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For a long time, I've had big meals & know its time to make them smaller. What did you guys do to start "cutting down"

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    Use smaller plates like side plates or small bowls it helped me smile
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      I also use a smaller plate. Ive lost 2 1/2 stone doing that while waiting for my band date to arrive!
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    I got a gastric band 😂 lol
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      Lol sorry 😂

      I always did struggle with portions and found that this was my only solution!

      However they do sell gastric band plates (online) , showing how much of what you should be eating, you could try that 👍🏼

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    I've used a smaller bowl too but also had to train my brain that that is enough.

    There is a tendency to use a smaller bowl and then think its not enough and have more.

    Try to fit in healthier lower calorie foods

    I've tried to control the calories too.

    You will probably still have days where you eat a lot or nibble through the day (I had loads yesterday) but you put it behind you and carry on.

    Sorry if I'm dragging a bit, but I would just say try to cut a little at a time.

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    Hi Greg,

    We could really do with a little more information. e.g. are you overweight and if so by how much? What kind of food constitutes your normal diet? Any exercise routine? Junk food intake? Age and health condition?

    If you don't want to give that information then in general these hints may help. 

    Big meals are not a problem. If you don't feel full after a meal you are going to snack, usually on the wrong stuff, biscuits, cake, crisps, sweets, alcohol etc. The skill is to eat better, not less. Cut out most red meat and replace with chicken,(not KFC), replace the chips with boiled potatoes, eat more fresh fish, salmon, tuna, eat more pasta, a tuna pasta meal is great. Have a quick and easy meal now and again, eggs and beans on toast. If you must snack, eat fruit, from experience it doesn't seem to matter how much you eat.

    Get more exercise. 

    As a general rule most diets fail because people make them too hard to live with. You cannot feel hungry, day after day, without cheating on the diet. All diets will work, it's sticking to them that's the problem. Don't go down the road of a severe diet, only to fail and finish up even heavier that you started.

    Hope this helps... Alex

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    Hi I went on a water diet I went from 8st to 6 7st I also end up having an eating disorder because it so please don't try it . Eat a little but often three small meals and three snack
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    I've started doing that now that I'm booked into a bypass!

    I eat 3 mouthfuls then stop and either chat to whoever I'm with or play on my phone ! Then have 3 more and leave the rest!!!!

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      Lol Joanna I've started doing similar to make my food last and make me full I have a bit n play on phone or look at messages etc
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      But now I'm having penut butter on toast .... I think my bypass is the only answer!
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      I take each day at a time now.

      Had a bad day yesterday picking in the evening a lot

      But today I had a fresh roll with a scraping of Marge this morning with cold coffee and not felt hungry after now just having a snack of some homemade popcorn with a cold coffee .

      My worst is sugar in my coffee. Some days I won't have a cup but when I do I need sugar in it.

      Good luck with your bypass. I wanted that but was given band instead

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      I've gone private - taken a loan , I love the package as I get 2 years blood tests , councilling and group meetings afterwards .... I can't wait x
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      That's great

      I was going to go private a few years before I had my band but because of other health problems and the consultant not being able to access hospital records I was a bit wary.

      Good luck with yours

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    Would you believe that losing weight is very considerably more difficult than the media likes to suggest. It is difficult to get any really credible advice from the internet because there are so many crooks out there on the web. They sell you anything with lots of promises of miracle "cures" But being overweight is not a disease and it's not just about the metabolic energy equation ( energy in vs energy out) Providing that you do not have an underlying medical condition the best way to lose weight is by changing your diet. I started two years ago by keeping a record of every thing I ate and drank. I used a book called, The Composition of Foods by McCance and Widdowson which gives tables of the amount of macro-nutrients in a wide range of foods. I then was able to calculate the amount of carbohydrate, fats and protein I was consuming and estimate the energy they provided. It is a very time consuming procedure and it does tend to take over your life.  I managed to come up with my own set of rules for my own diet. I now abstain from all alcoholic drinks, all kinds of nuts, all types of biscuits, cakes and pies, chocolate and sweets. I eat mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, sometimes cooked but mainly salads. I eat fish and red meat but nowhere as much as I did previously. I suggest that you study the food you eat and think about your personality. I am reflecting on what I tend to a pack of biscuits and eat them until they are all gone. Just about the same with all those energy dense foods that we all love to treat ourselves with. Sorry, I've gone on a bit but it is a big subject. Have a think about it. There is no easy and painless solution! Good advice about using a smaller plate. That works for me as well.
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      Yes! I agree ... It would be better to do that .... Not sure is be able to do it for life? But I should ...
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      In any diet there are bound to be ups and downs. It is unrealistic to commit yourself to a strict diet for a year, let alone for life. All one can do is try one's best. The real crime is not failure but not making the effort in the first place. The next crime that dieters commit is to view every deviation from their diet as failure. We all need hope to sustain us from day to day and if we set unrealistic targets we are going to be disappointed. It's not about that mysterious "will power" it's more about tenacity but not punishing yourself. We are human.

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