Ectopics and heart pauses *Asystole* Help 39 year old Female

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Hi.For 18months now I have been really ill.

I am 39.

To start with my heart would go really fast 160 ish.... so I was put on beta blockers.

Over the next year I tried Propanolol.Sotalol...Calcium channel blockers to name but a few.

But it didnt matter what dose I was on large or small my heart would still go v.high or very slow down to 30.And they made me extreemly ill.

My vision and balance was off all the time like I was drunk and not in a good way!

Dizziness is mainly always present, and the breathlessness comes and go's.

I became so unwell I had trouble in looking after my children , doing any daily tasks ect....'Waves' would come over me all the time like my heart had just stopped....Or a huge sinking feeling in my chest sometimes an ice block feeling too....Like when you go down in a lift.

This would happen in bed or during the day constantly.

I would also get a cold tounge or roof of my mouth alot of the time.

I went to 3 cardios who told me nothing was wrong.

Obviously my beta blockers were masking my symptoms as I came off them all Feb this year.

This is when the missed beats started to happen.

Sometimes constatly.

I have just had my latest 24hr moniter on from my gp.. which revelead my heart paused 230 times during the 24hrs.As well as showing Vent and at ectopics .

Oh my to say I am scared is an understatment.

My longest pause was 2.2seconds

Its where it flatlines where no electrical impulse are seen...then back to sinus rythum.

I am feeling poorly most of the time.

Is any one else like this??

I am waiting yet again to get a new cardio in Aug....but I am so worried.

Many thanks.

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    Hi Tracy,

    so sorry for you, palpatations are awful and they make you feel so ill. I have them caused by a virus that has damaged my heart. I understand that dreadful cold fear that grips you any time of day, but worse during the night. The treatment that has stopped my palpatations is amiodarone plus beta blockers. They come with their own side effects BUT I feel better on them than I did with the Arrythmias.

    is your GP worried? When are you seeing the new cardiologist? I hope to goodness they can help you. Sending you my support. Take care. Xx

    Glynis xx

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      Hi Gylinis.

      My GP is worried....He said he hasnt seen these pauses in someome of my age before.He just wants to help me and feels at a complete loss.

      I keep ending up in hospital with pvcs but they just send me home again.

      It was only yesterday that my holter moniter showed that my heart was actually pausing.I knew I wasnt going mad.

      My GP wrote an experdite letter last week to the cardiologist to try and get my appointment brought forward.

      My appointment is the middle of Aug.

      Beta blokers make me so ill I can't take them.Bless you....Hugs to you too

      ...these things are truly scary and horrible.Xx

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      Gosh Tracyjar, middle of Aug must seem forever. I am seeing a cardiologist in 3weeks to see if I need an internal defibrillator because I have dangerous palpatations. Hoping that my heart is recovering so that I don't need one.

      I have had PVCs and know how I'll they make you feel, it is frustrating and upsetting when the doctors say there is nothing wrong and send you home. I know that sometimes it helps to reduce the PVCs by keeping your potassium and magnesium levels up, you have probably tried this already but if not it's worth a try. I was admitted to hospital for a third time with ectopics as well as myocarditis and tests showed low potassium level. They gave me supplements for 2 days and I improved. I now keep the level up by eating foods high in potassium.

      easy to say, hard to do but keep strong. go back to A + E if you feel unwell with the PVCs.

      Big heartfelt hugs, Glynis

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      I have been having Mag supplements for a while...even though my electrolites are fine.Just thought id give it a go.

      Its more the heart pauses that are my main concern, not so much the ectopics.Even though I can have loads some days.

      I so hope you get sorted soon.

      We shouldnt have to keep ending up in a and e all the time.And feeling so poorly for so long.

      In an ideal world we would just get sorted.

      Is that too much to ask!?

      Just finding it hard to look after my children.

      My pot levels are fine as the ambulance men checked these on my ecg.

      You keep strong too.Let me know how you get on wont you?

      So pleased to have found this board.

      Just feel so alone...Husband is going potty with me going on about it all the time.And cardio appointments get canceled, and you feel just so alone with no one to turn to.

      Thanks Glynis and big hugs back!


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    Hi Traceyjar

     sorry you have been having problems did you taper off your betablockers?

    Which is recommended to do.

    On your  latest 24hr moniter on from my GP has your Cardiologist

    Given any feedback in his report to the GP? As his report can be given free to you

    on request at the surgery you attend. If your unhappy with your GP you could also a see a different one .Get the Cardiologist Reception to put you on a Cancellation list so you could be seen even earlier if someone else cancels their appointment.As you can call each week to find out any possiblities of earliar appointment keep pushing them and i'm sure they will help you.

    Best of Luck.

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      I tapered off my beta blockers for a good 4 months.

      Beta blockers did not suit me at all.

      The side effects were horrendous.

      I've rung the cardios sec and I *made my dr*....which wasnt easy...fax my 24hr ecg and a expedite letter.He said it was unsafe to fax them!

      So hopefully the cardiologist will have looked at them all havent seen this new cardiologist yet, but hopefully he will see my notes and see if I need an earlier appointment.

      I woke Sun morning from my sleep gasping for air....I think my heart had paused another trip to a and e.

      Thankyou so so much for all your advice.I really do appreciate it.

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      Hi Traceyjar

        Your welcome  Sorry to hear bad effects of Betablockers

      glad you have had some progress with the Cardiologist secretary

      on moving forward please let us know how your appointment goes in Aug.As it must be very close now.

      Best of Luck

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    Hi Tracy,

    i don't wonder you feel so frightened, I wonder if your new cardiologist might suggest a pacemaker if your heart is so irregular. 

    You are not alone, we are supporting you. I have those feelings too so I know what you are going through.

    heartfelt hugs. Glynis xx

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      Thanks so much.

      I really hope they will say a pacemaker, I would love one!

      To be able to lead a normal everyday life again would be great.

      Love and hugs to you.And if you ever need to chat, I am here for you too.xx

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      Hi Tracyjar,

      thank you for your kind message, it helps to know that someone understands how difficult it is to live with heart problems. Every thump or missed beat sends me into panic. I must admit that the palpatations are becoming controlled now so I no longer sit bolt upright all night clinging on to my husbands hand. 

      I hope you are able to sleep, coping with a racing heart and missed beats are hard enough to deal with when you are not tired. Looking after your family as well must be hard. I hope your husband is supportive.

      big hugs and positive thoughts to you.

      Glynis x

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