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  • susan 74619 2

    Medication I'm taking

    I was diagnosed with Graves disease 8 weeks ago I was put on 50mgs off propylthiouracil (PTU) a say which is making me sick,,,, blood noses, stomach cramps, back pain, trouble breathing, flu. My doctor said to keep taking PTU and was wondering if anyone has had problems like this and does it get any...

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  • Tcem12 2

    Acetyl-l-carnitine & propranolol

    I've been taking l-carnitine for a month, got my t4 & t3 back to normal but my tsh is still low. My question is, do I stop the l-carnitine and start acetyl-l-carnitine? I should add that I'm still on 60mg of there an interaction between the two? I took 300mg of the acetyl-l-carnitine...

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  • tom777 2

    Hair loss and anxiety is it thyroid related

    Hello everyone! Newbie here. I would be very grateful if I received some advice!! I’m a 22 year old male and since I was around 18 I have suffered both Hair loss and anxiety. Regarding my hair, although not completely bald my crown has thinned quite significantly and I have what is referred to as a...

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  • lydia 87192 1

    Recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, looking for advice!

    Hiya, I'm 20 years old and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last week. I initially went to the doctors with a movable lump on the side of my neck (It's about 3-4cm in width). After blood test my GP said she was shocked to find out if was an overactive thyroid due to my age, they retested to be sure...

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  • JayValle 3

    Can't raise TSH

    Hi All I have one hot nodule that's overproducing hormone, causing my low TSH. I don't have the usual hyper symptoms, other than dizziness.  I was put on 10mg of Methimazole in January and by March my T3 & T4 normalized. With the help of supplements (all recommended here) and mostly L-Carnitine, my...

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  • Morningdove 2
  • charles98819 3


    Hello Am new here and I need some advice. I was diagnosed of Hyperthyroid in April and my results were t4- 45, t3- 23, tsh- 0.0005 my Dr give me Carbimazole 20mg and Propranolol 40mg after 6 weeks i did another test and my t4-11, t3- 6- tsh- still 0.0005. Do I still need really to keep taking the Propranolol?

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  • dreamergirl03 2

    Can anyone help? Hyperthyroidism

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this but I really need some answers. I've had so many tests, most come back with hyper thyroid, I've lost so much weight. From 10 to a 6 in a few weeks really. I get so sick in the stomach but don't always throw up. I get sweats, trouble sleeping, always feel fatigue though,...

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  • dawn31341 2

    Overactive thyroid caused by Graves

    My dosage has been increased from 20mg Carbimazol upto 40mg. My Propranolol increased to 80mg. All since March. My bloods arnt really moving at all, the docs insinuate I'm not taking the tablets. I am, and don't feel they're working, my symptoms are still there. Occasionally I have manic outbursts where...

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  • Sunnyday0 2

    New here. Question about TSH levels.

    Hi. I'm new here. I recently had my TSH levels checked because of some symptoms I've been having. I compared my results to my last results less than two years ago. Here are the numbers: 2015 - 1.9 Now - 3.255 I must mention that my dr didn't catch this yet. They don't have my previous lab results....

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  • dawn31341 2

    Overactive thyroid caused by Graves

    My dosage has been increased from 20mg Carbimazol upto 40mg. My Propranolol increased to 80mg. All since March. My bloods arnt really moving at all, the docs insinuate I'm not taking the tablets. I am, and don't feel they're working, my symptoms are still there. Occasionally I have manic outbursts where...

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  • samantha54632 2
  • samantha54632 2

    Fed up with symptoms

    Hi everyone For years I have felt with hyperdrosis, anxiety, palpitations, irritability and muscle twitching and now I just don't feel well at all. When I was 16 (10years ago) I was borderline hyperactive. Recently due to feeling worse and worsening muscle twitching my gp repeated bloods which revealed....

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  • catsmeow 1

    Overactive and under diagnosed

    I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2012 when I went to my GP with heart palpitations.  I was loosing weight, constatnly hungry and had a 'false' energy.  I was sent for an ultrasound which revealed 3 nodules and I was put on 2x 5 mg NeoMercazole (carbimazole). I was never sent to a consultant...

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  • ryan25034 2

    Hyperthyroid Numbers Help!

    Hi everyone Where do I start? Back in 2011, I was diagnosed by my primary care GP back in the UK as having hyperhidrosis. Armpit, back, feet. She had mentioned that the back sweat was unusable as larger areas that sweat like that usually are due to an underlying cause. She did not request blood tests...

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  • Samy3 3
  • michelle21551 2

    Graves Disease and Sport - so frustrated!!

    Hi team, I was diagnosed with Graves at the end of April after feeling unwell for an extended, indefinate time - I put it down to any combination of Hashimotos (which I was diagnosed with 10yrs ago) and PCOS. I am on treatment and am starting to feel better - but my heart still troubles me. I love...

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  • cheryl08343 3


    My doctors office just called and said my dr is diagnosing me with Hashitoxicosis. Looked it up and haven't found much about it. Any info for would help!

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  • Soodie 1

    Hyperthyroid DX ...Have need of answers. VA docs don't explain..

