Ear Blockage & Lost Taste

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Hi, I am sharing my experience of my ENT problems that started last March and grateful for any insights. Started with a blocked right ear & reduced hearing one evening. Then in June after upper respiratory tract infection I have lost more than 50% of my ability to taste which I have no idea if related. Feels like the blocked feeling and lost hearing is spreading since last month to my left ear. Lots of bloody mucus every day in nose.  Multiple GP / ENT visits have seen slight deviated septum and MRI and CT scans nothing. Only definite thing is lost hearing in right ear at high frequency. Not being able to taste is demoralising. Apart from prescribing long courses of cortisone nasal sprays that do not help there seems so little knowledge from the doctors I have seen...

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    I am sure not an expert in any of this - I too have been having issues as I have hearing loss in both ears at a high frequency as well.  My only question to you is - did the doctor every prescribe steroids - like prednisone??  
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      Morning,  Betnesol I used several years ago.  But like the Flix. Nasules, mustn't be used for too long....they're very good though and do work to clear inflammation.

      I've been recommended by a friend who has just qualified in Nutrition to try MSM sulphur tablets, from

      Holland & Barrett....good for inflammation.  so I think I'll buy a bucket full LOL


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      Anne05078 how long did u lose ur sense of i am going on 6 years. but they dont have the thr nodules only th spray in ny usa... i havent used it in some time but how long did u use it for b4 ur smell came back? im losing hope itll ever come back
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      Morning Marie,

      The stronger Flixonase Nasules cleared up all the inflammation and my blocked ears too, soon after that my smell and taste returned after years and years of having lost it.  Using some nasal sprays, I read, do in fact make you lose these senses.

      A course of Prednisolone tablets do the same thing and would clear up the inflammation and you should find your ears will unblock too.

      I'm still getting blocked ear due to sinus and allergy issues, but once I have a problem I use the Flixonase Nasules and it clears again.  I'm still getting almost a weeks relief from blocked ears, so I'm more than happy with that.  I've been good for just over a year now.  Just so long as the Nasules continue to work for me I'll keep using them just once a week.

      There is really nothing else I can advise for you and such a shame you're unable to get the Fixonase Nasules in the country that you live.  They've been an absolute blessing for me having suffered ETD for so many years and being without smell and taste too.  It's just wonderful to be able to smell and taste again.



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    I had a similar issue three years ago. I tried to visit  another doctor- for a second opinion 

    I visited a Dentist- for the ear issue -   My ear issue was related to my jaw bite

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      Hi - thanks for posting and glad your issue was resolved. I don't think mine is the same but will follow up. Julian

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    Good morning Julian,

    May I first ask which country you're in.

    Your'e suffering Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD)

    I too suffer this condition and have for many, many years.

    The pressure became so big in my left ear, the drum

    perforated.  I've now experienced this 6 times over the

    past 18 months.  I lost the sense of smell and taste too,

    due to all the inflammation.  I also suffer allergies and


    You should have been prescribed a course of antibiotics

    if you have blood in your mucus....sounds like there is

    infection present.

    Why I ask what country you live in is because certain

    medication isn't available in many countries.  I live in

    England and fortunate enough to at last seem to have

    have got on top of the blocked ears.

    Back in April last year I had a particularly nasty bout

    of ETD.  The perforation in my left eardrum was too tiny

    for the mucus couldn't drain.  My ENT consultant, whom I see

    twice yearly with this problem, had to microsuction the

    mucus out, which felt wonderful once cleared.  I was then

    prescribed a 20 days reducing course of Prednisolone

    Steroid tablets and after they were finished he prescribed

    a 6 weeks course of Flixonase Nasules Nose Drops....not

    be be confused with the Flixonase Nasal Spray....the nasules

    are stronger and keep the inflammation from returning.  It's

    all the inflammation that causes us to lose our smell and taste.

    Because the Nasules are only suppsed to be used for a maximum

    of 6 weeks, at any one time. I then revert back to the Flixonase

    Spray.  Within 3 weeks the inflammation was back and smell and

    taste had disappeared again.  So I thought to myself that I'd go

    back onto the Nasules, but only use them in the morning and leave

    the evening off.....things improved again and smell and taste returned.

