Early days with Selincro..is this normal

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I have been taking Selincro for about 3 weeks now with very positive results, I have been out,drunk and have been able to stop......

Now my brain is saying that I could have a drink every night because I can stop, which is not the way it used to be.....no drink during the week, binge weekend.

So far I have resisted the temptation midweek.

Is this a normal reaction to gaining some control?

Am I putting too much trust in the drug?

Also if I took a pill everyday because I am going to have a couple of drinks of an evening, would this stop all the good feeling relating to other activities I might get involved with?


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    Yes, absolutely normal, sil99!

    Suddenly, we can do the one thing that we have likely been trying everything not to do for many years - many people experience that.

    Whilst the medication is active in your system, then yes it will prevent all endorphins and not just those from a couple of drinks on an evening.

    If you are craving to drink during the week, then do so but I would suggest that it would be useful to make a point of specifically doing something for positive reward too.  For example, if you are one of these people that go to the gym after work at 5 then take the tablet after you have finished the gym, wait the usual two hours then have a drink later.

    That way, you are getting the positive reward from the gym activity and blocking the reward from the alcohol. 

    In due course, I would expect the 'novelty' of being able to drink more often will pass and you will think why bother....  As always, remain mindful of how you drink.

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      Thanks Joanna

      I am trying hard not to give in midweek as I fear it may be the slippery slope, and although I am drinking less, if I were to up the number of times a week I drink, the cumalitive total would go back up without the hangovers slowing me down.

      I got an awful lot from looking at your website...Thank you.

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    Selincro? Is that an over the counter medication or a prescribed one? I would love to find something to take and not have to see the GP to get it! Hope you are doing well. Hang in there x
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      Hi jbgf,

      This is a medication that works for the largest majority of people.  It is prescription only, either on the NHS (might take some work to get it on the NHS but it can be done) or privately.

      Please go to the 'pinned post' on this forum page.  About half way down there is a link relating to The Sinclair Method.  This is a short article I wrote specifically for people from this site to briefly explain this medication. The link is to a website called C Three Europe.

      Read that brief explanation and then decide if you think this might want to know more.



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      Thanks Joanna. I am willing to try medication but I know that it will be on my records if I admit how much I drink to my GP.

      I am going to try the tapering off method starting from monday. Will keep  you posted.

      Thanks x


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      Absolutely understand, but at least you now know that this options exists now.  biggrin

      Just a couple of additional things for you to consider....

      Firstly, if you have the option of going to see a private doctor, then it does not have to be put on your medical records.  All private doctors will ask you if you wish for them to inform your GP, in which case you can say no if you chose.  To go private will cost in the region of about £120 for 28 tablets.  That sounds a lot, but this medication is only used on days that you drink.  As your drinking reduces and you begin to have days when you don't consume alcohol, then you need less tablets.  For example, if you drink every other day then 28 tablets last 2 months, hence £60 per month.  I would hazard a guess that if you are anything like I was, I was spending way over those figures on alcohol per month!  Less alcohol = money saved.

      Secondly, it is very sad that we still have the stigmatisation with this issue.  But should your drinking continue to the point of serious ill-health, or accident whilst drunk, it will be on your medical records anyway, with possibly more severed repercussions on your life.

      Please take care and use this forum, there are a lot of good people here who can at least offer the support of helping you understand that you are never alone in this.

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      Hi, it's early days for me(5days), but so far, I can highly recommend Selincro. Side effect were a bit unexpected in their severity (which could be beacause I take Varenicline for smoking cessation at the same time), but the results are worth it. My goal was not to exceed 10 units/day; not exceeded 6 yet ! Also, the side effects appear to easy off.. Whatever you do, big hug and best wishes, Jxx
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      Yes thanks Joanna for your input. I was put on naltrexone(which I still have) probably didn't give it long enough though so will try it again I think when I'm feeling better xx
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      Hi jbg

      I didnt have much confidence in my local surgery so got it from a UK based on line pharmacy, you have to advise them of your general health, any medication you take and fill in a drinks diary.

      I think they asked if I wanted my GP to know, I said no, but obvioulsy if I go see him again I will have to tell him in case it interacts with anything else he might prescribe. Hopefully by then I will have the evidence that it works for me.

      The cost is less than a large glass of wine per pill, albeit it is an up front cost.

      I feel it is working for me, but am still concerned I am going to get used to it and simply drink through the pill, and what with the silly season upon us thats a concern, although reading Joanna's Christmas story if feel slightly more confident, but immediatley after Christmas my wife and I go on a 14 day cruise.........with a complimentary drinks package........that will be a challenge!!!!!

      If you decide to try it good luck, suffer the side effects if you get them, they do lessen as time goes on.

      All the best, keep us posted.

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    Just to reinforce Joanna's point...It is CRUCIAL to take the pill 2 hours before STARTING to drink, as I have found out to my detriment last night. I have to learn to put more trust into professionals :-/
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      Hi DreamDancer

      Thanks for that, the advice from this forum is invaluable...........

      When I started taking the pill I had got it into my head from somewhere, that it was a good idea to take a pill once a day for week without drinking so as to get your body ready.......fortunately after day 2 I found this foum and was put on the right track.

      There is a wealth of information, advice, experience and support here for which I am grateful.


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      Yes, I had quite a few misconceptions about the way Selincro worked and how to take it. Seen that I got it prescribed via a the local alcohol services from a doctor working for them, I would have expected better.

      Originally, I came on here for personal experiences beyond studies/statistics and side effects, thinking I had the professional input covered. Funny enough, the provider here is called On-Track:-)

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