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    They delete posts that have links in them or that they feel have inappropriate content.  I know it is annoying to have that happen after you have spent time to post.
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      Hi linda

      No links in my post. I would like an explanation from a moderator. I have over 10,000 posts on other forums and never had anything deleted. My impression is that they want ad income, and that when people get better, they leave,.........

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    Here is what i did to get off Methimizole:

    most recent first:

    1. more salt, i was not getting enough.

    2. magnesium supplements, said to lower BP and stabilize heart pulses. 

    3. 4 eggs a day and 2oz beef liver 3x a week. Loaded with nutrients!

    4. L-carnitine 1g, 2x a day.

    5. fast or cleansing- not intentional, but lost 15 lbs eating as usual w/graves, was not enough with high pulse., said to remove toxins from fat cells.

    I'm just trying to help others get better faster!

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      Thank you for this info.  I don't want to even go on Methimizole and  feel at a loss in my heart.  I don't know why my Dr wants me on this (5mg) for a TSH number only out of whack.  All my other numbers are fine that make up the hyperthyroid test.  I have been tested off and on since Sept/Oct of last year.  I felt miserable on this med when on it 10 years ago when all numbers were out of whack and I didn't feel good. I had put a post up of Subclinical hyperthyroidism and no one replied thinking maybe this is what I have right now from what I have read and understand.  I appreciate your info Drives61vette. You have been real helpful and when I hear positive results it makes me feel there is hope down the road of getting these numbers in line 


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      TSH is thyroid stimulating hormone, this tsh is produced by the pituitary gland,  My Dr (his nurse) wanted me to take more methimozol because my tsh was only 0.1. This is nonsense. TSH is going to be low when more tsh is not needed.

      It took nearly 5 months for me to stop the meds. But it was only 2 days after i added 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and 1 week after the magnesium, 4 eggs, and beef liver. So i tend to think it was something recent that did the trick.

      Good luck, and keep us posted!

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      Hi kalim

       i use table salt without iodide (iodide stimulates the thyroid to make MORE T4 + T3 so you don't want that for graves hyper)

      i bought the 1st magnesium i saw, the oxide type. it was only $2 for 30, 500mg, so i have my doubts about it. i cut each pill into 1/4 and take 1/4 pill a day, 125mg.

      4 eggs have 29mg mag. and 77mcg selenium. i was taking 50mcg selenium, so i stopped taking selenium pills. 

      eggs have ~10 minerals and ~8 vitamins, so they are like a big supplement! Real food is easily absorbed, where many pills simply don't work. It is hard to get enough mag. from food, so i had to try the pill too. By cutting it up it should dissolve easier.

      Liver has lots of nutrients, but only 15mg magnesium. 

      If anyone discovers a food with lots of magnesium, let me know.

      I hope this helps you get well fast!

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      Just to let you know that you don't necessarily need to take Magnesium (Mg) orally. It is very well absorbed via our skin. You could have a warm bath with a few cups of Mg salts (Epsom salt: Mg Sulfate, Zechstein salt: Mg Cl2 Hexahydrate flakes). 

      Alternatively, you could apply Mg oil. It is nothing more than a saturated solution of Mg Cl2 flakes and feels just like an oil when applied to the skin (a bit like the water of the Dead Sea).

      4 ml of Magnesium Oil (31%) correspond to a dosage of 412 mg pure magnesium.

      I used to apply Mg oil to my calves because I had muscle cramps. My dosage was 1ml at a time up to 3 times a day. Mg is similar to Calcium. Any surplus is excreted via the kidneys. The recommended daily allowance is about 300 - 400 mg.   

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    Thanks for your post.  I really appreciate your sharing your successful moves to beat thyroid disease.  You might want to ask the moderator why your original post was deleted.
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    More info,

    I also averaged 100 mcg/day of selenium.

    research shows a faster recovery from graves!

    I plan to continue to take 200 mcg because it is deficient in Florida soil! Anything grown here is going to be lacking it. Studies show many benefits, but caution not to exceed 400 mcg total intake.

    I also get 10 minutes a day of sun, for vit. D 

    I had to switch back to iodized salt because my pulse was down to 61 and i felt weak. Ordered Kelp powder to sprinkle on eggs, as 1g  kelp has like 10x the RDA for iodine. Also ate some sardines as fish have iodine. Pulse 68-70, seems good here. cut grass was 135, a week ago was 145 and i thought that was high.

    I hope this helps! (other post contains a chart showing nutrition of mackerel) But avoid King Mackerel, too high in mercury.

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