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  • cheryl08343 3

    Hypo and heart

    So this June 29 th will mark one year since my thyroid storm. My levels are normal now but experiencing really bad anxiety about something else happening or my thyroid going out of whack again. My heart rate is still messed up and I'm on atenolol daily for it. My cardiologist thinks that my body

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  • Clancy44 2

    Graves Disease - Eyes

    Could anyone who has experienced protruding eyes with Graves Disease tell whether of not their eyes have returned to normal? After two thyroid storms 10 mos. ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease 8 mos. ago. and prescribed Methimazole 10 mg. and Propranolol. That same month, one of my eyes

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  • lydia 87192 1

    Hyperthyroidism and possible UTI

    Hiya guys just looking for some advice as since diagnosis a couple of months ago it seems to be one thing after another! Im on carbimazole (2 tablets a day can't remember the mg) and vitamin D supplements (don't know if it's related but just thought I'll shove it in in case). I'm on waiting list to

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  • Wanonymous 2

    Normal TSH, T4 and anti-TPO but elevated T3?

    What could cause this? I'm having more blood tests done soon. The value was at the upper limit 6.5 (reference range 3.5 - 6.5 pmol/L). This value has slowly increased from 4.9 then 5.9 and now 6.5 over a period of time. I have several symptoms: fatigue, flatulence, memory problems and concentration problems,...

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  • debbie56921 2

    Underactive thyroid

    Hi everyone as some of you know I was told I had a overactive thyroid well it turns out I've now got a underactive thyroid I feel so tired all the time still getting hot flushes night sweats not sleeping and my doctor has now started me on levothyroxine 100microgram just don't understand how it can

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  • jane75220 6
  • aly8854 2

    Constant cold & mucus

    Had anyone suffered with constant congestion & clear mucus in their nose. It's been constant with all my other symptoms, I've only just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism so still having discussions with my specialist on the symptoms & treatment

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  • Lisa 20 2

    Questions about taken Carbimazole and Levothyroxine

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid on February, I was prescribed 5mg of carbimazole three times a day by my doctor on 1st of March, endocrinologist changed it to 40mg once a day in April at my first appointment and add Levothyroxine 100 mcg one a day, I am on the block and replace therapy,...

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  • lydia 87192 1

    Recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, looking for advice!

    Hiya, I'm 20 years old and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last week. I initially went to the doctors with a movable lump on the side of my neck (It's about 3-4cm in width). After blood test my GP said she was shocked to find out if was an overactive thyroid due to my age, they retested to be

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  • rita88407 2

    My 8 year old seems depressed and hair is very dry n brittle

    hi my name is Rita and my 8 year old daughter Ali was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when she was born. I'm new to the group and wanted to know if any one else here have children with the same disease. Right now I'm trying to learn as much as I can to better help and understand her. She's been going

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  • linda187 6

    Improvement in Graves Disease recovery by using L-Carnitine?

    When I first posted to this Board, I shared my story about the vast improvement in recovery from my Graves disease when I added first regular L-Carnitine and then Acetyl-L-Carnitine (which I obtained from a Health Food Store as well as by prescription) to my treatment well as Vitamin D.

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  • debbie56921 2

    Overactive thyroid

    Hi all as some of you already know I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid a couple of weeks ago I'm still waiting to see specialist but whilst I've been waiting my right eye has swelled up a bit and it won't stop watering and my vision is a bit blurry can anyone help please I'm getting frustrated

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  • lana1000 2

    Hyperthyroid symptoms. Doctor says tests are normal

    Hi. I'm new to the forum and received thyroid results yesterday which the endocrinologist says are normal. My symptoms are extreme anxiety/nervousness, insomnia, some night sweats, dizziness at times and spaced out feelings. My results are as follows: Free t4 16.2 (range 10.0 - 19.0) Tsh ...

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  • oxalic16986 3

    thyroid problems: Loss of lean muscle mass

    Hi guys I need some help. I'm 30 year old male. Last year I came down with a systemic infection and everything went to sh*t after that. There are many symptoms which make my life a living hell at the moment but I'll mention the ones that are relevant to thyroid. I'm getting tachycardia, weight loss,...

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  • geetha62 1

    Thyroid Test

    I am 54 years old. My blood test results are as follows for thyroid. TSH (CLIA) Free T4 (CLIA)..1.10  Please guide for remedy

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  • Loves 2

    Hypothyroidism to hyperthyroidism

    's been a rough 2 and a half months. I'm a 30 year old female with hypothyroidism, or so I thought? I was on 112mcg of Synthroid while being pregnant and through my whole pregnancy. After I delivered my baby in July 2016, my levels began to drop. I went from being on the 112mcg to 100mcg

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  • Sophannah 2
  • Lou0214 1

    How long (average) does it take for Graves' disease to go away

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl and I've just been diagnosed with Graves' disease (2 weeks ago) and so I have an over active thyroid. I've been feeling so ill for ages with fatigue, headaches, sweating and not being able to control my body temperature, anxiety and panic attacks and getting little to no

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  • Ad Astra 1

    L-carnitine and Grave's

    Hello all, I am new to this forum. I was recently diagnosed with Grave's (TSH < 0.01, FT3 12.5 and FT4 33.1). I will be starting my medication 20 mg of carbamizole tomorrow. I have been lurking and reading some of your posts and learned that L-carnitine could be a useful supplement. What I am

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  • pamela12746 1

    Newly diagnosed & planning a family!

