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Hey everyone hope your well ☺ basically I'm writing a post cos I really need help and advice iv recently gained some weight, disgustingly by chewing and spitting fooda and gradually gaining a few extra calories) but now I'm in a really bad place with my ed! I've been trying to set up a proper meal plan but its just not working- I've seen loads of really good ones, il feel really possitive towards them but the each day I just won't start....because I  just can't!! I had a plan to start having an apple yoghurt and branflakes for breskfeast but have i ! Ive bought the stuff o just mentally cant start 😣I haven't eaten properly for ages and for the last 3 months iv survived on mainly cabbage (even bein nervous of eating a whole carrot ect) I've stopped weighing myself for the first time in 3 years, which I think is a minor break through but as for my diet 😦 I'm lost...and need serious baby step's to return  cos I havent eaten proper carbs for ....I don't know how long (so please don't say eat some bread and nuts cos it's not gonna happen just yet 😐 because I cant)....and as for shakes...I'm in  austria so I can't really get them where I am and anyway I really need to get back om to proper food. Hoor fully things should get a bit better soon cos I'm going home to my family for Xmas but I really want to improve a bit on my own to show om not a failure and can kinda take care of myself. Please help me if you can !! All advice is welcome! thank you xx

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    I sugest dear  Sally that you get a group of friends on this forum to work with you on daily menus. You shop, prepare and eat the meals and tell your friends how you got on. Together we would get you eating well and your weight in a good state. Eating well everyday is the key to keeping a good natural weight for you. weight loosing diets tend to result in more weight soon after the end of the diet.

    How about it then Sally?

    (Dear Sally I am NOT  going to use your forum name ever. If you prefer something other than Sally please give us your self-respecting choice.)

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      Hi Sally's a fine name smile can i call you george or would you rather i chose another name? smile

      Your suggestion sounds great, it would be so useful to get some help and support! and feel like someone else actually cares about what im putting into my body cos atm i feel kind of unaccountable for how i treat myself.... if that makes sense.

      How are you what is you situation? 

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      I am glad that Sally is OK by you. Certainly call me George, please. I see in your other notes that you have not had time to develop any friends. The next best would be a few efriends to be involved with you and to encourage you. I think working with you on menus and cooking methods day by day would help to get you going and help you keep good healthy meals going until you are confident you can keep it up by yourself.
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      Hi Sally, 

      I am so happy to see all the friends you have and so much good avice and encouragement. I to have anorexia. It is the accumulated result of a bad reaction to an antibiotic. I lost 1 stone 8 pounds before we managed to stabalise my eating. Then it was agrevated by radiotherapy for prostate cancer so I am struggling again. I hate even the thought of some foods. My poor wife is in despair as she tries to find things that I will eat. But there are some things I can think on without feeling revolted - porrage; toast; marmalade; honey; chicken; lightly cooked cabbage; ground seeds mixed with hemp oil; hazelnuts; walnuts; almonds; oranges; apples; pomogranit juice. Not much to make a sensible meal with but she puts it together as best she can. She adds a few things that are "good" for me and I try to eat them to please her. I cannot bear to see a plate piled with food. It looks so . . . ugh!  Oh! I forgot, I still like a piece of rich fruit cake.

      Sally, are you able to list the foods you could bear to eat? I should love to see your list. It will be quite different to mine I expect. Do please write it down for all your efriend to see and themselves be encouraged.

      With much love, dear Sally,

      Your efriend George


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    Hi, This is a psychological problem. Have you access to a health proffessional or dietician for advice. As George as advised you could get together with friends and work out meal plans, start off small. Get together with one friend, cook together and eat together, this will make it more enjoyable. I would start off with proffessional advice first if that is possible where you live. 



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      Hi elizabeth I come from london but im studying at a uni in little town in greater vienna nd havent been able to find any proffessional help here although im only just starting to acknowledge the fact that i think i need to seem someone propperly, because well ....i have no idea why im doing this to myself. As for eating with friends, i only started here 3 months ago, and whilst i have friends theres no one here i feel comfortable enough with just yet to tell my problems with food .....although they can probably tell from looking at me :s
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    Hi Sally, good advise so far.

