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Hello I have suffered from anxiety especially health anxiety for some time. I did have it largely under control but due to some recent medication and health problems I find myself very anxious. Now I am not sure if this anxiety is due to the medication I took 3/4 weeks ago which does have this as a side effect and I have gp appointment tomorrow. My question is about waking up early in an anxious state. I wake up around 5-5.30 every morning and within a short time the anxiety sets in I have tried deep breathing relaxation and medication tapes but nothing really works. I have pain from arthritis and other health problems and find it hard sometimes having to cancel arrangements because I feel unwell or am in pain. I just lie there till about 7-715am which is the time I like to get up. Does anyone think it would be better to get up straight away. I don't sleep in the day but do tend to fall asleep on the sofa around 9-10pm. Thank you.

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    I was up at 3am today with Anxiety after unsuccessfully lying in bed for a while trying to nod off again.

    I get up and watch a bit of TV till I feel sleepy again then go back to bed.

    Peace 🙏

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      Thanks for your reply. Yes I have done that when I could not sleep at all. I have watched TV from 2-4 am then gone back to bed. I am be nature an early riser but now have to take tablets about an hour before eating and fibre drink 30 mins before so like to be up at 7.30 latest and my husband who is diabetic has his breakfast around 8.45am. It is so annoying just need a another couple of hours sleep. Oh to be young (now 71) and fall asleep the minute your head hit the pillow and not wake up until the alarm went off for work.

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    hello, i know quite a bit about anxiety, what works and what doesnt. have tried allsorts.

    its your anxiety thats causing you to wake up early, which makes you worry more, escalating or maintaining your situation. it takes a long time to get over an anxious spell.

    if you can get your anxiety down, it will improve your arthritis and joint pain. anxiety will tense your muscles and joints, making old injuries flare up, and not allowing them to repair while you sleep.

    i presume you don't have any caffeine, absolutely none. its so bad for anxiety, even small amounts.

    anti depressants can be very good for anxiety, but its difficult to get the right one, and some make it worse initially. 2 that spring to mind are amitryptolene and mirtazapine. both are sedative, and will help you sleep. both if these are also used for pain relief, as they relax your muscles.

    i havent come across any supplements or alternative supplements that work, apart from cbd oil. i also know a fair bit about which cannabis varieties are good for both, but presume you wouldnt want to go there. i vape cbd e liquid, which is better than taking drops. it acts much more quickly, and you waste less. i mix it with normal e liquids, to weaken it, then vape all night. if i wake up during the night, my vape is to hand, have a few puffs, and its back to sleep. its relatively expensive, but very relaxing, and no side effects. you can vape it with a nil nicoteine e liquid if you want. ive tried all sorts as i said, weed and vaping cbd oil, would help your anxiety, arthritus and your waking up. weedwould give you side effects, which i didnt want, so gave that up. cbd oil makes so much sense.

    hope some of this helps.

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    I've dealt with this in the past too. I say yes, it's probably best to get up. It's not like it's 2am, it's almost normal morning time anyway. I'd get up and do something to distract yourself, start cleaning the house if that's what it takes lol. And then if you start to feel sleepy again in an hour or 2 try going back to sleep for a bit. I think laying there makes it worse bc you're just completely focusing on the nervousness.

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