    Hello, The tests came back 4 months ago....TSH 0.03 and freeThyroid 1.8  I was retested 2 months ago..TSH 0.02 and free Thyroid 2.4  The TSI at 659. The ultrsound of thyroid gland revealed bilateral nodules----> Biopsy to be performed Wednesday June 14th 2017. As for symptoms I have lost 47 pounds since...

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  • Hermitofthehill 2


    I've been having hyperthyroid symptoms for about 9 months. My levels keep fluctuating. My symptoms have gotten so much worse in the last week I went from eating 4-6 meals a day to 8-12. I have no energy, I can't barely sit upright for an hour. There is pain and swelling at the base of my neck intermitantly....

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  • nancy0422 2

    What? No Treatment?

    Last October I went on a diet and lost 30 lbs. I needed to loose this weight. Then in Jan. 2017, I got strep throat. In Feb I had my regular yearly physical with my GP and blood work came back mild for hyperthyroidism. He repeated the blood work in 30 days and it was very slightly worse. Referrered to...

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  • Karmaway 4

    Thyroid levels up after surgery!...

    Hi I'm nearly 5 weeks post op (partial hysterectomy) and have Graves' disease. My levels were just about in range before the op although my TSH still undetectable! My levels are now on the rise! My T4 is 25.4 and rising. I guess the surgery has pushed it up due to stress on the body. I stopped taking...

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  • imran 20678 2

    Grave eye disease (Exophthalmos)

    From last one year I have grave disease (hyperthyroidism). My both eyes are bulging and swelling. Also I have diplopia and light senesitivity .plz help me by telling home remedies or natural treatment for bulging eyes. I am very disappointed and stressed...Regards

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  • imran 20678 2

    RAI ( radio active iodine therapy )

    dear friends.  i had hyperthyrodisim ( grave disease ) from last two years. i had beenn using carbimazole 5 mg tablet.  During this time i got exopthalmus ( bulging eyes)  and my Tsh level imblance . when i increase dose it was normal but when i decrease carbimazole treatment my tsh went down. there...

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  • mels66908 1
  • dee86790 1

    Just diagnosed and struggling

    I have been shaking/tremors for a while and feeling so weak I have hardly left the sofa for a week. I also have pneumonia. Probably caused meds for my rheumatoid arthritis (immune disease). I was diagnosed yesterday when bloods came in TSH 0.010. ft4 36.9 They don't mean anything to me but am presuming...

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  • carol24023 2

    Carbimazole Doseage

    Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in January. T4 level was 82 so given 40mg carbimazole. Level dropped to 21 after a month so medication reduced to 20mg. It has been creeping back up and is now 33. My doctor seems to think I should go back on 40mg carb again but I think that's too high. Any thoughts ?

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  • Lou0214 1

    How long (average) does it take for Graves' disease to go away

    Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl and I've just been diagnosed with Graves' disease (2 weeks ago) and so I have an over active thyroid. I've been feeling so ill for ages with fatigue, headaches, sweating and not being able to control my body temperature, anxiety and panic attacks and getting little to no sleep...

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  • claire74063 1
  • helen54943 2

    Advice on levels and carbinazole

    I've just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism my levels are; tsh. <0.05 ( 0.3-5.5) T3 16.5 (3.1-6.8) T4. 54.6 (12-22) I've been given 2 x 20mg of carbinzole which I've been taking the last 2 weeks, over the weekend I've had some bad headaches and felt very lightheaded so I've stopped taking the tablets,...

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  • a_mc 2

    Suffering for years after Graves Disease

    Hello - just found this website.  I am just so curious about something and kinda want to take a pole.  This is my experience and as I basically suffer from this alone, I have no idea what I can possibly attribute to my Grave's Disease and subsequent thyroid removal and what might not be. I am 56 yrs....

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  • gram66555 2

    Hello everyone

    I was just wondering if you could tell me if some of this symptoms of this include over heating dhydration and I feel unable to sweat without a lot of exersize, sorry my post is brief I've been in a panic a lot lately but baiscly I cannot cool down and the only brief relief i get is from breaking a sweat,...

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  • corine461971 1

    Hyperthyroidism getting the best of me. What should I do?

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in January 2017. I was administered a radioactive iodine pill in late March. Almost 7 weeks later my thyroid levels are still really high and the thyroid itself is still as large as it was when this all started. A few days ago my endo put me on Methimazole 20mg 2x...

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  • lydia 87192 1

    Hyperthyroidism and possible UTI

    Hiya guys just looking for some advice as since diagnosis a couple of months ago it seems to be one thing after another! Im on carbimazole (2 tablets a day can't remember the mg) and vitamin D supplements (don't know if it's related but just thought I'll shove it in in case). I'm on waiting list to see...

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  • sophie04337 2

    Hyperthyroidism levels high by a bit effect mood?

    Diganosed with major depressive disorder and general aniexty disorder. Along with that the blood test showed that I had vitiman D defiancy and my thyroid was high by a little?? I was confused on that part its says my t3 uptake was 48.5H does your levels being a tad bit high effect mood and stuff? And...

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