Ear pressure and headache for about weeks now. I'm starting to feel despair

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Hello everyone,

I've been having ear pressure/clogged ears including a headache for like 2 weeks now and I'm completely lost after showing up to many doctors and my Mid year exams are on the edge. I'll tell the entire story of how it began and till now including what I've been taking as prescribed by doctors. In the couple few days of November (this year of course) I started to feel a bit of dry ache in my throat after giving a test in high school, I thought it was just that I was dehydrated but a day afterwards I got stuffy nose and all those symptoms of a normal cold, the cold kinda went off but I eventually felt a head pressure which caused me to feel restless and less efficient at school so I decided to show up to a doctor (ENT) who said it's some allergy so he prescribed me three medicines 1. Fexet-D (Fexofenadine 60mg, Pseudoephedrine 120mg), 2. Alcabel tablet (lornoxicam 4mg) 3. Conzyme tablet 5mg for 4-5 days. I followed that course, it felt to get a bit better first but then after completing the course my head pressure and clogged ears persisted. I thought it may go away in a few days but it didn't and it seemed to me the doc didn't know my condition well so I went to another doctor who told me it's most probably an allergy, sinusitis due to the dry weather and pollen/dust so prescribed me a single medicine Loratadine antihistamine and told me I should take caution when going outside and wear a surgical mask including take NaCl nasal drops. I followed the antihistamine for a day but I felt panic attacks which I thought was due to that medicine so left it out..I felt I got a bit better days afterwards but again the headache and clogged ears came. I was truly frustrated as it was killing my productivity and I couldn't study in it. I relayed on home remedies until I decided to check with a more experienced doctor, An ENT specialist and a head of a medical institution. I showed him what I've been taking, he ordered me to take an sinus xray, and audiometry. He said it may be due that previous medicines that my condition got a bit worse, he examined the xray and said my sinus are blocked which is causing the head ache and ear pressure. He gave me antibiotics Velosef (Cefradine 500mg), Dolonap (Naproxen 500mg) and anticongestant (Rhine sone p) for 5-7 days and said if these medicines don't work then in extreme case we need to do a surgery..I was shocked and scared. After taking these medicines for a few days I thought I was getting better until I went back to school where my ears and head started to hurt again like if there is and pressure in it. I called the doctor overnight and gave me a combination of more medicines. Chymotrypsin and Cetrizine and said that he's giving me more medicines to try best to treat it without surgery, I got scared more because I never had such a surgery and I'm like 18 years old..with surgery there's a possibility I can get more problems like brain infection etc and if something happens with my brain my entire life is worthless being a student with dreams of success (going to study in abroad University). I didn't take the last medicines the doc told me till yet because I'm scared taking so many medicines till now may have a really bad effect on my body including my immune system. I feel like a bit crying cause my health have been going so well until November showed up and I'm all like this which is preventing me to study hard for my upcoming exams. I'm completely lost and despaired, I don't know what shall I do, take the medicines till it gets well, do nothing, surgery but in all cases my time is short as I have exams to study for and Im unable to do that efficiently. Please help me out sad

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    My current condition is:

    Clogged ears feeling

    A kind of throbbed headache like if my muscles are tensed

    A slight high pitch noise in ears when there's silence

    Can't say if a clogged nose or not but a little but of feeling of stuffiness

    Throat is normal.

    Oh and my antibiotics course isn't done till yet, but it will in a day or two

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    if you only take part of the medication, the medication can not help you heal.

    return to your physician and ask what you should do now.

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    Sinusitis is the worst!!! Im going through something similar. Mid october sinusitis. As i started feeling better, i felt alot of pressure in my ears!! 2 doctors said i had ear infection. Another said its not! I went to ENT who confirmed it was the eustachian tube that was blocked and that it would take time to heal. Great. Mid november my ears started draining and the pressure was relieved. So my ears are fine now. But then early december i started having head pressure. All this because of sinusitis!!

    I have been on antibiotics, ibuprofen, sudafed. None of which helped me.

    What did help me was seeing a chinese herbalist. I understand not everyone is a believer. But its helping me. Boil up herbs and drink as tea. Plus little to no side effects. If you feel like you have no other option, please seek out a good licensed herbalist in your area. Hope you feel better soon

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    I was also a student when this happened to me 7 years ago.  I was in high school and was interested in grad school. I also felt very sad and was becoming very inefficient initally, however I did not give up!! Now I am in the top 5 research universities of the world in my subject. I have been through many rounds of anti-biotics, paracetamol, anti-histamines but it keeps coming back. The first thing you need is willpower. Do not give up !! If you cannot sit down and study -- stand up move around and study. Buy a standing table. Stand and study from it . Move around with the book in your hand. I find sitting down at one place and focusing on studies very difficult --moving helps me clear the headache. I usually take tea as simulant which helps me study and avoid feeling drowsy(without sugar and milk). I also use vicks vaporup and apply it to my fore-head and nose to get a temprorary relief from headache. Taking paracetamol at night once/twice a week or so when the headache is unbearable also helps me a lot. I have given up drinking soda, colddrinks or even eating ice creams because they give me a cold and nasal congestion. Disciple yourself --late night studies give me worse congetion the next day --may be taking too much stress causes more mucus secretion (?) Have patience and learn to live with it. It will come and go but let it not bother you or your studies. Avoid Nasal sprays that have Phenylpherine HCl --these are very addictive and can cause complications. NaCl nasal drops and Steriod based nasal sparys are fine. Also use a room humidifier. Take all your medicines on time and complete that does cycle -- it really hepls !! Trust the doctors and take the medicienes but I am highly sceptical about surgery. Even I considered it but then dropped the idea as the failure rate is very high. Do exercies ever morning for 10-15 minutes. This will not only pump more boold to your nose/ear but also helps in nasal decongestion for some time. This also refreshes my mind incase I could not sleep properly at night. Take a hot shower/bath - I find this very useful an relaxes me.

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