Eczema maybe?

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For a couple months now I have been extremely itchy to the point it keeps me up at night. I had shown my doctor and he said it was eczema and to try switching soaps, laundry detergent etc. Right after he diagnosed it as Eczema I went out and bought the Aveeno Eczema lotion and Aveeno fragrance free sensitive body wash but still keep itching. I even tried Aveeno baby wash. I had been using Tide detergent a month prior to seeing my doctor and thought maybe that was the cause since it's common to be allergic to it then switched to Gain after and now at almost a month later I am using the All sensitive skin detergent and I am still itching! Even Cortisone cream doesn't help. I have an appointment with a Dermatologist in a week and a half but is there anything I can do to find some kind of relief until then?

My stomach, around the belly button is the itchiest area and the legs near my ankles or back of my thighs. The area just gets red. There are no bumps or anything. Occassionally I will get itchy on the inside of my arms near the armpits. Sometimes there will be small red spots in this area but there are no bumps and the spots are not raised.

I do realize that I have long nails and do scratch hard to find relief so some marks are from my nails but the whole area turns red when scratching. Also I am sorry about my the lighting and my gross belly button smile

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    Is that a piercing?

    Nickel allergy!

    When did you have the piercing and when did you put that stud in?  

    Try removing the stud and not putting anything in its place.  You might find that you need a 'potent' or 'very potent' steroid cream or even oral steroids.  I hope your visit to the Dermatologist is fruitful.

    Good luck.


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    Aveeno products contain all sorts of nasty stuff. Like just about every shop-bought product it's packed full of Sodium Laureth Sulfate for a start, which is a detergent and thus not a great thing to put on sensitive skin. But I agree with MrsMop that looks more like an allergic reaction to whatever's piercing your skin at that location! 
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    Hi KDB17:

    I had an itchy skin rash for 8 years and Dr's & specialists never knew what is was, so I suffered for that long until NOW! ~ when I FINNALY discovered that it was a SYSTEMIC BACTERIAL INFECTION) The antibiotic that CURED IT was Bactrim DS = ( Sulfamethoxazole & Trimethoprim) 300/160mg (10 double strength tablets), and the cream was Bactroban Ointment 15g (Muprocin 2% w/w) apply 3 times a day! ~ I got repeats for both just in case and I used 2 of the ointments and (slept with the cream on & gloves over my hands at night), so it would have a better effect.

    My 8 years of Dr’s and specialists diagnosis; was everything from eczema or psoriasis as that’s what they ALL say ANY rash is, ~ and CORTISONE CRM is what they will prescribe ~ which they did for me too!  

    * Use your Dr’s appointment money wisely and demand that they TEST you for EVERYTHING! ~ (Fungal) – (Bacterial) & (Blood test Allergy to nickel & cadmium & Silver & Gold!) If they don’t cover as much as possible you’ll spend $1000’s going back to them and that’s what they want, your dollars!

    * Unfortunately you WILL have to DEMAND ALLl of those tests when you go to the Dr and say you WANT them ALL done now, or they will ONLY LOOK for one thing at a time, getting money out of you every time you have to go back again and again, (and in my case, that was an awful lot OF TIME, MONEY- And learning the hard way!).


    If it is BACTERIAL and systemic or anything like mine: You should just need to take the antibiotic listed above (It’s 10 tablet’s) of antibiotics, and you can also use the cream listed above externally. (My bacterial infection was in under my skin and established for 8 years through my system and this is the ONLY thing that worked for me & I tried EVERTHING, trust me). MY ITCH IS FINNALY GONE - but my palms are still healing as the THICKEND SKIN FROM SCARING on them, also has to know heal. So I just use the DERMAL brand HEEL BALM to moisturize now and that keeps it soothed and is helping it heal.

    If it turns out to be BACTERIAL  - Then it's a probably the same one as mine (and one which is now being listed ALL OVER THE INTERNET by 100’s of people – who are getting the SAME insane itch rash as mine, on their body’s.)


    If it is FUNGAL: Then you can used two over the counter products like (DALTOZIN ointment which is great for all fungal including jock itch & Nappy rash!), The ZINC in the ointment is also very soothing to an itch and red skin. Just rub that on and if it goes away or has a good effect, then it could be fungus related and not Bacterial and it may just clear up with that cream eventually. If it gets better but is still there, you can also try a (systemic) (antifungal tablet – that is a boy FUNGUS treatment). It is also available over the counter at chemist for approx. $16.00 AU, (I tried that first too for my rash, actually I tried everything ~ and bought every cream under the sun! But nothing worked for my problem). So I am ecstatic I found mine was Bacterial and now have a cure!) 


    I’m not a Dr, but my cure also didn’t come from a Dr, it was discovered on the Internet, just like this. I however did work in chemist for many years so have some good product knowledge there.

    I hope this information helps and you find your cure and some relief..!Good luck! Donna.

    PS: I believ I cought mine from a cut on my hand & using shopping trolleys that are carrying the Bacteria! ~ So make SURE, you wipe the trolley with the NOW supplied wipes at the Supermarkets!


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      Thank you so much for all the information! I have tried looking at everything from eczema, to scabies, and psoriasis and have yet to find anything similar to what I am experiencing so I will look into systematic bacteria infections. Unfortunately I had to reschedule my dermatologist appointment because of work so I guess I will keep itching for a few more weeks sad
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