    Hi - so pleased to have found this group! I am newt diagnosed & waiting for full details of what's going on but I'm quite distraught as I am getting married in 6 months time & was planning to try for a baby straight away as I am 37 this year & don't have time to waste. I have upset myself by

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  • cathart 1

    Low TSH after a year

    I had a very overactive thyroid problem a few years ago, and was on Methimazole for over a year until I became somewhat underactive. After that my thyroid seemed fine for a couple of years. In the last 4 months, my TSH has gone from 4.22 to .81, while all the other numbers have remained normal.

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  • lisandra 90524 2

    Orbital Decompression

    Has anyone on this Board had orbital decompression. What was it like? How were the results? I'm schedule for this surgery this summer. Thanks.

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  • j10766 2

    possible over active thyroid?

    My husband has thryoid issues that run in his family and his Mom had Grave's Disease. He has been feeling tired, moody, etc. He had his thryoid checked at the doctor. TSH 0.9 and Free T4 was looks to me like his thyroid is being over active.  The doctor said the labs look fine.  Would it

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  • debbie56921 2

    overactive thyroid

    hi all ive been to see my doctor again about my overactive thyroid and symptoms that are happening ive had bloodtests and they came back as a overactive thyroid so im having hot flushes peeing all the time and everytime ive eatin my bowels open and dont stop and its making my stomach is very upset

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  • nolagirl1 1

    I was diagnosed with Graves in February 2016.

    I am fortunate as I have not ever had any serious health issues before this and I am 65 years old. I went to doctor for an annual check up with no obvious symtoms.  My blood work came back with suspect hyper thyroid levels and the doctor then order more comprehensive thyroid testing.  It was Graves

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  • Castle805420 2

    Boarderline low TSH and high FT4.

    So this is my first post on here. I've scoured the net for info but what better way than to just ask right? So I've had very troubling symptoms the last 2 or 3 months. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about but not sleeping and losing weight like crazy 40lbs in about a month and a half. I

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  • debbie56921 2

    overactive tyhroid

    For the last 3 or 4 months ive been feeling really ill stomach hot flushes hot and cold sweats headaches etc then ive had blood test after bloodtest and finally got diagnosed with overactive thyroid my doctor said she will write to a specialist to see wat treatment is best for me ie meds ,

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  • pierre68 2

    lab results/hyperthyroidism or not?/what next?

    Hello,  I am a 49 year old male, 6'1", 152lbs.. About three years ago, I experienced a panic attack shortly after the tragic death of my mother.  I never had any prior history of anxiety issues, but because of the timing, doctors put me on anti-anxiety and anti-depressants without even questioning

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  • Skippy73 2


    has anyone ever refused the operation or iodine treatment and been successful I just feel like i m being given the easy option for the professionals without staying with my current treatment plan. I was put on propylthiouracil instead of carbizamole as it wasn't agreeing with me and I haven't even

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  • Appleberry 1


    So, having gone for my most recent check-up at the endocrine clinic, the doctor (hadn't seen him before) went though my notes and mentioned I'd been diagnosed hyper back in Except no one told me back then!! I was properly diagnosed last year and I was very very sick. I am devastated by

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  • ingrid 22 2

    hyperthyroidism/graves disease

    I was told  I had Grves disease by my TBII test was 70 % (ref range <OR16)however my  thyroid antibodies panel was negative( anti-thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin TgAb)  Tsh 0.01 Free T4 29.4 pmol/l  and Free T3 20.5 pmol/l,  radiation uptake scan 74%.. Now last week after tapazole 15mg

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  • a_mc 2

    Suffering for years after Graves Disease

    Hello - just found this website.  I am just so curious about something and kinda want to take a pole.  This is my experience and as I basically suffer from this alone, I have no idea what I can possibly attribute to my Grave's Disease and subsequent thyroid removal and what might not be. I am 56

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  • saru1973 1

    T3 & T4 Values are normal But TSH Low in thyroid test.

    My Mother, 63 years of age and T3 135 ng/dl and T4 10 Ug/dl - both normal, But TSH 0.049 mlU/ml ( very low ). As per the Doctor advice She is taking inderal 20 tablets past 1 year. Dr openion to do the followings, Option 1 : operate the Thyroid gland Option 2 : Radioactive iodine treatment My Query is,...

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  • jami66653 2


    I went to my pcp because i have had fatige and inability to loose weight which has gotten worse in the past few months more so in the last couple of weeks. My dr did blood work and tested my TSH, and my Free T4 and my levels came back super low TSH and really high T4 so she ran a TPO (thyroid

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  • diver107 2


    Hi everyone, was diagnosed 4 weeks ago with hyperthyroidism (very high readings) and had my first appointment with Endo yesterday.  To say it was a disappointment is a understatement, it felt like I had suddenly entered a cattle market.  I had a list of queries for this god but he didn't appreciate

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