    I am now only using the Nasules when I need them, which is approx.

    every 5 to 6 days, when both ears block up, then just use the once

    and the ears clear again for another 5 days or so.

    I saw my ENT consultant this week and explained how I was

    now using the medication.  He told me if it works for me, keep on

    doing it that way.  He could see no visible sign of the polyps up each

    side of my nose either.  I also take a daily antihistamine to help with

    my allergies.

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is such an awful condition to suffer and

    it seems ENT doctors just don't know what causes it.  Of course unless

    one has recently had a cold or sinus infection....that can certainly start

    it up.  However, most people suffer blocked ears during a cold, but once

    it's gone ears resume to how they should be....sadly, in some people

    their ears remain blocked.  suffering for months and months, or years

    and years.  In my case permanently.

    I do wish these Flixonase Nasule Drops were available everywhere, but

    they are not.  Many people in the States were asking me about them.  So I

    asked my nephew who is a pharmacist out there to check for me.

    Unfortunately, not available, only the Flixonase spray.

    Have you tried pinching your nostrils together and giving a blow, to try and

    pop your ears ?  Works for me when mine block up, but only after I've used

    the Nasule Drops.

    I do hope you soon find relief from this very debilitating condition.




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      Hi Anne - many thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail. I live in England so may well mention the Flixonase when I visit my next ENT. So far I saw a private ENT specialist who seemed to lose interest having eliminated the prospect of tumours etc, then I returned to the NHS which was thorough but months of waiting and no further diagnosis - his view was that viruses sometimes cause this and nothing much can be done. So I will seek a new ENT in private sector. The NHS consultant prescribed Mometasone but I stopped taking it after 10 days as just blocked the top of my nose even more. Now I have blood in dried mucus every day. I think I took Prednisolone previously but will have to check back. I also feel that my problem is ETD but pinching my nose and pushing out through the ears has never worked since I had this. I have spent so much time on internet looking for information about lost taste. It is really difficult in my case because although I may have slightly lost the sense of smell it is much less than the taste. However, since 75% of taste is supposed to come from smell the articles all then just focus on the loss of smell...

      I will post once I have been back to the next specialist as hope useful for other sufferers to read such experiences. I agree that it is very debilitating.


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      Hello again,

      Yes, it's all the inflammation that's causing the loss of senses...get that sorted and it will

      return, I promised.

      What part of the country do you live ?  Don't forget to ask for the FLIXONASE NASULE DROPS, not the SPRAY.

      The very best of luck getting sorted.  I am so lucky with my ENT consultant, he's brilliant

      and so understanding.  In the past when it's been a long wait for my standing appointment,

      but know I need to been see fast.  I pay at our local private hospital where he works on

      two evenings a week....worth every penny to get my ears un-blocked.

      Let me know how you get on


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      Thanks, that gives me some hope and will definitely mention it. I live in West London. Julian
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      Our NHS this days has to cope with an over populated country such as ours.  Our little island wasn't meant to hold so many people, so something has to give.  They do their best and we are so lucky to

      still have such a wonderful Health Service, all for free....albeit, money taken out at source, but small compared to other countries that have to pay high insurances.

      I'm sure your ENT consultant will prescribe the Nasules.  Not having any smell is just awful.  I know

      that smell and taste are connected, however, I'd sooner be without taste than not have smell.

      It was wonderful after all these years of not having these senses, to be able to taste and smell my

      wonderful Christmas dinner last year.

      I live in Kent, so not far from London.

      Best of luck


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    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has experienced any of my symptoms and what has been diagnosed, I've been to 13 different GP's and 2 ENT's (ear nose and throat specialist) also seen a neurologist. I'm so sorry for such a long post, but just wanted to explain every symptom, in hope someone may have experienced it and has some knowledge.

    I'm 28 years old. Female.

