Dyspepsia (indigestion) and Gas in stomach

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Hello, I’m a 21 year old male and am seeking advice in regards to some symptoms I have been having for sometime now. I will provide a brief history of my health to get a better idea. 

2 years ago I became sick with what I believe was the flu/stomach bug. After about 2 weeks or so of finally overcoming it, I had never been the same. I started having chest pains and later on physically regurgitating bits of food. Had my heart checked out with a few tests and everything came back fine. Later was diagnosed by a GI specialist after an egd with a hiatal hernia and acid reflux based on my symptoms. Took omeprazole for a month and never had symptoms again for 8 months unless i had alcohol. Eventually started having symptoms again and omeprazole didn’t work anymore. Switched to nexium which gave me 80% relief. However after about 2 months of taking it, started having weird side effects such a small heart palpitations, leg aches, headaches, and brain fog. Once I stopped the meds all the side effects went away within two weeks. I eventually had testing done to see if i could have surgery to fix my hernia. I was finally cleared in January of 2018 for surgery. Within the same month of January, i started belching constantly but wasn’t causing any issues.  2 weeks before surgery around March, I started waking up with a burning stomach in the mornings and diarrhea. I also started getting bloated in my lower gut. My doctors passed this off as a fluke and during surgery an egd was done but showed no abnormalities like an ulcer. 2 weeks after surgery my dyspepsia returned. Saw my original GI doc and he passed it off as strange side effects perhaps from surgery and to not worry about it for a few months as my body was healing. About 6 weeks after the continued dyspepsia symptoms I started having excessive gas trapped in my stomach and those are the current symptoms I have had for two  months now. I have lost weight because the excessive gas makes it impossible to eat normally and sometimes forces food back up with the amount of pressure in my stomach. Seeing three doctors currently and they all have different theories/treatment plans. One GI doc has asked me to take reglan for now while I wait to have a HIDA scan to test my gallbladder function. Another GI doc has asked me to take a sibo test and take protonix and stick to a low fodmap diet while I wait. My primary has asked me to do a laser treatment to that stimulates the gut as she’s thinks my gut is really irritatted and have developed ibs-A.

Sorry for the long post but figured it’d be best to Provide as much background info I could. I’ve had no other health issues and was prone to stomach bugs my whole life once or twice a year but never was a problem for more than a week.  Was an athlete in high school and very fit. Anyone out there with similar symptoms of dyspepsia and excessive gas in the stomach? Any treatement plans that have been successful? 

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    I forgot to mention that since surgery, I had another egd done which showed nothing wrong and tested negative for h pylori and Celiac as well as esophogitis. 
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    I would follow all of the treatment plans offered by your doctors to see which one works for you.
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    @dg4586  I have had a number of virus during my 79 years and without fail, it has taken a long long time for me to be free.  Good luck.  MaryLip
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    So many doctors giving you different opinions is nothing but trial and error. Go to a large well known hospital E/R in your area where they have the equipment to give you a proper diagnosis and render the proper treatment.
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    So just to be clear...the hiatal hernia was fixed by surgery and you have no gastritis or h pylori? Well then, the gas might be due to the fact that you're not eating properly. I would drink a lot of hot ginger tea to try and expel the gas and try Gas X capsules. Eat small portions to relieve indigestion and maybe try an antacid. 

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      Correct. Ive tried eating smaller portions and eat fairly clean (no processed foods, meat, or dairy). Still no luck. Gas-X doesn’t make a difference but activated charcoal tablet does. I just found out from an ultra sound I had that they found several polyps in my gallbladder less than 6mm in size. However my doc doesn’t think this is the root of my symptoms, will be meeting to discuss things in person soon. Still waiting on a sibo test for the results.

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