    Besides the cooking meal with friends when your on your own you could do what I do and that's eat little and often ie snack.

    Morning could be just 1/4 of a banana (any fruit) or just one bite and a chocolate biscuit 

    Mid Morning another bite of banana a small bowl of porridge and a chocolate buscuit

    Lunch Boiled Egg and a slice of toast followed by (guess what....) chocolate buscuit

    Mid Afternoon Finish banana and a chocolate buscuit

    Evening Cabbage soup or any sort of soup with some croutons perhaps and a chocolate biscuit.

    As for drinks perhaps milk, hot chocolate, chamomile tea, fruit juice drink. 

    You can have as little or as much as you want just nibble or snack and the choice is yours, your in control of what you have or want. All the nutrients are there, the chocolate biscuit is your choice but try and swap it for something you consider a treat perhaps.

    I'm not a professional but what George suggests sounds great. You do need support and to feel your in control, small steps needed rather than jumping into it so take your time. 

    Finally YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! You have an illness which needs care and attention especially from friends and family, you ARE taking care of yourself by posting and looking for help here!!, You want to get better so is that not taking responsibility? 

    Neil xx

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      Aw Neil thank you so much for your kind words and  support- the meal plan you've designed is great btw- I feel you really understand where I'm coming from with my problem! I know to most people splitting a banana into 4 separate parts throughout the day sounds crazy, but unfortunately that's kind of the situation I'm in atm 😕 I'm making slight progressions in the evening e.g finishing a whole can of green beans and not leaving some because I'm strating to realise I'm still hungry and i try not to stop because habit / ed tells me to stop. I think the reason I do better in the evenings is because I know I'm home for the day ....and there's no chance of someone trying to spring additional food on me through lunch invitations ect ....which Is silly really as I know il make an excuse either way regardless of what I've eaten for the rest of the day. I'm going do what you advise and break things up into small small steps just initially until my mind and attitude changes (even towards the basic carbs eg bananas and then build from there) I dont want to lose weight I really dont (and iv gotten rid of my scales ect) but I feel for me to recover properly, to actually start eating again, a low calorie safeish but progressively getting scarier diet is necessary...either way its still more then i am currently eating 😊 what is your situation Neil, if you don't mind me asking, I know you said your not a professional although you gibe sound advise ☺ have you or a loved one been through something similar to me? X
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      Hi there Sally, I'm a fellow anxiety and depression traveller amongst many on here who can empathis with your situation and understand it from your perspective.

      when I'm going through an anxiety and depression episode my appetite goes and I just simply don't want to eat so I revert to eating small amounts but regularly and eat what I consider a balanced diet to ensure I at least get my vitamins, carbs and protein. I bananas are a super food and packed with everything you really need and good for the mind, porridge a slow release carb and sugars so keeps blood sugar levels good the oats are a fantastic healthy option, boiled egg full of protein also, toast again carbs and with a nice dollop of jam on it great snack. The chocolate biscuit is my treat and has the fats and wheat especially if oat chocolate biscuits.

      We are evolved in some ways to graze rather than have set meal times and grazing is much better in many ways for us so it's a natural thing for us to do and one which our bodies can adjust very easily too.

      if you get a lunch invite you have the choice to go or not but just explain that you won't be having a full meal but just a starter and enjoy the company, if you feel like having a bit more then go ahead if not eat as much as you feel comfortable doing.

      Just remember you are in control and you are taking responsibility for yourself.

      Try things out and if they are not working switch things around or come back for more advise, either way keep us posted!


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    Please see your GP. You need a dietician and Ensure Plus milkshake drinks to keep your body going xxx

    I was like you but now nine stone eleven

    Work with it.

    Do you want to die subconsciously? Xxx

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    Hi sally, I've suffered from the devil that is anorexia and anxiety. If it helps maybe you could contact your family or an understanding relative that could phone you after every meal and congratulate you for finishing it or even just having another bite of something, Just 40 calories extra is all it needs and although that sounds big trust me you'll be fine. Stick with it you ARE worth it and it does and will get better I promise.
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