E cigarettes over smoking?

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Hi there. This group is so informative, more so than any professional I have seen. I'm hoping you guys may be able to shed some light on this subject.

I have suffered with HS for 5 years (self diagnosed) I currently have a sinus tract in my inner thigh/groin which drains off and on, and a harder cyst type lump in my armpit.

I have eliminated all night shades from my diet, reduced weight (I'm not overweight anyway) and I take turmeric twice daily with zinc, plus wash with antibiotic soaps and I am prescribed lymicycline AB's and have peroxide cream. It controls my thoughts, my mobility, my sex life and my work/social life. I've been depressed in the past and I can feel myself going back there.

Admittedly I am an occasional smoker and have always battled with this, I continue to seek ways in which to stop as I know there is a link between smoking and HS,

I now have a vape pen e cig. Doctors class people as non smokers if they convert to these, but will this be the case with HS?

Is it the nicotine or the other harmful ingredients in tobacco that trigger HS? As I know tobacco is a nightshade.

I am on the waiting list to see a dermatologist but don't hold out much hope judging by others experiences.

Thanks for any advice/replies/support in advance.

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    Hi I am sorry you are suffering so much and I really do feel for you.  I was told by my dermatologist that while there is no direct link between HS and smoking a lot of sufferers do smoke.  Mind you they blame everything on smoking these days so I take that with a pinch of salt! 

    There are lots of chemicals in cigarettes and they don't help your health.  I have seen recent reports on e-cigs and there is only nicotine in them which is a lot less harmful,  so why not switch to them anyway?   E-cigs from the latest research are a lot safer and it might not impact on your HS so much.  

    Don't underestimate the results of seeing a dermatologist as they can recommend other treatments that doctors don't have the expertise to.   x 

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      Hey hypercat, Thank you for your reply. I totally agree smoking is terrible, and since switching to the e cig I have already noticed benefits in others areas such as breathing and taste, which I hope means that my circulation and immune system must be improving also Which can only be a good thing for the HS. It's Just the nicotine addiction to conquer now!

      I do look forward to seeing the derm, I guess I just don't want to be on meds forever, and I'm so scared of eventually needing surgery. Thanks again for your support.xx

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    Hello Bex. I have HS~mine is linked to PCOS.  It's a really debilitating condition and,you're right, affects all parts of your life. Most people Have never heard of it,so it's not a condition to discuss with friends. My flare ups are pretty bad~but I've never smoked. I agree with Hypercat ,smoking is blamed for a lot of things these days. I also agree with her about the benefits of seeing a dermatologist. Mine diagnosed it (and PCOS) after my GP saying that he didn't have a clue. what it was! I take it by saying you self diagnosed it, that the way you're treating it is self prescribed. A dermatologist will be able to prescribe other things to control it, Iwish you well  Dot
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      Hey dotcon. Thanks for your reply. It is tough isn't it. I have lots of nurse friends who have never heard of it too, they just keep calling them sebaceous cysts not realising how chronic it can be.

      I'm currently on holiday with my boyfriend who proposed a few days ago...because of the pain I've not been able to even consider sex, it's so sad...bless him for understanding so far. He supports all these strange diet changes and my limited ability to walk places (which we used to do a lot of) I just hope It doesn't impact on our relationship forever!

      Anyway, I'm rambling a bit!! Smoking has stopped thank god, but just now on vapour e cig, so will try and kick that next. I just need to time my battles carefully otherwise the whole process causes more stress which = more HS!!

      Thanks for your kind support.x

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    Hi Bex,

    In my opinion, stress and depression are bigger causes of my 'episodes' than smoking is. Our mental health has a huge impact on our physical health. Please remember that you aren't alone. It's just that HS isn't a very pleasant condition so many people are too embarrassed to talk about it. Try and consentrate on exercise, a low alcohol consumption, healthy eating and keep positive people around you.

    Like you, I am a light/social smoker of cigarettes and I also use the vapour ecig. If quitting cigarettes comes easy to you then, go for it, for your overall health! Doctors can't really tell us exactly why and how smoking effects HS, but I believe it has something to do with fighting antibodies and healing. So, with that said, it has to be positive thing to pack up the fags!

    Good luck!

    Vicky smile

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      Thanks so much Vicky. I totally agree with the stress and depression factor.

      I'm so relieved to have you guys reply with support and understanding of this condition.

      Our fight continues.


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      It certainly does! I had no one to turn to when I was diagnosed because I was too embarrassed to tell my friends and my endless visits to doctors were all in vein! Did you read my previous post about switching to alcohol and perfume free toiletries? I believe that has had a very positive impact too!

      Good luck with the stopping smoking and be strong!

      Vicky xx

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    Hey Bex

    Im really sorry you are going through all this, iknow exactly how you feel, iv suffered with HS for about 15 years (im 35 now) and so does my bro. I had tried every thing and i mean everything until my doc though i should visit the best dermatology clinic in the country ( Guys and St thomas Hospital, London) there i met the doc who changed my word , Doc Pink... BIG UP DOC!!! lol but anyway back to the point , i have medium severity HS and he prescribed me a combination of antibiotics clindamycin 300mg and rifampicin 300mg to be taken twice a day. pelase please please please all who are suffering form HS pelase go to your docs and ask him about these it has changed my life!!! in two weeks i was completely clear even one that never seemed to heal under my arm healed and it did the same for my bro, he was going to go for surgery but afer a 2 weeks of the antibiotics he was told he didnt need it, and he didnt.... please people go to your doc and tell him you cant cope with this and you want a specialist, one who will prescribe these meds!! I

    I took these meds for 3 months and i cant tell you how they have change my life, i do still get the odd flare up but no way near like what i used to


    ps.... i smoke!!! i stopped for 2 years and it made no difference to my HS. but i guess we are all different, and smoking is bad for you anyway!! ;0)

    Sanj man

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      Hey Sanj,

      Wow thanks so much for your advice. Your story has given me lots of hope and I will be seeing my derm/ doc when I'm home from my holidays to request this combination.

      So far all Ive been prescribed is fluoxicillin and co-amoxiclav. (Plus my ongoing lymicycline) which just haven't done anything like it used to.

      Your doctor sounds great, I'm so pleased you've found something that works for you. Fingers crossed they will prescribe this for me too. I'll let you know in the near future how things progress.

      Much love and appreciation. smile

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      If your doctor won't prescribe Sanjas recommended cocktail then ask for erythromycin! Sometimes they are hesitant to prescribe such strong medication. I have tried everything but this was the only antibiotic that worked for me!

      Good luck,

      Vicky xxx

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    Bex, I forgot to say on my last post,if it's not too late,try and request a Dematologist that specialises in HS. Not all do. I had to see two before I was referred to an HS specialist. Best wishes Dot x
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