ectopic beats , lBP and heart racing :(

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Hi, im new to this site and  have been having some heart related issues and was just seeing if anybody experienced similar problems or has had a diagnosis. any reply's or information would be greatly appreciated smile heres some info about me before i explain my problem.

Male 33, tall, slim build, fairly good diet, general anxiety disorder, reasonably active.

For four years ive had what i now know are eptopic beats, in the last year these have became more frequent and i am now alot more aware of them. i have recently had a 24 hour monitor and my cardiologist stated nothing to worry about except a few ectopics and low blood pressure sad, explained that i am always feeling dizzy and have chest pains but she thought these are unrelated and put down to anxiety. she had me wear a 7day monitor to rule out heart failure ect and then sent me on my way. (This is where things get a bit more interesting and confusing) one night i decided to test something as ive noticed a bit of a pattern with the ectopics, so while i was seated in a calm state i decided to take my pulse which was averaging around 55-60bpm, i then(slowly) stood up while still checking my pulse and noticed it instantly jumped to around 120-140bmp and was very faint at times and would sometimes start to slow then speed up again, i then proceeded to sit again(slowly) and noticed it jumped strait back to 55-60 and then right on cue a ectopic beat. The following day i decided to pay the local GP a visit and upon him investigating and testing this concern he came to the conclusion that i have a electrical problem with my heart, or wiring as he stated smile so im now at this point where im looking into similar symptoms and im getting things like POTS, inappropriate tachycardia,a-fib, supra ven tachycardia ect ect coming up so id just like to know from somebody elses views/opinion or experiences regarding my issue , again any replays are greatly appreciated smile


ps couple of other mentions, my heart rate can shout back down to 55-60 when i am standing but leaning over, ie leaning on a counter ect this normally also causes ectopics along with just laying down.

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    Could be POTS, you could ask your cardiologist for a Tilt table test, also I would suggest talking to a electrophysiologist they understand better the electrical part of the heart.

    SVT Is usually an increase abruptly of the heart rate 150-250 bpm and it stays like that for a few minutes or in severe cases hours sometimes it reacts to Valsalva maneuver but the best chance is adenosine in the hospital, but yeah it's like turning a switch on and off.

    IST is tricky but usually people with this problem have a high heart rate even at rest, they get tired more easily a tilt table test can diagnose this but like I said it's kinda tricky and usually brush off as anxiety.

    A-Fib is irregular heartbeat you can actually feel it if you take your pulse, EKG would detect it without problem unless you have paroxysmal A-Fib and you convert yourself out of it.

    In any case POTS can manageable with drugs same as IST.

    SVT can be cured with a procedure call Catheter Ablation and in my opinion is the better solution.

    A-Fib is more complicated you can have an ablation we can cure or improve the condition but with less success than SVT because A-Fib have different focis (ectopics) so its more tricky to ablate them all.

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    I cannot add much to that answer as it was wonderful and explained well. If you can not get the holters to show more, I would go for a implanted loop monitor. You could be having pauses and you pulse is kind of tachy-brady. The loop monitor, inplant would show everything for months.I had one for 6 months,discovered that I was having pauses. Now have pacemaker and Afib, ( New,I believe caused by pacemaker, cant prove that) But, go back and ask about an LINQ monitor! They are the best!Good luck and let us know how you are doing!! God Bless~


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    Thank you kindly for the reply s , I was unsure if anybody was going to smile im not to sure if its likely svt as the fast pulse rate subdues instantly, its seems to me a possible posture problem ? Maybe , I dont know I guess I'm only speculatin smile I should hopefully hear back in a few weeks from the hospital regarding the monitor, I can report back if anybody's interested in knowing the diagnosis (if any) thankyou again smile

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    I don't think is SVT but then again I could be wrong, SVT doesn't disappear gradually is just BANG tachycardia BANG sinus rhythm, from 220 to 90 just in a second.

    Could be Orthostatic Tachycardia but then again only tilt table test will diagnose it, no Holter monitor will diagnose POTS because it will only appear as sinus tachycardia, so tilt table test is essential.

    Other thing to have in mind is your heart anatomy, did you have any echocardiogram? Just to see if your heart is structurally normal, if it's normal then that's a huge plus.

    You can post the results it's always interesting!

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      Yes I had a echo scan , everything came back good smile the rhythm does instant jump from 60 to 120+ but only when standing , then if I sit jumps back down to 60. Usually followed by a ectopic sad when its going fast it can become faint then all of a sudden go normal again for a few seconds only to speed up again. Eventually it does normally settle when standing or I just sit down and its gone smile I was kinda scared at first with all this but starting to cope with it in my own way I guess. Some days are better than others smile
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    Hi Matt 

    Sounds like POTS to me. I was going through 2 years of etopic beats, dizziness and palpitations. Done every test under the sun & all came back normal and as Anxiety. Finally came to a diagnosis of SVT after a wild episode when I bent down too fast. 

    I would do a Tilt table test and see how your heart responds to that.  It is a painless procedure. 

    Also there is IST- inappropriate sinus tachycardia- where your heart rate shoots up for no apparent reason. Just a defect with the sinus pacemaker however has no impact on the life expectancy. 

    Keep ontop of your symptoms and listen to your body. Your body is telling you something and we are the ones looking after it. Take charge and get second opions. Make sure to question things and get answers. Do not let them say ' your fine', as that was my mistake. 

    Wishing you well


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    Thank you for all the previous reply's, Not sure if the threads still active , just thought id add a update smile well i had both 24hr and one week monitor, the cardiologist has made a diagnosis of possible orthostatic hypotention, pvs possible pacs aswel and sinus tachycardia , im told to carry on taking bisoprolol 1.25mg or not if i dont want to. well i feel like im still left in limbo now as im still having the ectopics, dizziness chest pains ect but apparently everything is fine ? I recently had a episode where i had a forceful ectopic followed by my heart rate beating very fast and heart , this instantly made me anxious and the only thing i could think is to hit my chest , low and behold my rhythm went back to normal, This kept me up all night along with a few ectopics sad , now what bothers me is i have told my doctor this and again he is not concerned? from my understanding if your hearts structure is fine and pvcs persist then it is a electrical problem with your heart, this was pretty much confirmed by one of my doctors in a conversation, now im unsure as to why if my heart if physically fine why i am not being referred to a electrologist? why are tests not being done to determine the problem? if im sure i can figure this out then a medical professional should already be aware. Well this is where im at at the moment, most days are manageable others not so sad my partner and i are due a baby any time soon and this is the last thing i want to be dealing with sad

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