    It all started in April with a right ear ache, felt like a deep burning pain, I thought it was just an ear infection and it will clear. Moved into a new house in May, still had the ear pain here and there. Decided to quit smoking in April and start vaping all was going well until mid July I woke up with flu like symptoms, runny nose and dry cough, sore throat, headache and nausea, I started to loose taste on my tongue that day, I thought it was just the flu, everything went away by the next day except the loss of taste on my tongue stayed (when I say loss of taste on my tongue, I can't taste anything when it's on my tongue. I have to swallow and as it goes down the back of my throat I can somewhat taste it, smell seems to be fine. Just the taste is gone) I thought it was vapers tongue? So I tried some of the home remedies on google with no luck, a week and a half later, I woke up during the night with what felt like food poisoning, nausea, dizziness, sweating, shivering, light headed, everything felt like it was moving like seeing cars driving past me made me feel so much worse, I had to just focus on one object that was completely still, next day all the symptoms went away except the dizziness (dizziness was more inside my head not vertigo) , so at this point I still had no taste and now the dizziness had stayed, I went to the doctor for a complete blood test, everything came back normal besides low Vitamin D, I had the vitamin D injection, no difference, it's now been almost 7 months since I've lost taste and the dizziness started, it's constant 24/7... throughout the 7 months the dizziness eased off slightly and I just had a strong brain fog where I can't think properly or concentrate kinda like no Mental clarity, I stopped vaping as I thought maybe that was causing it, no difference, had an MRI with and without contrast on my head and neck, everything is perfect, I was told it might be my wisdom teeth so I've had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out. (They have hit my nerve and now I have no feeling in my chin or bottom lip, made no difference with the dizziness and loss of taste) all together I've had about 18 different blood tests, urine tests, blood colture tests, everything is normal, I've had an EEG on my brain, all normal, hearing is perfect according to the audiogram, ENT has said my ear is fine inside and is very clean. The pain I get in my ear is very deep inside sharp pain, I've noticed lately it seems to be triggered by wind I think as it only really comes when I'm outside. Also when turning my head to the left I feel a pull down the right side of my neck, very randomly I do get a slight ringing in my ear and feels like my hearing is very far away, but since the ear pain started in April, ive had a popping noise in my ear everytime I yawn or open my mouth a certain way, kinda sounds like a popping noise, I thought maybe it has something to do with my eustachian tubes so after reading this thread I've started taking flixonase nasule drops at night, too early to notice a difference yet. I also experience some cheek pain and tenderness around my Temple all seems to be on my right side. Also when laying down in bed I sometimes get a floating feeling.

    Just the last week as I was standing in the bathroom my eyes flickered to the right and back from a google search it sounds like nystagmus. It's only happend twice in the matter of a minute or 2. But since then my dizziness has came back bad again and now sometimes it feels like the floor is moving under me and my eyes are a little blurry. Laying down and turning my head left to right doesn't really make any difference in the dizziness but when I sit straight up the dizziness gets worse for a minute or so then goes back to the same constant dizziness. Sorry again for the long post but just trying to cover everything in hopes that someone may have experienced the same as me and has any knowledge of what it could be because it's terrifying not knowing what's going on.

    Now because doctors can't find anything they're starting to blame it on anxiety, I know anxiety can cause brain fog and dizziness, but it isn't an explanation for my ear pain and loss of taste.

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      Hey. I'm a certified Neuromuscular therapist. Have a therapist work on your SCM (sternocleidomastoid) muscle. If you're having pain in the right neck when turning to the left...that right SCM is too tight. the trigger point in the muscle ( attachments/origin: sternum, clavicle & mastoid process), can cause migraine-like pain, issues with hearing including tinnitus, and jaw/tooth pain (like toothache or tmj). If you're unable to find a good therapist near you, go on YouTube, find Massage treatment for SCM...ALWAYS avoid the pulse in your neck (which is why a good therapist is the best option)...but I understand the frustration and urgency for relief. Also, I suggest to my clients , whatever sits off to the left, that you look at regularly, MOVE IT to the center of your vision or move your seat. You are turning your head to the left too much. I sincerely hope this helps.

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    hi @akira-

    did you ever find relief for this? My symptoms are not 100% the same but some are. Just curious if you are better



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