climate. But give a try with all the other thing I and other here mentioned and keep in mind that you can be most likley cured just by moving away

      ?let me know how you go, good luck!


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      I use decongestant, the one that instantly opens the nose. I have done some research on my nose and found out when my nose/nostrils are blocked, the veins in nose openings(the ones deep inside) are RED. 

      I can't move away yet since I can't afford it yet. 

      The weather is going to be extremely cold in a week or two. That might make the climate drier. I'll determine if drier climate helps me.

      Rain rarely occurs in my city. It's always sunny and hot. 

      I started taking Panadol CF last week and it helped me tremendously. However I stopped taking it this week because it's temporary and started with a different treatment in the hopes of a more permenant cure.

      I have stopped taking the decongestant now since it's not good for my health. During day time, my nose is mostly open but it's at night time or in the evening when the nostrils get blocked.

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      Very interesting, same for me, during the day no problem, and at night on side of my nostrils gets blocked. The one which is the lower side.

      But most of the time I can breat through just on one side, but occasionally both nostrils gets blocked so once in a while I use decongestant drops. 

      I find saline spray helpful but only if just mildly congested.

      If you put your pillows higer it could help as well. 

      let me know if you find something which helps!

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      Unfortunately both of my nostrils get blocked so it's a nightmare. I get really scared and panic at times because of this..

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    Umers. I recently posted this message to Lori, but you may have missed the communication.

    I had a similar problem with hayfever, rhinitis, and sinusitis for a lifetime, until at age 65 I found a miracle cure in evening Primrose Oil.

    Please read my post of 9-2-2016 Sinus Infection- AnEffective Treatment.

    Evening Primrose Oil desensitises the nervous system, so that it does not react to normal irritants that cause hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis.

    One 1000mg capsule daily is normally effective in overcoming the problem.

    It is an inexpensive treatment and worth a try. It may even work.

    I have found that cigarette smoke is to be avoided entirely.

    Regards Ray

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    Hi Umer

    National Jewish Health located in Denver, Colorado USA is the #1 respiratory hospital in the world.

    This is what they have taught me:

    Ayr Saline Gel

    use twice per dsy

    NeilMed Sinus Rinse

    used twice per day

    Benadryl 50 mg

    taken before bedtime (proactively)


    taken in the morning



    taken in the morning

    Face masks:

    If only a fabric is available to cover your nose and mouth...keep it wet...wet it will catch the pollens driving you crazy...

    An alternative that would be effective is a face mask with a filter that when properly seated and sealed over your nose and face will filter out all particulates. It is disposable.

    Where I live we have forest fires.. this mask is my protection.

    If I can be of assistance, just respond


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      Thanks for the detailed response smile

      I am growing tired of all these pharmasuticals. I just want to get away from them.

      I started taking Panadol CF for a week at it helped tremendously but it was just temporary.

      I just always feel tired because of this nasal condition! 

      The face mask tip was very helpful. However I am planing to apply some vasline inside my nose to keep the dust at bay. Damp mask will make breathing even harder for me.

      Hopefully I'll land a scholarship for higher studies in a foreign country so that I'll get away from this place once and for all.

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    Do you take chlorpheniramine?

    This is save my life.other medcine dont work me at all


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