Early Menopause- perhaps I need more Estrogen???

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Hi Laides

I am 41 and by the looks of things I must have Premature Ovarian Failure as 3 years ago at 38 I only got my periods  every  3-4 months so after seeing a GP my FSH did show being at 110. That time I didnt know about anything and the GP I had then said all in normal range (lol!!!!) After being a pain in the neck I got to see a Gyno and it turned out I had uterine Polyps so I had a D & C. No further treatments have been given. I was on Lexapro fthat time and prior to that for about 3 years as I had some upsetting things happening in 2007 so I always all these years contributed my moods and how I felt to my history.

I started to experience PMS bordering on PMDD about 6 years ago when my periods still where regular, 10 days on the dot I started to get doom and gloom and even Lexapro did not help during these days. I also started to get waterretention then and weight gain etc., I thought well I must be feeling not too bad then if I suddenly can put on weight! (I am not easy to get weight on always been on the skinny side). I have never had prior to any of that PMS or any troubles with my periods, occasional anxiety I have had for years but havent resorted until 2007 to Antidepressants ever.

So looking at my history I figure that indeed I must be in the peri for at least 5 years, being 41 that makes it early.

Last year things gotten really pearshaped, I started to feel depressed really badly, withdrawn, anxiety, panickattacks, hot and cold chills, being not quite here etc, and that was whilst also being still on Lexapro. So I upped the dosage still thinking it was only my mental thing smile Then got a tip of checking my hormones from a lady and I went to a new GP who did alll the bloodworks and it turned out my FSH was still high, my progesterone down to 1 and Estrogen yes still there at 380 (day 21 of cycle) although thats for that time on the lower side too. So she gave me progesterone cream. Which I then used and the follwing 4 months had regular bleeds until things got pearshaped even more. So back again, blood showed then down to 80 in Estrogen...still the advise: use your progesterone cream and here's an antidepressant (I did stop the Lexapro beforehand as I figured it wasnt working).

Going desperate I contacted online a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist and he told me over email that Progesterone was all good and right but what I needed was Estrogen- I cant see him until End of June he's booked out a lot.

So more online search got me to a German Site where an Endo is answering questions, he also said Estrogen and based on my history I should off been given Estrogen Years ago.

Weapponed with my new knowledge I gone to see a GP I also know personally, and he said the BC be good as Im young, but I refused being a smoker also ( I know its not helping...) just too risky. So we settled on 1/5 Femoston Conti with 4 days break each month. That was in January. I still didnt feel any improvment whatsover after one month so went to Femoston 2/10. Which sort of worked but I had to split dose in 2 and I still felt i was always on the brink....

FIgured ok, young, skinny (no good for estrogen), smoker and fast metabolism generally probably Tablets would just be too unpredictable re absorption etc.

I had a script also for Estalis Sequi Patches which is 50 mcg Estradiol and 140 mcg norethisterone (sequent.) - Ok last Wendsday Moring I had enough of the tablets and just stuck a patch on my belly, stopped the oral HRT Tablets.

I was expecting to get some withdrawal symptoms or anything but no, nothing, nada. Contrary 24hrs after the patch was on whoohoo I felt fantastic! Energy, motivation, good mood, no anxiety, depression etc. Just normal great! That was Thursday and also carried partially through to Friday although by late Friday I felt it going a bit down again. Saturday (day of first change) I had a headache all day long, but I thought I wait till Sat Evening to change patch which would make it 3.5 days.

So my summary is that 24 hrs after my last oral HRT Pill and with the patch on I felt fantastic, soooooo I wonder if that is perhaps because my Estradiol Level where still elevated to an extend from the oral HRT and then the patch on top was the ideal level. And now since the Estrogen from the oral HRT is gone down and only the patch is contributing to the Levels I feel not as good again, it be meaning that I probably would need more Estrogen than what the patch is delivering?????

Just thought I ask you ladies, what your thoughts are? And also, what doses are you on, or what is the maxim. dose of HRT generally?

Thank you heaps xox smile

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    PS: I have no side effects as headaches etc. My boobs are still fluff and tinny also
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    Hello Manuela,

    This is all so confusing isn't it and like you I have done all my own research and for me personally I have found the oestrogel and utrogestan my life saver. With the oestrogel I was told to use 2 pumps daily and to add the progesterone (utrogestan) mid cycle ie  day 15-26 but because I often feel my brewing up from day 9-11 I just start these earlier! This particular HRT is the most natural compared to what our body produces so there are very few side effects and one of the safest to use. The good thing though these are easy to tweak by adding extra gel or even reducing when your symptoms are changing. The most important thing though these will be much easier to wean off later thus given fewer recurrence of peri symptoms! .

    This is all trial and error to what works for us! 

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      Hi Snatchpiece

      We do not get the utrogestan here in Australia. The patches I use are the natural estrogen (17B) not the equine ones, I have them on for now 1.5 weeks and upped to 1.5 patches myself and I have to say I feel quite good!! Yesterday someone even said " you are looking very well" (in another matter not knowing I go through meno) and I thought wow, that HRT is working smile So will discuss with my GP next week to prescribe me the 0.75 mcg patches but the progesterone seperatley as the patches do not come in that high dosage estrogen as a combil sad I have the noresthisterone on the patches and I seem to like that one better than the dygesterone, which is the friendlier one, which I had in the HRT Tablets. So fingers crossed it stays.

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    Hi Manuela. What Snatchpiece says is in my experience correct. Nevetheless since you´re still quite young for a full blown menopause, I would try the herbs/capsules Vitex - Agnu Castus. It takes 5-6 months to be fully productive but it will, most certainly, bring everything back to where it should be. Take care. Teresa.
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      Hi Teresa

      I used to take Vitex at the early stages- but its not working anymore. I know I'm quite young, but I'm not imagining it, my Bloodlevels in Nov. used to be all postmenopausal...(Estrogen, Prog, and FSH...). sad

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      Hi Manuela, I am so sorry for you....cry. If you've given up hope of alternative therapies then yep, bioidentical HRT will do the trick. An anti-aging/integrative doctor should make your best bet I reckon. I would meanwhile, besides transdermal estrogen (I prefer gel!) have oral micronized progesterone (not the artficial ones) like Prometrium becase it's cancer protective and will make you sleep like a baby.  Threre's a site from the University of British Columbia, Cemcor, that has more hepful info. I hope you go back to balance soon. XX

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